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i keep seeing people posting about how they think the shoot fandom is cheating because they’re winning by a wider margin than people thought was possible. 

as someone who has not been voting and is a part of both fandoms i’m here to say….no. here are the facts, ya’ll. and by facts, i mean ratings bc some people seem to be basing everything on an assumption of the tumblr fandom

The 100 ratings and demo(mil obviously):

Person of Interest ratings and demo(mil obviously):

Person of Interest advertised the poll on facebook and twitter, and obviously it’s been advertised on tumblr by it’s tumblr fandom. 72% of America is on social media - this is not inclusive of POI’s large international fan base. Person of Interest does not have any ships that conflict with Root and Shaw and the pairing is very well received by its main audience.

Can we stop with the cheating accusations now?

So I was watching Joy Ride, and...

I had heard that some people thought Peridot was hiding in this scene 

so I tried to get a closer look

oh hey that does kinda look like peridot but I gotta say

totally spitballing, but that looks a lot more like

a certain homeworld gem that already scoped out the crash scene

anonymous asked:

I love Martha. That's it!

Me too, Anon. Give me all the scenes with Martha. Especially Martha and Beckett. Or Martha, Beckett and Alexis against the lone male Castle of the house. 

ok im honestly so sick of these “why does no one call the dude who killed over a hundred people a terrorist :((” posts.. like did you realize 1. no one ever glorified what he did and hes seen as a mass murderer here and 2. that people died? how about you think of the victims and their families/friends for a minute instead of assuming we’re all islamophobic just because the word “terrorist” was never mentioned

That’s straight up gallymoggers, sir. How can I be lost if someone just found me? That someone being you of course. I’ve not been lost in a long time now. But if you mean to ask where have I been, the answer is “in my dorm” you should probably learn to ask questions properly, it would make things easier for you and everyone else.

alex +

I need a cigarette… [Alex muttered a few other words that only she could hear, before talking a little bit louder, to those in the general vicinity] It’s funny how much a town can change in change in three years, huh?


so jhopes-suga-daddy wrote me a letter today and i’m so close to crying tbh. i can’t believe i was lucky enough to meet someone as truly fucking amazing as she is. i’ve always felt like i was missing out on something because i’ve never had a best friend that had a lot of the same interests as me, but then i met lori and we have like everything in common and we are basically the same person and i’m just so grateful. it sucks that my best friend lives so far away from me, but we are going to meet this summer and it’s going to be the best day of my life and i’ll probably cry. i’m so happy to finally have someone in my life that i can 100% be my fangirl trash self with and have them understand how i feel. anyway, i’m just the most grateful person ever and i need to thank bangtan because without them i would have never met lori and my life would be a lot less happy than it is now. I LOVE YOU LORI!!!!!!!!!!!

obligatory date update 

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persephone sits in a courtroom
dress as green as summer trees
her lipstick red as blood
her golden crown sits on the table
and hermes stares her down

“did you eat the seeds of your own free will?”
a dagger fashioned into a question
hades flinches, front-row seat;
thanatos his defense attorney

demeter straightens in the audience
a flower blooms in her sun-browned hair
her curls a halo round her daughter’s face
and persephone smiles

“i did.”

shocked gasps in the courtroom
the jury whispers amongst themselves
deities, spirits, nymphs, and ghosts
all here to judge the king of hell


persephone looks into her husband’s eyes
lord and lady, king and queen
she takes her crown and settles it
upon her summer curls

“centuries ago,” she says, every word
a titan-sized whisper, “i was only a girl.
look at me now.”

persephone stands in a courtroom
and hades smiles

for here, she is
a queen

—  olympus v. hadesm.j. | commission a poem
Kaneki Ken | Tokyo Ghoul → Tokyo Ghoul √A

Juuzou-chan + Auction Raid


*tries to take new pictures of self but hasn’t worn anything elaborate in so long that the makeup just gives me an intense headache and i give up after a few photos lol* :”3

If you get Thalia a Christmas pine tree sweater she won’t get mad, she’ll just get a matching one for her little brother

Edit: Also I forgot, props to frozenico for the Christmas tree idea

list of things for nb people to say when asked if they are a “boy or a girl”

  • no
  • probably
  • yes
  • i am 60000 lizards in a trenchcoat
  • *pterodactyl noises*

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MCU + written word - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Inspired by (x).