on the last night of the victory tour katniss didn’t have any nightmares so peeta had no reason to sneak up to her room, but he did anyway either because he had a nightmare or because he knew it was his last chance. and he let her rest her head on his arm. and he watched her sleep. and he brushed her hair off her forehead.

I told the stars about you. I told them about your eyes and how they light up when you talk about your favourite book. I told them about your lips and how you bite them when you’re anxious. I told them about the way you talk and the way you walk. I told them I fell in love with someone, someone who no longer loves me and has fallen for someone new. And the stars, so full of hope that maybe just maybe I’ll one day stop loving you.
—  K.L, The chaos of stars

 One gifset per week 2k15Week 5 » Captain Swan + reaching out to one another.

For the sweet Maï

does it mean fuck gerard way man or FUCK, GERARD WAY? however you choose to interpret it my friend

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"The first few months was pretty much a waste of time, he just laid on the ice, and then I had some older kids I used to coach, they were 16 year old’s, and I’d have them come out with Skittles and they’d put a Skittle right on the ice about ten feet in front of him so he’d either crawl to it or try to skate to it. So he’d skate up and eat the Skittles ‘cause he loves Skittles. We bribed him to move him around a little bit.

i am going to board the plane in a bit and will see the lovely thebooker really really soon! if you don’t see me on tumblr anytime within the next two weeks, please know that i’m away spending time with the coolest and most perfect person ever. Sorry not sorry for stealing her away from y’all, bookblr.