to be honest whenever I see the theory that humanoid and human-sized fusions are healthier, more positive or have better relationships, all I can think of is that it’s the poster going ‘I think that if you’re not conventionally pretty or look like me, you’re not a good person or good people’

Part 2 of my Gravity Falls Gem Au!

Gem Wendy

Gem: Carnelian

Carnelians help calm people down and give them a sense of humor.

Weapon: Poll axe, or a two-sided axe. I knew Wendy had to have an axe, but I couldn’t just give her a plain one, so…

Gem placement: On her forearm.

Gem Soos

Gem: Howlite

This gem promotes calmness and helps people let go of former relationships and attachments (which fits with Soos’s past).

Weapon: Hammer.

Gem Placement: On top of his head, where his hat usually is.

Gem Pacifica

Gem: Dioptase

Dioptase helps in forgiving others, releasing emotional patterns, and healing mental wounds (especially those caused my family trauma). And it’s also close to lake-foam green.

Weapon: Morning star. It’s a long stick with a spiked mace on the end, and it’s shape is similar to a golf club.

Gem Placement: Between her collarbones.

Note: I have a headcanon that Pacifica originally has a purple outfit similar to her original one, but then regenerates with a lake-foam green outfit similar to both that dress and her outfit in the Golf War.

Gem Fiddleford McGucket

Gem: Turquoise

Turquoise represents friendship, wisdom, and sensitivity (which fits with his decision to wipe his memories).

Weapon: Metal Pike. Young Fiddleford would be very awkward with the weapon (especially with its length), and overall wouldn’t be the best fighter (but would make up for it with his intellect). Older McGucket would just swing it around haphazardly, and also use more hand-to-hand combat than his younger self.

Tell me if you think it’s any good. If so, I might continue posting about it, talking about fusions, backstories (melding what we know of these characters and what we know of Gem lore)- maybe even writing a story? I don’t know, but I will probably continue with it.

my mum yelled at me for buying shirts from the men’s section today but they’re plain black so i dont get why they have to be gendered ????



FREDRIK Workstation Desk - ts2 to ts4 conversion

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lame pictures, I just quickly threw it together because I was sooo excited to finally share this with you!

And thank you lexiconluthorts4cc for helping me to fix the problem! (which I still don’t know why happened becuase I did everything as I always do..)

I converted it from the Ikea Stuff. I only kept one of the original  textures.

  • 8 styles
  • custom thumbnails
  • can be found by searching for “dri4na”
  • oh and the upper shelves don’t have slots (that’s just waaay too complicated to me)

There is a second version which is plain, so it doesn’t have any clutters on, but it comes in that 8 styles just as the cluttered desk.

DOWNLOAD - merged

DOWNLOAD - individually / .zip

Renarin in the Duel

Because a surface reading of that scene has never felt right to me, so now you get to hear my long-winded alternative interpretation.

[Major Words of Radiance spoilers below the cut]

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I’ve been working on making my own personalised mobile straps/keychains.. And hopefully bracelets if I am skillful enough to come up with nice designs.. Hehe~ Been busy sourcing for suppliers to buy materials and all.. Currently I’m working with antique brass charms and beads~

What do you think? ^^ would anyone be interested in these if I make them for sale? Eventually I would make for each and every SHINee member.. And perhaps do customized names if I can get enough beads.. really excited about this! Do you guys have any feedback or suggestions?