How can anyone not love Namjoon like… how???

  • his stage name is Rap Monster
  • and he can fing rap
  • like damn
  • God of Destruction
  • loses anything and everything
  • takes extra care of Taehyung
  • the actual dad of BTS
  • his pre-debut songs
  • his English
  • his hair
  • his Sponge Bob laugh
  • His voice
  • so raspy, and deep, and cool 
  • makes all the ARMY drip~
  • his freestyle rap
  • his questionable fashion sense
  • his sexy brain
  • and IQ
  • SO HOT
  • bowl cut 
  • his singing voice
  • which he rarely ever uses
  • but when he does
  • ovaries explode worldwide
  • selfies
  • he’s so cool
  • maknae line looks up to him
  • he’s outgoing
  • he’s confident
  • he’s not afraid to say what he wants
  • like a miniature tank
  • his “I’m done” face
  • great leader
  • he knows all the girl group songs
  • who sings what part
  • and watches all the videos
  • can recognize a song and who sings after listening to 1 fing second
  • like damn
  • that time he wore a choker 
  • *faints*
  • Converse fanboy
  • he’s a dork
  • the biggest dork
  • he’s clumsy
  • always calm
  • always nice

How is this man even real. I love him.

Apparently donghyun took minwoo’s ass on stage at the concert 

and then later that night donghyun tweet a photo of him and minwoo on bed

so what happen after?? i need answers

the dilemma

do i write a longfic about cullen and inquisitor with lots of slow build nonsense and longing and charged looks and averted gazes, heart-pounding as fingers accidentally brush, tossing and turning in bed as they think of each other, long after when they should be asleep

or do i just write a million drabbles of them boning

“Look, if you were given the choice between clouds, seagulls and dandy fish for a fear factor, which one would you pick to come and taunt you?”

The Nightmare’s shapeshifting is limited by what people are afraid of, when they’re not in a dream world. In a dream world, they’re considerably scarier. 

DethI is basically a celestial moocher. 

If you could only listen to one playlist for the rest of your life what would it be?

I was tagged by paul-wellers thank! (follow the babe if ur not!)

1.Blur- lonesome street
2.Oasis- acquiesce
3.arctic monkeys- crying lightening
4.miles kane- give up
5.the last shadow puppets- gas dance
6.beady eye- the roller
7.Noel Gallagher’s high flying birds- the dying of the light
8.the jam- going underground
9.graham coxon- burn it down
10.paul weller- peacock suit
11.peace- blue
12.the animals- boom boom
13.the small faces- happy days toytown
14.ronnie lane’s slim chance- the poacher
15.gorillaz- rhinestone eyes
16.the strokes- reptilia
17.menswe@r- daydreamer
18.the libertines- cyclops (or the good old days)
19.ocean colour scene- the riverboat song
20.babyshambles- carry up on the morning
21.the monkees- randy scouse git
22.catfish and the bottlemen- Kathleen
23. The who- bell boy
24. The Beatles- hey bulldog
25.nick cave and the bad seeds- higgs boson blues
26.morrissey- November spawned a monster
27.pulp- razzmatazz
28.suede- filmstar
29.the kinks- dead end street
30.the smiths- hand in glove (or bigmouth strikes again)

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