L’enfer et la mer | ch.3 | OUaT | Sea Devil

Title: L’enfer et la mer
Fandom: Once Upon a Time (TV)
Pairing: Ursula/Cruella de Vil
Rating: G Chapter 2/?
Summary: Sea Devil hs!au. Ursula’s father forces her to quit choir and she finds herself in unlikely company.

“Daddy? Are you serious?” Cruella laughed. Ursula blushed.

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Things I've learned from [Best Of?]

•How fucking old is Cecil
•Cecil bones scientists. Scientists are his type.
•Bloodstone Circles never go out of style.
•How. Fucking. Old. Is. Cecil. Palmer.
•The music has always been groovy.
•Street Cleaners don’t give a fuck and would probably sweep up a living person.

night vale things i’m still praying for explanations to:

  • man in the tan jacket obvs
  • chad???
  • the dark planet lit by no sun
  • the blood space war
  • those two background characters whose names i can’t remember that are maybe a couple
  • the dark planet lit by no sun
  • i mean i’d love to know wtf is up with time but y’know
  • did i mention the dark planet lit by no sun
Did the Samcedes Fandom arise from the grave?

I believe so! Welcome Back Family :) LOL

At First when I read the script and that Samcedes deleted scene I didn’t want to believe it because you know Glee fucked us over so many times I was like…

But I learned it was the truth and got my eyes on it so I was like…

But then it downed on me that they cut it for a Will and Sue duet nobody asked for, for Rachel wandering around empty spaces for 4 freaking minutes and for Sue’s speech at the end for what I don’t remember a single word…So you know I was like…

I was free…


Welcome back, Sandow!