Lay my head, under the water, lay my head under the sea, excuse me sir am i your daughter? won’t you take me back, take me back and see? it’s not a time, to being younger and all my friends are enemies and if i cried unto my mother, no she wasn’t there, she wasn’t there for me. Broken lines, across my mirror show my face all red and bruised and though i screamed and i screamed, well no one came running, no i wasn’t saved, i wasn’t safe from you. Don’t let me drown, don’t let me drown in the waves, i could be found, i could be what you had saved. Lay my head, under the water, alone i pray for calmer seas and when i wake from this dream, with chains all around me, no, I’ve never been free.

n3v3r-mnd hii :d..i have a question, you seem so so convinced regina won’t say a thing to emma,i wonder why? even though, we see how regina has no problem saying all those things to robin?she’s very vocal ,she said many things to him than emma did to hook i think, i have something in my mind, but i want to hear your answer first