DIY Vanilla Peppermint Loofah Soap Tutorial from She Makes a Home. This is a semi-homemade soap as this recipe uses a soap base that you can find at any craft store - an easy method where you can mix and match what scents and mix-ins you want to add. This would make a nice gift combined with other DIY spa gifts that I’ve posted i.e. milk baths, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, knockoff Lush bathbombs etc… here:

Imagine being the one rehabilitating Loki, and you share an apartment with him. You get up early to shower, and while you’re in there Loki bangs on the door and demands you hurry up. You tell him to get lost, and after a few minutes of silence you reach back to grab soap, but your hand comes into contact with something that felt oddly like… Abs?

Loki teleported himself into the goddamn shower.

DIY Easy Homemade Soap Tutorial and Recipes from She Makes a Home. Because a soap base is used, most of the work of making soap is already done. There are 2 easy recipes for peppermint lavender soap and lavender with exfoliating orange peel soap. This is for absolute beginners as the blogger take you through her first time making soap of any kind. *This would make a nice gift alone or combined with other DIY spa gifts that I’ve posted like sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, bathbombs etc… here: