Hey everyone. I’m in a bit of a situation and I need your help, as little as you can give, it would be enormously appreciated. I’m currently living with my boyfriend of 7 years in his parents’ house. They have decided over night to sell it, they already have some buyers lined up and we will be out of a home, possibly very soon. Renting a place is very expensive here, so much that it’s a lot easier to afford a bank loan and buy our own house, than to afford a rent+utilities. I can afford the paying the actual loan and the monthly installments, what I can’t afford are the expenses prior to receiving it. These expenses mean 5% advance payment of the total value of the house I want to buy, and a lot of notary expenses that add up + bank fees, which amounts to about 3800$ (USD). My parents have refused to help me. They simply won’t, claiming that they can’t afford it (which is not true).
I have thought long and hard about asking you guys for help, because I’m embarrassed and I hate doing this, when you guys come here for the books, not the family drama. But I have started an indiegogo life fundraiser. If you can help, even with 1 or 2$, it would help tons. If you cannot, it’s okay, I appreciate the messages of support just as much <3 I’m really scared right now and I am just…out of options.
Thank you for reading this and thank you for all your kind messages and words. You guys are awesome.


A Taste of Heaven

Dean has just pulled into the parking lot of the Smith Center minimart when his cell starts ringing, and he digs it from his pocket as he climbs out of the car. When he sees the name on the screen he can’t help but smile.

“Hey,” he answers, waiting for Charlie to make her way around from the passenger side.

“Hello, Dean. Are you at the bunker?”

“Nah, I’m out getting food with Charlie,” he says, huffing out a laugh when the woman in question notices a Delorean in the parking lot and points at it excitedly, jabbing him in the side. He bats her hand away. “Sam’s there, though. What’s up?

The automatic doors glide open as they approach, and they pause to let an elderly man shuffle out.

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It seems like Gray was so sad to leave Juvia out of the loop and it honestly warms me heart to see that AND I CANT WAIT FOR THEIR REUNION


McSwarek Appreciation Week - Day 2: Favorite Innuendo

Putting on the uniform to get away from your life, makes it harder and harder to take it off.

Well, thank you for your concern, but I have no problem taking it off. I mean… you know what I mean.