He tries and fails not to remember how he used to make her sigh and moan and call out his name, sometimes right there in that very spot, against the cold, hard surface of the countertop. Those nights, after the crowds had gone, her soft cries would echo through the empty shop, barely audible over the hum of the dishwashers and refrigerators. Afterward, they’d share a late-night coffee, sitting in one of the booths like they were on a date. He’d light a cigarette, breaking his own rules. She’d steal a coin from the cash register and slot it into the vintage jukebox in the far corner of the room. And then she would sing along, karaoke-style, with whatever old tune she’d chosen, for an audience of one. She’d sing just for him, until he could take it no longer. Until the sweet music of her voice and the gentle swaying of her hips drew him to where she stood. She’d tremble, slightly, at his approach; he’d growl deep in his throat. Then he’d lift up her skirt, push her panties roughly aside, and take her right there, right up against the goddamn thing.

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solidsquirrel asked:

So how would the original vault hunters look like in the rockabilly AU? :) PS. Big fan if you can't tell from all the likes I left on the tag. <3

Previews! Middle aged and HOT.

According to TumblrInAction, the visual signs of a SJW are…

  • neon hair
  • retro glasses
  • red lipstick with everything

…so basically “rockabilly” = “SJW”. Good to know. Because, you know, I’m the SJW-iest person who ever SJW-ed.

Should I start a “reasons I stopped reading TumblrInAction” tag?

isauntervaguelydownwards asked:

For the whole band member thing you reblogged, dude, an artist instead okay so Brolle (Jr), if you don't know who it is I'm revoking your swedish

Well i don’t listen to his music BUT i’m really into the rockabilly thing so eh yeah

Not Enough Alcohol in the world || No || Maybe If I was wasted || Maybe || Eh…Sure || Yes || TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES NOW

I know why you suggested him, because of ROCKabilly… ahahhsaHAHAHA i’m hilarious…pls love me. 

im getting so pumped for the outfit i have planned for tomorow, it looks a little bit rockabilly so i painted my nails with my most awful glittery red and i might even wear lipgloss tomorow. maybe do something unusual with my hair?? i have to be ready to be in a play at the end of the day but the nail polish matches my costume, and ill bring remover in case cassidy wants it gone for performance, thats fine.. its gunna be a real good Power Outfit

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Hint Page: Item to look for: A Pink Rockabilly Swallow (bird) Dark Passions Hints:    Hint A (for the slink version): This little birdy likes to hide out near slink items with roses..

*~*HopScotch*~* Pose me pretty II Pose Fair
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hey you know how you said that you were going to get a petticoat for your prom dress, well can i recommend hell bunny bc thy're sooo soft and defiantly worth the money. they specialize in rockabilly stuff so it would go great with your dress and you can choose what colour you want :) xx you know, if you haven't already found one

Thank you! I was looking in a shop in town and it was like double the amount I paid for the dress, so I’ll definitely check them out!