Bloody Black Rose

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Black candle
  • Needle
  • Dark red rose peddles
  • Rose water
  • Picture of enemy
  • Small container that fits pic
  • Highly skilled

This spell is for the skilled. May backfire on you if not used as said. This will give Your enemy internal bleeding(bleeding inside). They will drown in their own blood.

Casting Instructions for ‘Bloody Black Rose Spell’

First you wanna go in Your room 7 min till 12 am.Put the picture in the container.Fill container with rose water.After that prick Your middle finger with the needle.ONLY DRIP 3 DROPS OF BLOOD in the container.put 5 rose peddles in the container.At exactly 12 am on a new moon…light the Black candle.Chant:

This will be (name of person) death…
It will be their very last breath…
I want them to die away…
I’d like it done by today…
So mote it be!!!

After the chant grab the pic from the mixture and burn it on the candle.If you can, pour the mixture by their house…if not dump it at Your door so their spirt will stay away.]

This is my favourite example of a poorly written spell. Its just glorious. Its beautiful in so many ways, bless this person for making it, I don’t know if they are a newbie or a wisen veteran but this spell is a miraculous train wreck I don’t even know where to start… I love the chant though, like, its very practical.

#Education Power Hour

On this snow/cold day, we #educachums of the #education community do solemnly swear to power through a solid hour of tasks that need doing.

#Education Power Hour begins February 19th at 10am Eastern.

To Check-in: Reblog this post declaring your intentions for power hour. Set a goal. What are you going to accomplish? Be ambitious! This is not just a regular hour, it is a power hour. You are welcome to give updates, but don’t focus so much on that that your power loses momentum!

To Report Back: When the clock strikes eleven, make a post on your own blog with your power hour accomplishments. What did you do? How do you feel about it? Be sure to include the hashtag: #education power hour.

[T-minus twelve hours…]

I have a new-ish student. He was dropped in my class about a month ago with no fanfare or any more information than any other student (read: none), but only now am I figuring out how little he understands English – at least, his conversational English is good, but his academic/content specific vocabulary is not so good and how quickly I probably speak, how fast I probably move from topic to topic in his eyes must not help one damn bit, let alone the complexity of The Odyssey with no scaffolding. And now Romeo and Juliet, just… yikes. 

I’m irritated with myself that it took me this long to figure it out. And now I’ve got to move forward and figure out how to help him. My school has no ELL program, so there’s that–there may be some roaming position within the county that tracks/”supports” students but the quotes should say enough about that. Honestly, I’ve never been more thankful for allisonunsupervised​‘s ELL for non-ELL teachers series. SO much useful information and ideas–I’m hopeful I can salvage his R&J reading experience…

Witches’ Rune (chant)

Darksome night and shining moon,
East then South then West then North,
Hearken to the Witches’ Rune.
Here we come to call thee forth,
Earth and Water, Air and Fire,
Wand and pentacle and sword,
Work ye unto our desire,
And hearken ye unto our word.

Cords and censor, scourge and knife.
Powers of the Witches’ blade,
Waken all ye unto life,
And come ye as the charm is made.
Queen of heaven, Queen of hell,
Horn’d hunter of the night,
Lend your power unto our spell,
And work our will by magic rite.

By all the powers of land and sea,
By all the might of moon and sun,
As we do will so mote it be,
Chant the spell and be it done.

Eko, eko Azarak!
Eko. eko Zamilak!
Eko, eko Cernunnos!
Eko, eko Aradia!

There's a tunnel and lights at the end of it.

Things I am most looking forward to about Christmas break: spending two full weeks with my fella, seeing if our plan-of-attack for holiday visits results in (as we think it will) more quality time with each family, tacos on Christmas, and possibly getting new flannel sheets.

What are you most looking forward to?


Torrey Smith, for all that he has moved on to the 49ers, is still a part of Baltimore, as am I, for all that I’ve moved off into the mountains. But the last thing he says above is so so important: “To all the people who view the rioters as ‘animals’ you don’t understand why people are so angry. It has been years and years of the same type of incidents. Right or Wrong….People are fed up and acting out in the way they see fit. It is all driven by emotion and probably a few people who just wanted to start trouble. Don’t let that take away from the thousands who went to protest in a peaceful way." 

 I am removed from the situation in many ways, both geographically and through privilege. But Torrey’s words still ring very true: to dismiss the anger of many for the actions of a few is just giving yourself a free pass from listening to and accepting hard truths. Where there’s smoke (or volatile protests), there’s fire. So condemn the violence, yes, but also understand with empathy why it has erupted in the first place. Just like in Ferguson.