Re: Art's confession of love for Beth

In defense of this decision:

I feel like most people who see it as “out of left field” interpret his “love” in the conventional, expected sense. That is, romantic. Possibly sexual. And that got me thinking deeper as to, basically, “what is love?”

Because looking back, Art loved Beth, he definitely showed signs, but the way he expressed and hinted at it was different than the way Cal expressed his love, or Paul or Delphine or Cosima or Sarah or Felix.

Art’s love for Beth was all mixed up in his pride in her as his rookie, his trust in her as his partner, and his loyalty to her when he noticed her slipping. His love for her was inextricable from those things, his love *was* those things.

Another thing:

Art himself doesn’t seem like any of the others on OB, love wise. All of the other men (and the women too) love with *action*. Cal buys a house for Kira and Sarah. Paul offers to buy tickets to Rio. Delphine trades Cosima’s autonomy for Cosima’s life. These are all acts of love, they’re easy to see and easy to identify regardless of how morally dubious some of them are.

Art, on the other hand, loved Beth more through inaction then action. I don’t think he ever felt the need or want for his love to be reciprocated, he was satisfied simply caring deeply for Beth. Beth was his partner, he trusted his life to her and she to him, and that was enough. He was there for her (except at the very end) and yet the “left field” folks seem to read that more as simply “loyalty”.

But that can be love too, right? Art realizing he loved Beth (whatever that word really means) doesn’t mean he ever wanted to date her, or have sex with her, or even have it reciprocated. Besides what I said above about his love being a tangled, put-together-creature it just means he cared deeply for her – enough to put his life and career on the line – and if anything, we already knew that.


Sapphire: Rose works in the foster care system and had adopted Amethyst around the same time we adopted Garnet, though Amethyst is 3 years old.

Ruby: And Pearl was in the foster care system in India, but it got closed down due to being unfit to children living there so Pearl was put into Rose’s care until further notice. But seeing how much they all care for each other, I don’t think she’s goin’ anywhere ehehee.

Sapphire: We organize little playdates all the time, the girls seem to be really good friends~. I even heard that Rose and Greg are thinking about having a child of their own pretty soon, I’m sure all of them will be real close!

sick pup updates!
  • she finally drank water on her own last night
  • all symptoms seem to be gone
  • she’s on two different medications (hates the liquid, tolerates the pill)
  • she’s eating and going to the bathroom like she usually does
  • and overall is back to her cheeky, up-to-no-good self

( general life update : x )

tomatograffiti asked:

#17-- goofy kiss, adoribull! I'd like some cute fluff :>

Dorian laughs, and the Bull watches him stretch out on the rug in front of the fire, body all long lines as he reaches for the pitcher of wine and refills his goblet. They’re lying foot to head, pillows and blankets arranged about them; the Bull has the perfect view. Dorian’s limbs are loose and relaxed, and this may be the Bull’s favorite look on him. Other than rope, that is, Dorian does look good in rope.

But this Dorian, this laughing, happy Dorian, makes something in him feel as warm and bright as the fire burning in the grate at Dorian’s back. The Bull can’t take his eye off the way the light gilds his skin, catching where sweat is beginning to gather again, though not through any efforts of the Bull this time. Light and shadow play across him, and the Bull thinks, I am a lucky man, even as Dorian reaches out to poke him in the chest with his foot.

“Did you really throw them through the window? Wait, why am I even asking? Of course you did.” He takes a sip of wine, the drink clinging enticingly to his lips and runs his free hand over his hair, mussing it. The Bull feels privileged.

“What can I say.” He reaches out for Dorian’s nearest foot, the one he prodded the Bull with, and wraps his fingers around Dorian’s ankle, can feel the shift of tendon and bone, Dorian’s skin warm beneath his palm. For a moment, his thoughts drift to the last time he bound Dorian, how he’d looked, his arms and legs spread. The Bull’s blood stirs, and Dorian raises an eyebrow. “What can I say,” he repeats. “I am a being of passion.”

Dorian raises a disinterested eyebrow, gazing down at the wine he swirls in his cup. When he looks back up, there’s a smirk tugging at his lips and his eyes linger over the Bull’s stirring prick. “Or,” he says, licking his lips, “would another word for that be horny?”

The Bull stares at him, can barely believe the cocky look Dorian levels at him. He’s trying to hold back a laugh, the Bull can tell, and, Maker, he is a lucky man.

“Holy shit, Dorian,” he says, pushing himself up. “Ho-lee shit.”

Dorian stares up at him, wide-eyed. “You’re not–you can’t leave because–fuck!”

Somehow he manages to pick Dorian up, to throw him over his shoulder without spilling anything. He smacks Dorian’s ass, kissing the side of it when Dorian squawks. “Oh, I’m not leaving. I’m going to reward you. Looks like I’m rubbing off on you after all.”

“Or you soon will be,” Dorian says, his voice slightly muffled at the Bull’s back.

Another kiss to the nearest curve of Dorian’s perfect ass. “Kadan,” he says, “that’s the plan.”

so i didn’t want to announce this early on bc i wasn’t sure if it was official. but i just got confirmation that it is.

i’ve just been given a research assistant position for the summer, which is amazing bc i’m being paid while working with a professor on their paper ( you dun know how competitive applying for this was lols ;;; it’s a one assistant research job so i’m the only one helping this prof ;; ) 

just letting the ppl who care about what i do outside of tumblr that i won’t be around as much as i had hoped during the summer ( at least not for the next month or two starting in the following couple of weeks ;; ) 

don’t hate me if you don’t see me translating anything! ;n; ( i’ll still try and update/translate if i find the time! but don’t hold me on that >< ) bc this is a really good opportunity for me, and i’ll most likely be putting more of my time and effort into this research job ( so i’m going to push vixx out of the way for the moment ;n; )

like tbqh i didn’t expect to get it lol so i had given up on the idea but.. yea.. ;u; a little sad bc my summer isn’t going to be all that relaxing. but a little excited bc i got the position haha