got one of s6′s all over shirts to test the quality and i love it! ALTHOUGH the clipping of the n on the front is worse than i expected it to be, and this is one is the medium. but the back looks super fine! so because i don’t really want to cut off the characters more than they already are, i think i’ll leave it as it is. but this is a good PSA if you wear this size/smaller!

i also got this

but i just felt it was necessary to have this giant of a bag with muscle. very good

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The official twitter @AlnwickNLand tweeted on June 23 that ' Downton will be coming back to Alnwick in the summer to film once again!' I don't see them go grouse shooting again. So I think today's wedding is Edith's and Bertie Pelham inherits Brancaster Castle as everyone expects.

Oh I didn’t see that!!


Very interesting, thanks for the heads up anon!


alright guys! here are all the finished perspective sketches that ham-borghini & I worked on last night. it shows all of the completed versions with his title boxes, as well as a few photos of the works in progress. the first sketch is of a pool bar from Turks & Caicos. Unfortunately, their isn’t a completed photo of the middle one of the Freedom Tower in NYC from the view of his sisters apartment rooftop, which had color added to the far left and right building. The last sketch is of one of the resort buildings in Turks & Caicos as well. I can’t explain how proud I am of him for how amazing these came out, especially considering he hasn’t taken an architecture course in almost 8 years. Couldn’t be more proud of my brother. He’s going to be a great architect one day!