Whatever happens tomorrow you must promise me one thing. That you will stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier, but a good man.

the signs two most likely hogwarts houses

aries: gryffindor or slytherin

taurus: hufflepuff or slytherin

gemini: slytherin or ravenclaw

cancer: gryffindor or hufflepuff

leo: gryffindor or slytherin

virgo: slytherin or gryffindor

libra: hufflepuff or slytherin

scorpio: hufflepuff or ravenclaw

sagittarius: gryffindor or ravenclaw

capricorn: slytherin or ravenclaw

aquarius: gryffindor or ravenclaw

pisces: hufflepuff or gryffindor

okay but guys

Kuvira is not a slytherin

she is a beautiful, damaged gryffindor

it is the entire reason she and Suyin clashed

Suyin, a humongous slytherin, chose family and property over her ideals and morals

this upset Kuvira, the gryffindor, because gryffindors are Ideals and Morals over People

if kuvira was a slytherin, she wouldn’t have betrayed su, because su would have been more important than her ideals

she wouldn’t have tried to kill baatar jr, because her people would be most important

also they parallelled korra and kuvira. both women were trying to shape the world to their ideals, not hold ultimate power (kuvira got carried away, but she initially didn’t give over power because there wasn’t anyone competent enough to take over, not because she wanted it for herself).


not all villians are slytherins


“We believe in you.”

*wipes away tear* Me, too, Strawberry Man. Me, too. 


graphic request: divinesaber: persona & favourite hero? – minako

Imagine Kyungsoo bringing stray dogs home, because he thinks it will make Jongin happy. More often than not these ‘dogs’ vary a lot in appearance as Kyungsoo assumes all animals are actually just different breeds of dog.

Last week he brought home a small Komodo dragon, but after seeing the hopeful expression in his eyes no one had the heart to him it isn’t a dog. Kyungsoo named it Rover and is intent on keeping it.


“Mika, Mika, Mimika…
Ah, I knew you’d be here. Did you get the report? Apparently, they’ve finally found your precious angel that you’ve been looking for. As anticipated, he was being used by the dirty humans. By ‘he’… I mean Yuichiro Hyakuya. Now, how are you going to gather the threads of your story, 

Mikaela Hyakuya?
I’m really sorry.
I know this is the eighth call I’ve let go to voicemail,
And you’re probably getting sick of the,
‘Leave your name and number, and I’ll call you back!' 
Since it’s obvious that I haven’t done that.
But some days are bad days,
And I can’t always make myself turn off the alarm clock
Let alone answer the phone.
Maybe it’s because I have them set to the same ringtone,
Or maybe it's because they both represent something I’m tired of-
Waking up, and empty conversation.
I can’t always do those things on the bad days.
Usually I make up for it the next day-
When I’m better I get up early,
And call you back right away,
Tell you I had just lost my phone, 
But that now it was okay. 
Only, it’s been a few weeks this time,
And I still haven’t found the energy for that.
It’s been a bad day,
Over, and over, and over.
And I keep telling myself that it will pass,
And that I’ll try again tomorrow,
But I’m starting to become afraid,
That maybe this is my new normal.
—  Bad Days

ohhh man, i can’t believe this is even, like —- a / thing /. you’re all so very incredible, & in the short time that i’ve been here, i’ve had a blast. i absolutely love writing with you all, & i know that i’m going to forget to include a few people on here ( && i think we all do when we put these makeshift lists together ), but honestly ? if i could, i would include / all / of you on here, because you’re / all / amazing, & i really do appreciate each & every one of you allowing me the honor to take up a bit of space on your dash. you guys have no idea how much happier you’ve made me these last few months, & i have to thank you for that !!

                          so, without further ado ——

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