Ewww there are a bunch of 13 year old little Indian kids from my community who are trying to add me on Instagram and I’m just looking at their accounts and laughing at their creepy obsession over some of their female classmates and their stupid “faux gangsta” persona, like you just know this kid is gonna grow up to be a gross fuckboy in 5 yrs at this rate

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[ Just think about how GUILTY Itachi felt when he realized it. I bet you he came up with this years after he joined Akatsuki. That he made a mistake and now it’s too late to go back & make things right. He was just human, after all. ]

[[ :3 this is when he realized it. It’s his fault, no one else’s. ]]


I was tagged by templarsandhoes to post some selfies!! So have one with and without glasses.

I don’t think I know enough people to tag 20 but I’ll do what I can: seeker-pentaghasts capt-hansolo cardigans-of-the-galaxy clairefuckingunderwood flaming-knickerweasels corvosblink aaaaand I’m way too distracted to think of anyone else so just do it if you want to cause I would love to see all of your pretty faces!!

omfg so apparently one time my aunt who is an english professor at a college met alison bechdel when she was doing a presentation at the school and from a distance was like “who’s that cute guy” and then when alison got closer she was like “….not a guy but still cute” and then they talked and alison invited her to the presentation and kissed her goodbye and my aunt was just like ?? did i just get hit on by alison bechdel


▓ ▒ ░  ❝ KNOWN TO BITE ░ ▒ ▓

                   ❛  Have you and Alak consummated your…  relationship yet? 

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So I want to get into Kdrama, any recommendations? Specifically ones with subs please! :D

dsaksadsajgsad, okay, okay, so!!! So kdrama should def be started out according to what type you’re into, so I’m just gonna throw out a few recs with descriptions, and if you’re interested in any, you can find ‘em all with English subs on myasiantv or dramaload ^_^


Coffee Prince

Classic first recommendation. The drama’s got humour, friendship, and romance all in good, varying portions. The most important feature is how the two leads remain independent even when they fall in love. Their worlds don’t revolve around each other, and they don’t let each other get away with bullshit. It’s a refreshing change from the usual love stories. Try the first few eps, and see if you’re not into it by the end of ep 4.


Another romcom that’s more focused on the work ethic of the couple. Difference is this one doesn’t have much plot. If you’re perfectly content to watch it just for the couple’s chemistry and banter, then this is the one. If not, pass.


THIS ONE IS AMAZE. Pinocchio’s unique as the awesomest drama in a good few years okay. It makes you think. It questions your morals when it comes to news, gossip, truth and lies. And on top of that, there’s warm and touching family themes, a sweet romance that’s so refreshingly honest and just- it’s amazing. It stays with you long after you’ve watched it.

Master’s Sun

This drama’s unique in the sense that it’s pretty episodic, slowly building up to a climax. Watch it for the lovely banter between the leads, the romance and themes of forgiveness and moving on. It’s a Hong sister drama, okay.

Tomorrow’s Cantabile

This kdrama’s an adaptation of a v popular manga, ‘Nodame Cantabile’. It’s far less serious than other dramas, and a bit heavy on the slapstick, but they make it work. It’s a little different than the original work, but in good ways. Strong themes of working to succeed at what you love, understanding others, comradery and rivalry- and of course a bit of a silly, but sweet romance.

It’s Okay It’s Love

This kdrama is far more serious in tone, in that it actually centres around a serious concept not many people in entertainment consider for long: mental illness. The story unflinchingly calls people out on treating someone with mental illness differently, on the lack of understanding and sympathy. And it shows us that anyone, even people we love, even people who’ve always seemed strong and in-control, can suffer from a mental illness. And if you really love them, you’re supposed to help them through it. Doubly so if the sufferer is in fact yourself.

You’re All Surrounded

A cop kdrama that focuses on themes of friendship and comradery in the police force, with a plot about an unsolved murder running in the background, along with -you guess it- a developing romance. Lbr, I’m trash, all my kdrama have at least a bit of romance. The unsolved-murder plot is a bit weak. But this drama is fun, sweet, and it has Lee Seung Gi in it. I mean, come on.

Just Kickin' It
  • Just Kickin' It
  • Xscape
  • Hummin' Comin' At 'Cha

Classic track,lol I miss this era of music plus I swear back in the days it was always some nice flows to get high to. You can deff somke some greenery to this track.

“Just Kickin’ It”

[Verse One (Kandi):]
Every man wants a woman,
Where him and her can just go hang.
Just the two of them along, kick back,
Doing their own thing.
And every man wants a woman,
That can always keep him in the mood.
And I’m that kind of girl,
So this is what I tell my dude.

I tell him to kick off your shoes and relax your feet,
Party on down to the Xscape beat.
Just kick it.
Just kick it, just kick it.
[Repeat x2]

[Verse Two (Kandi):]
Every man wants a woman,
That can cook him up a good meal.
A woman he can treat like his homie,
And take her out on the Ave. and just chill.
Every man wants a woman,
That ain’t good for just laying on her back.
[LaTocha]:And I’m that kind of woman,
[Kandi]:So before me and my man get in the sack…