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There are so many flavors but you choose to be salty

Salt is a healthy part of a well rounded diet


The other day, Mommy went to something called an outlet mall and came back with a big bag of pretty, multi-colored chocolates! They are so shiny and round! Who knew there could be so many different flavors of chocolate.

I bopped every single one with my nose, but I couldn’t decide whether to try any. Unlike my Easter eggs, these are too pretty to eat! I am going to hoard them instead—HEY, MOMMY, YOU CAN’T EAT THAT, IT’S MINE!


So lucky to have met this wonderful lady, she is pure love and compassion and I am so proud to have our roots in our beautiful Chile. Thank you for taking your time to share this fantastic experience with me. Love Maya. #cotedepablo #FilminMalta #thedovekeepers #Chile

A haiku from the article: A Colorful Food Lover’s Feast for the Eyes, Starring Flavors of the Bronx

you know what i’m gonna do? i’m gonna go buy myself a motherfucking vegan cupcake, that’s what i’m gonna do. and hell, MAYBE SOME YARN. and then tonight, when i have made it all day without smoking, i will reward myself with that motherfucking vegan cupcake and that yarn. VEGAN CUPCAKES ARE A BETTER THING TO PUT IN YOUR MOUTH THAN CIGARETTES, SELF

can we all take a minute to appreciate the various tales of graces flavor texts?
  • Curseproof title:A title that offers Curse resistance. Because every day is a horrible day to have a curse.
  • Bloodsucker Crystal:Its color seems to reflect men's souls.
  • Meteorite:A stone that was previously an unidentified object. Whether it's awesome or not is a secret.
  • Needle of Extinction:It's so toxic it could kill you, revive you, and kill you again.
  • Bryce's Claws:Claws that were worn by Bryce. They weren't stolen, mind you! They were... acquired.
  • Dreamer's Flange:A staff that can crush hopes and dreams, and is strongest against fiends who have neither.
  • Casual Parka:A parka that was bought for Asbel by his parents. (He picked it out though!)
  • Heavenly Garb:I-It's not like I added the feathers just for you or anything, okay?!
  • Fancy Floral Anklet:An anklet made with real flower petals. You could play loves-me-loves-me-not with it, but only once.
  • Plain Glasses:A plain pair of glasses. Their plainness can be plainly seen.
  • Fancy Glasses:A pair of glasses with fake lenses. When hipsters wear them, they're just asking for trouble.
  • Freshblood Ribbon:A vivid ribbon the color of blood, although it wasn't made out of actual blood. Probably.
  • Hot-Blooded Scarf:A scarf that makes one ponder the connection between hot-bloodedness and pools of hot blood.
  • Doctor (inn request for poison fruit):Yes... Yeeees... Now I can finally... Um... You know what? I'm just going to give you this and walk away now. Bye!
  • Engineer (inn request for strange gear):Waah! You found 'em! I can't believe it! Will you marry me? ...Kidding! Ha ha! Kidding. ...No, seriously. Marry me.
  • Pascal (inn request):Dude, it's totally WEIRD to finish your own request! But hey, them's the rules, yeah? Once you take a request, you gotta finish it.
  • Elderly Woman (inn request):Goodness me! This IS strong! I mena, I knew it was strong, but this is strongy-strong STRONG! ...OK, now the word just sounds weird.