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how "heavy" would you say this rp is? my exams are coming up and I want something to help me de-stress but I feel like with all the events and things going on, you need to be really active here...

We’re taking a short break from events right now as we just wrapped up a pretty big month-long event and as many of our members are also doing exams right now. Our activity requirement is one IC post per week and all of our events are 100% optional, so ROOKIES can be as much or little work as you want, really. We have some members who are VERY active and some (like me) who are much slower paced, it just depends on your style and what you have time for.

If you check the comments on this post, I’m sure our members have their own thoughts on this, so you can take it from them! Rookies, what do you have to say?

Genderfluid!Bucky, using he/she pronouns equally

Watching old movies to catch up on what he missed, and she gets to the nineties and is like hell yeah, then he decides to go out and buy clothes JUST LIKE THAT

And everyone is pretty sure she just needs fashion help but hes like no fu Im gonna look cute af.

And she’s right. Of course.

omfg can you imagine merlin throwing random things into the lake just to see if arthur will catch them like he caught excalibur?


Ok full review time! So I ordered from kittensplaypenshop. A while ago and posted some pics but I never gave a full review.

Lets start with placing the order, their website is super easy to use making placing an order fun. I decided to build my pleated collar and order red cat ears with short inside fur. If your going to build your own, have some spare time so you can look at all the options, there are so many ribbon options you need to check out!

Processing time:
My order took a little longer as it was just after Christmas and they were waiting for a shipment of red fur. The girl who I spoke to was very sincere in her apology over email.
I believe they have hired extra staff now to help lower processing time to believe me, the time is so worth quality of the items.

Ok so customer service:
After I placed my order I noticed it was possible to add little bows to the ears (this is why you should take your time ordering and see all your options) I had a few problems with my email so I only managed to get in touch quite late in the processing time. However the girl who answered my email was super helpful and made me feel like I was a valued customer. The girl I spoke to was happy to help and made the entire transaction easier.
I received emails that kept me upto date with my order, when it was being made, when it was awaiting shipment and finally when they sent it off.

The packaging:
All items came safely in a super cute box wrapped in tissue paper. I would post a picture of that too my my postman squashed it. The box was Inside a discreet white mailing bag with some super cute heart stickers on it, this made me super happy.

The collar:
Ok, for such a cute collar this thing is strong, if I’m using it for pet play I tie the collar with the lock I added instead of the ribbon, this makes the collar stronger. However most of time I wear the collar out and keep the little lock on the O ring.
The collar is super well made and despite me not adding the fur lining is comfortable for long periods of wear. Trust me I hardly ever take it off.

The ears:
I chose the red fur for the cat ears and chose to have both the headband the hair clips, I honestly chose both because I was worried the headband would hurt after a while but I was so wrong. If your not used to headband like me it does feel a little strange at first but you get used to it super quick and you end up forgetting it’s even there.
I’ve only used the hair clips a couple of times and although they are sturdy they do move a little bit.

Care sheets:
The order came with care sheets on how to look after and clean your order, as I wear the collar the collar almost every day this information is vital and it great the girls send these out with each order.
They also send out little cards with contact information for if you find something wrong with your order.

All in all these girls were a pleasure to work with and I hope order a tail when I finally get my money back on track.
Items are clearly built well and the quality is brilliant. These items are made to last and if taken care off should last a long time.
I really would love to work with these girls again and would highly recommend to anyone looking for great quality items. 10/10

ive decided on my next playthrough im gonna breed x-exclusives and level them to 10-20 and send em off thru wondertrade, i might also try to find someone to help me gather all the legendaries available in each game (xerneas, yveltal, zygarde, mewtwo, articuno, zapodos, moltres, aaand the 3 event legendaries when/if they are released), but idk what i would do with them probably just max them out and sweep the elite four for money


Anon Request: Can you do one where you go on a camping trip with him and you two have been sending signs you like eachother for a while and stuff I’m sorry I don’t know what else, but I love your imagines, they’re so good!

Looks like today you were going on a road trip! Your best friend invited you and some of your friends (including (C/N)) to go camping. You were so nervous, so many things could happen on this weekend with (C/N). You would either embarrass yourself hardcore, or romantically bond with (C/N). You were really hoping for the second option. You and (C/N) really seemed to be hitting it off lately, you were flirting and he would sometimes hold your hand and hug you. You didn’t wanna mess that all up over one weekend. 

You had all your little sports bags filled with clothes ready to go. You hear a car honk it’s horn several times queuing you to leave and tell your parents good bye.

“Could you have honked the horn some more, I could barely hear it,” you jokingly say as you enter the tight packed car.

“She think she has jokes,” (Best/Friends/Boyfriend) chuckles out, “take a seat, any seat.”

“She doesn’t have much of a choice, she’s gonna have to sit by me,” (C/N) says pulling your hips to the only seat available.

“Jeeze,” you laugh, “so are we good?”

“Yup! You were our last stop, funnest weekend ever day 1 let’s go,” (Best/F) says excitedly.

The car ride was amusing but long. Maybe you all shouldn’t have left at 5:30 P.M. Sitting by (C/N) made it all the more great however. He would tell you jokes, whisper in your ear to make fun of your other friends (his hot breath tickled your neck and left goosebumps on your skin), trace shapes on your thigh with a feather light touch, and when an hour had passed by, he let you rest your head on his shoulder.

“Tired?” He asked you with a slight smile.

“Yeah,” you answer.

“Well it looks like we’re here,” (F/N) says.

“Great, atleast my loser boyfriend didn’t get us lost,” (Best/F/N) says as she gets out of the car.

“You loser boyfriend can hear you!” (BF/Boyfriend) says as he too exits the car.

“It’s already dark, what can we do now?” You ask.

“Skinny dipping,” (C/N) suggest as he steps facing directly behind you ‘tazering’ your sides.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you,” (His/F/N) says while laughing and eyeing you the whole time.

“Shut up,” he responds while laughing too.

“I say we get camp set up first, and then we can play truth or dare,” (F/N) says with a devious grin.

Everyone agrees, and you all set up camp. There are two tents, one for the guys and the other for the girls. So, three people would sleep in each tent. When you all finish, one of your guy friends sets up the fire and some logs for you all to sit around the fire. When you arrive, (C/N) pulls your hips to sit next to him like he did when you were entering the car, and your friends roll their eyes and smirk. You begin to play the third and fourth rounds and it’s getting really fun.

“Okay (F/N). Truth or dare?” Your best friend asks mischievously.

“Dare!” Your friends name responds confidently.

“I dare you… to… run around the campsite in just your underwear. So I hope you were wearing boxers instead of briefs,” she laughs.

“Is that all you got? I was gonna do that anyway,” he says. He runs around and completes the dare. It was (C/N)’s turn.

“Truth or dare (C/N), don’t wimp out on me! I just rand around here half naked,” his friend states.

“I’m a man, c’mon. Obviously I’m gonna do a dare.” (C/N) replies while slinking his arm around you when he stated that he was a ‘man.’

“Since you’re getting so comfy with, (Y/N) over here… I dare you to kiss her. Right here on the lips,” his friend said while mocking him.

(C/N) looks at you for approval, and you just nervously smile and shrug your shoulders. He grabs you and stands you both up, cups your face in his hands and breathes you into a kiss. He stops, looks at you again, and kisses you harder while biting your lip and breathing heavily like you were his only source of oxygen.

“I said a kiss not a makeout!” His friend laughs and says.

“Dude I said I’m a man did I not?” He responds.

You cover your mouth and sit back down. You don’t want anyone to see how big you were smiling and how red you were getting.  But later, the whole night, (C/N) sort of ignored you. He never once made another move on you like he normally would. He didn’t talk to you look at you, he was only with his friends. How could he just kiss you like that and not talk about it? Maybe it was just a dare. You, like all of your friends were in your tents, but these thoughts haunted you so much you just wanted to take a walk.

You got really deep into the walk when it started to get colder. You were only wearing a pair of shorts and a thin cardigan. You had to wrap it around you as you walked because the wind was getting to be too much. You hear mumbling like someone’s talking to themselves, and you find out it’s (C/N). You can’t quite here what he’s saying but he’s alone and he sounds upset. You try to get closer with out being seen until you step on a branch that made the loudest noise ever.

“Who’s that?” He shouts. “Seriously come out!”

“It’s just me,” you say nervously as you approach him. “What are you–” you take a quick sniff of him. “Were you drinking? Are you drunk?”

“I’m not drunk I’m just a little buzzed,” he replies.

You knew it, he was only holding one bottle after all and the smell wasn’t that strong. He was still in his right mind. 

“Why are you following me anyway?” he asks.

“I was just taking a walk and then I saw you and, and I just I feel like there’s something wrong,” you admit. He look at you and looks back down to his feet in silence. “There is something wrong isn’t there. Was it the kiss?”

“I guess,” he says.

“Well elaborate, I’m not gonna be upset or anything, just be honest with me.” you say.

“I was going on raving about how I was such a man,” he says as he starts to pace around waving his bottle in his hand, “but what kind of a ‘man’ can’t even have the guts to tell the girl he adores how he feels with out the help of a little alcohol,” he confesses throwing the bottle into the river in frustration.

“Me?” you ask. He looks at you like you were disappointed in him. “(C/N), you should know by now that I feel the same way,” you say with a smile holding his hands. “I would’ve waited way longer than this point for something to happen between us. All I really care about is that we’re together.”

“Really?” He asks.

“Yeah,” you say while hugging him. “And next time, you don’t need a dare to kiss me.”

“Well thanks for the permission because that’s how we’re spending the rest of our weekend,” he says and winks at you pulling you back into his arms.

Feedback please I feel like I’m getting worse at writing imagines. )):