Hetalia Countries as Cats and Dogs
















Holy Roman Empire







Bad Friend Trio

Spain and Romano

German Brothers

Italy Brothers


i’d like to contribute to the fandom more than with a pads story so here’s my stupid doodles when i dont know what to do. i’d like to thank brogitsune for the rules of banging in the glade, which inspired the third panel

also yeah dont look at me like that

so i have world ain’t ready downloaded as an epub… so i can annotate it… and ibooks bestowed upon it a gross boring automatically-generated cover, and i thought: this cannot stand.

maybe i’ll go back and fix this up more? but for now it’s done enough for the internet to judge it. (this statement applies to any art i post.)

anonymous asked:

coco senpai, can you please recommend me some very angsty aokise fics? thank you :3

Anon-chan comes to the right place because Coco is a sucker for angst fics ffFF

So okay, if Anon-chan wants the kind of angst that makes you cry a river of tears with tragic ending, here are some of them;
- Yellow (+ Sequel 1 and Sequel 2 + Sequel 3(!!!))
- Nevertheless, Hello
- Paper Planes (+ its sequel)
- Tradition
- A Thousand Paper Cranes, One Wish For You (+ a sequel)
- Christmas Miracle or Lack Thereof 
- Save You
- Ricochet
- Upon us all a little rain must fall  

And now here is the healthier kind of angst aka angst with happy ending or the ones where no one die ;v;
- Half a Heart Without You (A++ would recommend as bed time story)
- It Hurts; Make it Go Away 
- One Day, He Says (//cries A++ still is Coco’s favourite) 
- Don’t Hold Me On a Leash, Hold Me By the Hand
- A Stranger’s Heart Without a Home (Long fic but worth it)
- Conquered Hearts (Also long fic but it’s GOOD) 
- Contact (This tears at your heart a lot) 
- Moments in Time series (It’s like fluff then angst then fluff laksjd)
- Words
- It’s Cool, We’re Just Friends
- My Heart, Your Hands
- Only a Glimpse (A++ would recommend. Also Papa!AoKise) 
- Unconditionally 
- Hide and Seek
- Never Let You Go
- Fall Out
- One Wall (sort of neighbour AU <3)
- Better Than I know Myself
- Permanence series (It’s mainly fluff but AoKi are dumbs so there’s angst too)

I’m sure that there are some of the others that I couldn’t recall right now because Coco is terrible at remembering stuffs and I haven’t read much fics lately so I might missed the new ones too so I’m sorry ;3;

1) Souichirou going alone to the hospital with L highlights how close they were (x)(x). For some reason I find it utterly heartbreaking and touching.
2) It seems Souichirou didn’t come back quickly, maybe they tried to revive L ?
3) Light despite being close to L didn’t come with his father. Either it underlines how cowardly he is as Kira, or maybe Souichirou didn’t want him to come.

Media Harry vs Real Harry

I dedicate this one to all ya’ll with the trendy hipster blogs who only see young Harold as the hottie lothario playboy Harry Styles™. A myth perpetuated by the media. I see you out there reblogging gifs such as this…

…and I mean, I’m right there with ya. Damn son. But if Harry is just another bad boy with a pretty face to you & he’s featured on your blog juxtaposed with models, angsty quotes/poetry, mugs of coffee with arty instagram filters etc. ya’ll are truly missing out. Because as gorgeous as he looks in these cool b & w gifs, the real life, complete goober Harry Styles is where it’s at. I promise once you uncover the truth you will only love him more.

Lemme take you on a journey…

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I’m finally done!

I had hoped to finish this by the end of 2014, but a variety of complications (health problems, a bad semester, the return of liveblogging duties) slowed me down. Still, February isn’t bad.

It’s a bit messy. There are parenthetical notes all over the place to add scenes, improve bits, move stuff around, etc., but that’s revision material. The climax chapters are particularly sloppy, but that’s to be expected. Last time I finished a novel all the way through, I ended up taking out the entire climax section and replacing it. The only thing that stayed the same was who died. Right now, I needed the psychological closure of having a complete draft. That allows me to shift into a revision mindset.

The next step is to let this sit for a while. Then I’ll come back, read it through, and figure out what my next move should be. How does everyone’s arc look? Do their POV sections and voices need to be made more distinct? Are there subplots that should be removed? All that lies in my future, but the hardest part (for me, anyway) is over.

everyone’s freaking out about that power puff girls reboot, but all I can do is;




I don’t even care that it’s going to be CGI (I’ll admit to not being the biggest fan of CGI TV shows), it’s the magic school bus, Ms. Frizzle is back, and I am 3 again. 

As long as they keep the cheesy, really good for a young audience, themes of acceptance and curiosity from the original books and TV show, I don’t care. (And the theme song, because that opening was the best). 

"aiden’s gay or bi or experimental or… i don’t know what he is"

i’m gonna sound ignorant. i still don’t get why this is biphobic. i interpreted this as michaela not having any problems with aiden’s sexuality. the problem is that he doesn’t love her. she doesn’t want to waste her life in a loveless marriage. 

is it the language? the way she said it? 

I think I know what I’m going to write after the Personal Assistant AU.