*violently wishes sarah survived and went on to join the dork duo survivor team with clementine*



Mutant Town AU Jazz, Sam and Tuck, oh god I haven’t drawn anything in ages I need to pick up my game

also I decided to give Tucker horns because I watched that Daniel Radcliffe movie where he grows horns and since then I’ve been dead set on giving a pair to SOMEONE and Tuck’s powers didn’t have enough visible side effects, his eyes glow too, they’re the first thing to change

when the horns come through they channel his electrical current so it gives him better control of his powers, they don’t point at the right angle to use them as very good weapons but they are FAR more effective as tazers, anyone seeing Tucker coming at them head first will wanna get the fuck outta the way

Sam’s plants pretty much grow all over her, she doesn’t mind until they start wrecking her stockings, her eyes and skin start to turn green after a while too

Jazz is pretty wigged out by her arms at first but gets the hang of them pretty quick, she doesn’t know yet that this is just the start of her mutations, her close proximity to the portal leaves her more susceptible to mutations than most others so she’s gonna end up with some serious changes, she’ll look more ghost than human by the end but by that point she won’t mind so much, nobody will mind so much

all the extra time she spends in the Ghost Zone really helps things along too, after Danny introduces her to Pandora and Jazz develops portal forming abilities she makes frequent visits to the Greek community of the Zone and always comes back just a little more ghostly than when she left

anonymous asked:

hey hey hey lil bean can u draw garth & samandriel? ((Ik this is like so weird but I thought it would be easier for U if u just drew them in one :) )) ps love ur art U rule !!!

they should start a club called precious children who did nothing wrong

Got a new tablet to replace my old (and dead) tablet so I drew my twin avatars from fe:a in their customised tactician robes. 

Taiyou(Male): +Str -Def |  SwordMaster | Build 2 | Face 1 | Hair 2 | Voice 1 (Japanese) | Hard Classic | Single | 15 Years Old

Tsukiko(Female): +Mag -Luk | Sorcerer  | Build 2 | Face 1 | Hair 3 | Voice 2 (Japanese) But currently mute from trauma | Hard Classic | Single |15 Years Old

Tsukiko is the elder one among them.

They are both in a single save file so I can say that they are legit twins- ^q^ -SHOT- I deleted my Lunatic file just so I can create this two babies. R.I.P. My Lunatic Avatar , I will recreate you eventually. 

nozaki-kun. decided to try something different this time. i’d say that nozaki’s hairstyle is probably the most difficult one for me to draw so far.

So I actually did something I thought I’d never do again. I drew out one of the dreams I had last night.

I had a dream that my favorite EDM artist DeadMau5 died and we were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and I saw him only from the side when he came back to life as a zombie. That image stuck in my head so I decided to draw it straight from memory. I’m not so good at side shots but I gave it my best effort and I think it looks pretty damn good for a sketch


All the galleries, the museums
Here’s your ticket, welcome to the tombs
They’re just public mausoleums
The living dead fill every room.

so i decided to try something new. i wanted to draw someone real so i drew one of my favourite musicians: Regina Spektor. 

it turned out pretty good for a first time thing although the paper i used was absolutely awful. and would refuse to hold the color. so i cleaned it up as best i could in photoshop but i still like the sketch better :/

the lyrics above are from “all the rowboats”

Sometime ago my older little sister sent this photo to me via whatsupp.
She said that this is one of my drawings found from my granny who passed away.

I don’t admit anything.
I don’t remember ever drawing something like this.
When I was a kid and visited granny, I always drew moomins.
It might be my childhood drawing but dunnoh, I will post it here anyways, because this is so epic.

What’s said in this:
Girl: “Hi, my name is Jonna! Umh, well my name is, well I don’t know!
Now I know it! I’m berryhanded princess!”

Horse: "I’m blabber!"

misskatto replied to your post: misskatto replied to your post “i love…

Yeah - I dug up my log in info a couple years ago and logged into the official servers again and everything was different and so dead. I WAS SO SAD;;; I had a really cute Hunter… All the designs were so cute omg.

yeah!! i tried playing some high rates last year but like, its not the same without ur old friends and stuff :^( ! im a hunter person too, the hunter/sniper design for boys is the cutest, i drew gon as one once :’^)))

I was given The Front Bottoms

Favourite song: I would have to choose several based on how they sound/lyrical content/and moods
Least favourite song: Probably ‘So Sick We’re Dead’
Have I ever seen them live: I wish, maybe one day I will.
Favourite band member: Mathew Uychich
Least favourite band member: Drew Villafuerte
How many of their albums i have: 1 physical, 3 digital
Favourite album: “The Front Bottoms”
Favorite lyrics: Such a tough decision, I’m going with the lyrics in Twin Size Mattress
Favorite music video: Flashlight.
Ever met any members: No, sadly.

My wonderful follower l0velygeek gave me this, go follow her!

So I drew Roxie with different hairstyles at 1 AM, it looks kinda shitty but eh xD I like it. Before you ask, no I don’t know what’s going on with the braid and yes I do know it looks stupid xD I just didn’t want to give her the “Dead anime mom” ponytail. And the bottom right one is kinda like Megpoid Gumi’s hair. The top left is more or less what my hair was like before I snipped it and started flat ironing it every few days so xD Yay. Idk this was just something random because I wanted to draw other hairstyles 

Super embarrassing thing happen in chem today. My calculator fell and the back of the part that hold the batteries in fell off. Now I’ve had that calculator since 10th grade. Where one of my idiot friends drew a dick on it in silver sharpie. And I sit in the front row. So there was a calculator dick on the floor for everyone so see, especially the professor and the girl who picked it up.
Good bye friend I am dead

Legendary Cartoonist Robert Crumb on the Massacre in Paris

Celia Farber talked to Robert Crumb about the Charlie Hebdo attack

Liberation called me and said, “Crumb, can you do a cartoon for us? About what you think about this, you know, you are a major cartoonist, and you live in France.” So I thought about it. I spent a lot of time thinking about it. I’m doing the dishes, or whatever,  I was thinking, “What should I do for that cartoon…” I had a lot of ideas.  Other people come up with these, you know, clever cartoons that comment on it, like…This one guy did a cartoon showing a bloody dead body laying there, and a radical Muslim standing over him with a Kalashnikov, saying, “He drew first!” Stuff like that. That’s good, that’s clever, you know, I like that. But, me? I gotta like, you know, when I do something, it has to be more personal. I said, first: “I don’t have the courage to make an insulting cartoon of Muhammed.”

Then I thought, “OK, I’m the Cowardly Cartoonist…As a Cowardly Cartoonist, I can’t make some glib comment like that, you know? I have to, like, make fun of myself.  So instead of drawing the face of Muhammed [laughs], I drew the ass of Muhammed.  [Laughs.] But then I had myself saying, in small lettering, “Actually, this is the ass of my friend of Mohamid Bakshi, who’s a film director in Los Angeles, California.” So if they come at me, I’m gonna say, “No, look, it’s not Muhammed the Prophet, it’s this guy, Mohamid Bakshi.” So, you know.

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