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I just imagined what it will be like for klaine haters when they wake up in the morning and log onto tumblr

and they’re dash is all pissed off 

and they think “ugh what now?”

then they see it

According to sources, in Glee’s season finale, Blaine (Darren Criss) decides he wants to propose to on-off boyfriend Kurt (Chris Colfer).

it must suck to not be a klaine shipper


Style Inspiration - Rayanne Graff, My So-Called Life

Why they only made 19 episodes of this amazing 90s swoon fest, I have absolutely no idea. It had amazing fashion that was realistic and really quirky, great script writing and such an eye for how 15 year old girls really behave. It also had a very young Jared Leto in it, whose main role was to stand looking intense and smoking - it does a lot for the inner teenage girl. Maybe we should all just be thankful that at least those 19 came into existence, or else we would never have had the pleasure of meeting the girl you always wanted to be friends with, Rayanne Graff. I came across a photo of a seven year old me the other day, and I’m convinced that an excess of braids was a 90s version of some terrible worldwide flu epidemic. Whereas I looked slightly demented and a little bit like a spaniel, she pulls them off perfectly, potentially because she just has SO much hair.

Bra tops under plaid, crazy tie-dye, gothic layering; she does everything so well, because she’s just that cool. She could have probably made a sack the epitomy of 90s anti fashion if she wanted it to be.


"Woman, Woman" // So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993)

This will never stop being about 10 different shades of spectacular.