Genderfluid!Bucky, using he/she pronouns equally

Watching old movies to catch up on what he missed, and she gets to the nineties and is like hell yeah, then he decides to go out and buy clothes JUST LIKE THAT

And everyone is pretty sure she just needs fashion help but hes like no fu Im gonna look cute af.

And she’s right. Of course.

omfg can you imagine merlin throwing random things into the lake just to see if arthur will catch them like he caught excalibur?



So I finally found the time to finish this!

So far Valkyr has been the most requested frame to do, so here you go! I tried to keep the color scheme this time, especially since orange is one of my favorite colors to work with.

So yeah in this picture we have the newly-freed Valkyr escaping a Corpus Magi stronghold, but not without leaving a decimated battlefield behind. Imbued with powerful, unstable magic, there was little the Corpus could do to control her.

Ok so Rogue->Warrior->now to Mageframes! Be sure to send me recommendations, as there are too many options for me to choose from!



  • Valkyr-The Berserker


  • ???-Let Me know!

Hi-Res link here~

ive decided on my next playthrough im gonna breed x-exclusives and level them to 10-20 and send em off thru wondertrade, i might also try to find someone to help me gather all the legendaries available in each game (xerneas, yveltal, zygarde, mewtwo, articuno, zapodos, moltres, aaand the 3 event legendaries when/if they are released), but idk what i would do with them probably just max them out and sweep the elite four for money