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so he calls me up and he’s like, ” still love you,” and i’m like… i just… i mean this is exhausting, you know? like, we are never getting back together. like, ever.

#161: Arguing

No doubt that Ashton is a rowdy guy when he gets pissed off, so when you and him collide head on, someone’s usually sleeping on the couch and it isn’t you. It was never a dangerous or abusive argument, you two were just very loud, angry and cursing out words that you two usually said in a joking way.

God forbid either of you didn’t get your way, he was a “fucking asshole” and you didn’t “have to be such a brat” about it, but that was your guys thing. What was a relationship with out a little shouting. But the time when Ashton saw you in tears, he decided you two may have actually needed to talk instead of yelling and your talks ended in cuddles where letting go was not a choice.


He would try his best not to raise his voice because he knew he was in the wrong for not sparing you time and always hearing you out. His mumbling of “kay” and “alright” pissed you off to the point where you decided he wasn’t even listening to you.

So, usually you gave up in arguing and just failed in communicating to him but once he heard your sniffles in the bathroom, he’d immediately snap into reality and try to fix his actions right away. He would whisper a quiet “sorry” and kiss your forehead and neck, telling you how he’d get better if you just allowed him the time.


Your method was: silent treatment and his was: snarky remarks until both of your faces became hot with anger. Luke never seemed like one to yell, but if he was very upset, he would let it out if he needed to. You were aware of his stress at times, but he never understood that you needed more tending to. So, when he yelled, “What the fuck are you mad at me for!? I’m trying!” You always had to take a minute to make sure not to match his tone and just hang your head low.

"Never mind, forget it." Was always your response and his realization would set in quickly as he lifted your chin with his fingers and sighed.

"Don’t get silent with me, just tell me what I can do to fix it, please?"


As soon as he felt you were upset with him, he would try his best to calm you down and comfort you. The first words to slip out of his mouth would usually be, “Fuck, baby did I make you mad? I…I’m sorry.” And his long arms would pull you into this warm embrace that enchanted you to forgive him but the two of you always did have some talking to do to make things work. Never would things get crazy out of hand with this kitten.

Oh god. I’ve never had to make a post like this before, and I’m so very sorry that I am now, but….I don’t know if I can just stand by and let this happen to my family. I need to help out somehow. So here goes. The short version of this story is, if my parents don’t come up with enough money to start paying our raised mortgage by the end of this year, we’re going to have to sell our house. It’s expensive to live in the area that we live in, and both of them work in this town: moving would cost them their jobs. We can’t afford that.

The long version? We don’t have a high enough income to pay property taxes as well as our mortgage. We haven’t for several years, now, and we were getting along fine until the bank found out. They paid the taxes for us—but they want us to pay them back. So instead of just flat-out giving us an amount that we owe, they’re raising our mortgage $4000 higher. It goes into effect in October. We can’t afford to pay that. My dad tried talking to the bank and asked if it could be just spread out across our current mortgage—but they said no. Then he and my mom went to one of the financial help places in our neighborhood and asked them to help us out—but about an hour ago they called my mom and told her that because of some outstanding credit card debt that we have from a while ago, they can’t provide any assistance. My dad, while he has a sort-of job, doesn’t consistently make enough money to keep us afloat on his own—he doesn’t have any type of insurance that goes along with a regular job. My mom is an assistant teacher, so she doesn’t make a lot either—she’s pretty much still in the same boat with my dad. Somehow, I’m still going to college, but we are struggling. Truly. I hate doing this; I hate asking you all to do this, but we just…we need help. I don’t want to sit by while my parents try and find a way out of this hole they’ve ended up digging for themselves.

I set up a paypal account for this purpose alone. There’s a button in my updates tab. If all of my followers donated $1, we would be immensely less stressed. If you can’t donate—and I know that’s the case for a lot of you, and I completely understand that—please at least signal boost this. Again, I’m sorry that I have to clog up your dashes by making this post. But…thank you. I love you.

UPDATE: thank you guys so much. like, seriously. from the bottom of my heart. i was in tears earlier seeing the support this got; you are all such good, beautiful people. unfortunately, when i posted this, i messed up the link, so it expired—my email is, though, and i don’t think you need to put in anything else in terms of information? i’m so serious when i say that you are saving my life doing this. thank you thank you thank you. i love you.

When did school become synonymous with stress?
When did I start staying up until the late hours of the morning to finish my assignments?
When did I start stressing and panicking because of one ‘bad grade?’
When did I start crying every week because there is too much to do in so little time?
When did school become synonymous with stress?
Final Answer: When my value started being based on numbers. When homework, tests, quizzes, class grades, SAT, ACT, and class rank became more important than my well being. When “where do you want to go to school?” became more important than “are you okay?”
—  "When did school become synonymous with stress?" (~)

I tried (but I shouldn’t have)

Gilbert trying to be cool with Ivan with a bad pick-up line and then being emparrased about it. It was more funny in my head…

I don’t know what happened with my style, I wanted to try something and then this happened and it’s the first time I draw something like that so it looks awful (and I’m really bad at putting texts into pics it looks really crappy ><)

It’s 1:00 am so now I’m going to sleep x.x

oh dont mind that noise it’s just the sound of my heart breaking for this poor hopeful little angel

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Destiel #2 :D

Anonymous said:Dean/Cas #2 Glad to have you back!!

Prompt #2 “Have you lost your damn mind!?”

The weigh station doesn’t look like it’s been used in years. Trash litters the cracked blacktop, and in the patch of overgrown grass that separates them from the I-90 Dean can see an overturned shopping cart and the shredded remains of a burst truck tire. They’ve been waiting in the cold for about half an hour, watching the occasional late-night traveller heading up toward Wisconsin, when the distant roar of a motorcycle cuts through the quiet.

“Jesus, that’s loud,” Dean complains, glancing over at Sam where he’s leaning against the hood looking down at his cell phone. “Cas said eleven, right?”

“Yeah,” Sam says, sending Dean the kind of irritating smirk that makes Dean wish he and Castiel were still in the sneak-around-and-don’t-tell-Sam phase of their relationship, rather than the Sam-knows phase that still hasn’t stopped being annoying after two months. “Your long lost love should be here any minute now.”

Dean rolls his eyes and only just manages to refrain from telling Sam to go fuck himself.

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I’ve been kind of frustrated with how they’ve been writing Fitz this season because of the whole him not being able to understand that Jemma just likes him as a friend and all but after this episode I’ve just really fallen deeply in love with his character. 

He’s the only one who’s gone through a physical trauma and change and can empathize with Skye right now. But I think it’s more then just that he’s been through this. This is who Fitz is— he is trusting and loyal, to a fault. His trust in Ward nearly got him killed. He defended ward up till the end, believed in him. Fitz sees the best in people, and if someone is good to him, he will be good to them in turn. Even if he hadn’t suffered the way he did, I believe he would love Skye the same, he would still hold her and tell her it’s going to be okay. After what happened with ward, most people would be less trusting, less willing to open their hearts. But not Fitz. He let Mac in, let Trip in. He just has so much love for the people around him, and so much forgiveness and so much ability to understand the greater picture. He’s the only one to step back and see Skye for what she is, not for the damage she’s caused. He’s very much “a lover, not a fighter” and that’s part of what I love about him so much. 

So even though it’s his own experiences that help him understand skye, I think it’s who he is at his core that lets him hold her in that scene and lets him lie to protect her and lets him want to help her.