since its bandit’s birthday i wanted to throw it out there that she is 1) a child and 2) not famous and posting/reblogging any pictures of her that her parents have not shared themselves on social media is not good. i don’t really understand the obsession with pictures of celebrity babies but don’t dig up pictures they haven’t put out there themselves. please be mindful of her/their privacy.

Reblog if Taylor's not following you

I woke up to a Taylor follow this morning!!! (I know sobs😭😭😭😭) Everyone deserves this, and since I got my follow from a list I’m going to make one too! So reblog away!! Stay beautiful 😘

(You don’t have to follow me to be put on the list, but if you do I will follow you back!)

I think its
odd how the earth spins
so slow because
when your hand
slid around my
waist I thought
my head would fly off,
and I never thought
myself a girl of
faith but here I am
waltzing around your smooth
voice and I think I’m certain
that I saw
heaven in your
—  cosmos and galaxies, a.c.

hey hey hey so…

i wanted a t-shirt of ‘science, biatch’ so badly that I MADE ONE WHAT

(although i wish the image itself was bigger) you can buy one too! can you believe this? i sure can’t!

you can also buy other things - mugs, bags, phone cases etc. WHAT



Hi! So, I am an artist, and I do work like this. I try to make art that is visually stimulating. I would like to do commissions, so if you are interested please message me privately through tumblr. My rates are $7 per picture, and I will send you a digital copy through email (as the art is made digitally although it doesn’t look like it). I accept payment through PayPal ( I made a new one just for this) so please feel free to message me! Please reblog this! Thank you!!

10 notes & I'll post a video of me shooting up!

I’m already high and only have one or two shots left so hurry lmao.
Likes or reblogs idc lol

anonymous asked:

yes okay some people wanted to see their strider reunions sooner than they wanted to see anything else but you honestly don't have to be so aggressive about it. That post you reblogged, the one with Jane reaction images, said NOTHING against jane, and they merely stated that they wanted to see how the strider reunion went. I know you have opinions, and I respect that, but please try to respect other's opinions too. Thank you.

And I never disrespected that opinion! I can promise you I am also excited to see the Striders. Thank you and have a good night! :’)