If the angels were all female










the main difference between Gryffindors and Slytherins is when when their Hufflepuff friend wants to fight someone, the slytherin is like “DON’T YOU DARE LAY ONE FINGER ON-” whereas the gryffindor is cheering from the sidelines with popcorn like “YAAAS. SLAY THEM. YOU’RE SO BADASS BRO, YOU’RE SO FUCKING HOT RIGHT NOW DUDE. “

Exo reaction to you sleeping in just your underwear

Exo reaction to their girlfriend loving go to sleep in their under wear only.


Suho: *drives to Victoria secret to buy you new lingerie*

Baekhyun: *tried to process it* That is so hot jagi

Chanyeol: Oh my god.. really? I am ready…

D.O: *creepy smile* That just makes it so much easier princess ;)

Kai: baby please show me now…

Sehun: Really? Can’t you wear nothing instead??

Xiumin: *speechless and extremely turned on*

Lay: *look you up and down- gets embarrassed*

Chen: Of course you do. That’s my girl x

Tao:  *breathes heavily and stares at you imagining it*

Jealousy (Luke Hemmings Smut)

Request: Hiiya. Idk if your still taking smut but I have 3 Luke ideas. One where Luke gets jealous but is a bit too rough then is v v gentle and cute. 2 is you think Jack and Ben are hot (😏) and he hears you say it and actually you could blend those 😂 so i guess 2 is he ties you to a bed or chair and masterbates in front of you

A/N: Sorry if this is really bad, I wrote it really exhausted. I’m working on a lot of other requests too and some are really long, I’m doing my best to have them done soon :) well… enjoy lol .xx

Warnings: Smut smut smut ;)

“Yeah  I know but have you seen his brothers?” You paused for a minute, letting your friend answer. “Jack and Ben are so hot, oh my gosh.” You giggled. “What about Luke?” She laughed through the phone. “Well obviously he is, too,” you shook your head, thinking of his two siblings, “but have you seen them? Wow.” She laughed at you, “I hope Luke hears you.” “Oh god no, he would be so upset.” Your eyes widened and you suddenly felt a wave of guilt overcome you. But then you started thinking of what he would do if he had heard you, a smirk finding its way to your lips. You thought of how he would show you that you were his, as he’d done several times before. This time would be different though, it wasn’t another guy hitting on you, it was you talking about two other guys. And those guys were his family. 

Shaking that thought out of your mind, you walked downstairs after saying bye to your friend, seeing Luke standing at the counter in the kitchen with a drink. You went to the cabinet, looking for a snack to eat, realizing how little you had to eat that day. When you spotted what you wanted, you reached up to grab it, feeling Luke’s chest press against your back. “You think it’s okay to talk about my brothers like that?” He growled dangerously in your ear. You gulped, forgetting about the snack and dropping your hand to the counter. “I’m sorry Luke…” You whispered, scared he was upset. His hands traveled to your hips, gripping you tightly, gritting his teeth. “You didn’t seem sorry when you said it. ‘Jack and Ben are so hot,’ he mocked you, tightening his grip on your hips. "Forget you have a boyfriend, Y/N?” He lowered his head, biting your neck harshly. “No Luke, you know I love you, you know I’m yours.” He now had you pressed flat against the counter, holding you in place so you couldn’t move. “I know your mine, but do you know your mine? Or do I need to show you?” You didn’t answer, you knew you were his and he was yours, but you wanted to see how he would be. When you hesitated, he pulled you to the couch, shoving you down before pressing his lips roughly against yours.

You moaned when you felt him grind against your clothed crotch, bucking your hips. “No.” He spit out through clenched teeth, pushing your hips back down. You knew he was mad, beyond mad even, but you weren’t sure about how rough he would actually be. He moved his lips to your jaw, sucking and biting before blowing on the sore spot. His lips moved to your ear, biting your earlobe before whispering, “Who’s are you?” You inhaled sharply. “Yours, Luke.” You closed your eyes, bringing your hands to his lower back, under his shirt. You lightly ran your fingernails along his back before he grabbed your wrists and roughly pinned your hands above your head. “After what you’ve done, you won’t touch me tonight.” You still felt a little guilty, but that soon went away when he pulled your shirt over your head and started kissing on your collarbone while his hands were kneading your breasts over your bra. You unintentionally brought your hands up to tug on his hair, only to have them pinned down again, giving you a disapproving look. “You’re just making your punishment worse, baby.” He started kissing and sucking down your chest again, pulling your bra off. You weren’t sure what your 'punishment’ was, but you were starting to get anxious, wondering what he had planned.

He pulled your pants down your legs, leaving you in only your skimpy red underwear. He came back up, pressing his lips to yours in a fast, needy kiss. You felt his hand press against your clit over your underwear, rubbing fast circles as you struggled to keep your hips from bucking again. When he stopped, his hand quickly came up to slip under your underwear, not hesitating to slide a finger in, pushing his tongue in your mouth when you gasped. He slides his finger in and out a couple times, slowly, before adding another. Strangled moans fell from your lips as his fingers began to pump faster, curling, each time hitting your g-spot. His fingers stopped inside of you, scissoring and curling roughly. Moans fell from your lips as his fingers left you. He began grinding his crotch against yours, bringing his fingers to your lips. You sucked, swirling your tongue around his two fingers, looking him in the eye, throwing your head back as you felt your climax near. “Luke I’m gonna come.” You moaned loudly, you expected him to stop what he was doing, but he only started grinding harder. You soon felt your legs shake, your eyes fluttering shut, and your back arch as you came in your panties.

He flipped you over, pulling your waist up so your chest and knees were on the couch, your ass up. You gripped the couch, knowing what he was about to do. “Hmm, what do you say twelve? But we could always go for more…” He thought out loud, mocking you. “We’ll see how you do with twelve first.” His hands gipped your ass, rubbing them roughly in his callused hands. He brought one up, slapping his hand down in a harsh slap before kneading it. You gasped at the impact, you had done this before, but he was doing a lot rougher this time. He brought his other hand back and slapped the other. You let out another gasp, tears springing to your eyes. Normally they would be tears of pain and pleasure, but now it was only pain. The pain was sharp and stinging, lingering long after he brought his hand down. After two more harsh slaps to the ass, you called out the safeword.

Luke immediately let you go. You flipped over onto your back, wiping the tears from your cheeks as you looked up at him. His eyes were wide and guilty, his mouth hung open in shock. “Oh my god…” He breathed out. “I’m so sorry, Y/N. I’m so so sorry.” He leaned down, kissing your face all over, muttering apologies between each kiss. “It’s okay, Luke, you didn’t mean to. It’s what the safeword is for.” You pressed your palm to his cheek and rested your forehead against his, looking into his eyes. “But you shouldn’t have to use the safeword. You should never have to, I should never hurt you like that.” He looked panicked and near tears. “I promise Luke it’s okay, you didn’t mean to. Just forget that happened.” You nodded up at him. You wanted to continue, just not with that part. “Are you sure?” He looked hesitant. “Yes, I’m sure.” You reached up, pressing your lips to his and pulling his shirt up and over his head. You reached for his belt, undoing it before pulling his pants down his legs as far as you could, letting him take them the rest of the way off. He went back to kissing you, gentle this time, sliding his tongue past your lips and battling with yours. He ran his hands gently down your hips, sliding down your panties with his thumbs, his fingertips barely brushing your skin. His lips move to your neck again, pressing light kisses to the hickeys he left before.

Hooking your fingers in his boxers, you slid them off his legs. His hands cupped your ass as he lined himself up. “I’m so sorry.” He whispered as he slid in, pausing so you could get used to the feeling. “I love you, Luke.” You moaned, nodding for him to move. He was very sweet, going slow, watching your face to make sure you were okay. “Faster.” You gasped, he sped up his pace, locking eyes with you as you struggled to keep your eyes open. He pressed his sweaty forehead against yours, rocking his hips. The feeling of Luke inside you made you moan loudly, feeling your next orgasm approach. You felt him twitch inside you, signaling he was close too. With one last thrust, your legs shook and you moaned the loudest you had all night, coming around him. A few seconds later you felt Luke come inside you, watching his face as he absorbed the pleasure. He looked amazing above you, sweat dripping down his temple, his hair in a messy quiff, and his eyes screwed shut. His moans filled your ears. “God, Y/N.” He moaned your name, pulling out and collapsing on top of you.

“I love you so much.” He nuzzled his head into your neck. “I love you, too. I’m sorry about what I said, you know your my favorite.” You smiled down at him. “Don’t worry about it, I overreacted.” He pecked your lips before wrapping his arm around you, his face buried in your hair. “Get some rest, babygirl.” He whispered, stroking your cheek as your eyes closed tiredly.

My reactions throughout episode 2 of Owari no Seraph


HOLY crap he got so hot

Uhm okay you already have a boyfriend back away from her pls

Look at that face…

oh my god heLLO THERE



Okay this is not the time. He’s being attacked by a vampire and u wanna get all sappy???


He’s such a jerk but he’s so hot wow

Aw that’s cute. That was cute.

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You are so damn hot😍

Oh, shit that means so much to me. You have no idea. Thank you for sending this to me. Like I know it doesn’t seem like much but sometimes I feel really insecure due to some stuff I have going on with me and it’s little things like this that remind me, my body or my face isn’t awful to look at.