The OP talks about people wish for Baekhyun to get in an accident and die. They call him “hyum”, bash him, tell him to leave the group. 

Fans gave Baekhyun a nickname ‘Bakgeumi (Bright/Light)’
“How does oppa release stress? I’m curious because you always show us your bright side?
I release stress by always smiling! ^^ I try to smile even when I’m angry; I try to smile even when I have a hard time. And I have to smile so that when people around me see me, they will find energy from me!^^ Because I’m Bakgeumi!!!”

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anonymous asked:

Hello, I don't think you know this, but the guy with the buzz cut from the photoset you reblogged about Black Widow is actually an abuser. Two of his former friends came forth and spoke up about the things he did to them and how manipulative he was. I'd suggest maybe not reblogging his stuff. He doesn't deserve the attention.

Okay. Sure. I will delete the post. Thank you for kindly letting me know. I’ll publish this to let everyone else who might not know see as well.


I had already made a post with the differences between Rasheans now and then, but I think this way really shows what they lost during the incident. They may have rebuilt most of it but they also have sections they never rebuilt, what was once new is now just a painful reminder.

The windmill Rasheans is known for still spins, but it hasn’t been entered as the door is boarded up and ivy has grown over it. It’s quite sad really.

Honestly, I really don’t want to be that girl anymore. I don’t want to be the girl people are okay with getting hurt for. I don’t want you to hurt for me and I don’t want any of you to love me or want me or see me that way anymore. I don’t want to be put on a pedestal like I’m some prize. I have so many flaws and sometimes it’s okay to just say, “hey you fucked up” or “hey don’t do that”. Sometimes I feel like guys look at me and they just allow me to do as I please even if what I’m doing hurts. Idk sometimes I just want to be slapped into reality. Like HEY BITCH STOP THIS SHIT ITS UNHEALTHY! Even the way Tucker’s friends look at me sometimes, like they’d betray a life long friendship just to get in bed with me. It’s fucked up and I know my power I really do. But is everyone just fucking shitty? Does anyone even care? I’ve realized so much recently. It’s unfair to take advantage of the power you have and play with people’s feelings and desires. I’ve always done it because it’s been easy for me but I never want to hurt anyone. It pains me to see that people would actually set aside their own pain to help me or be there for me or just be with me.. I don’t want to cause anymore pain and if your my dearest friend and you feel I’m playing with your heart and it hurts you JUST COMMUNICATE that to me and tell me it’s not okay because it’s NOT. Don’t tell me it’s okay.
“I’m tough. I’ve been thru a lot & you know that. Even if you hurt me, being the padding that breaks your fall would make the sacrifice worth it.. You know me.”
I’m hurting my best friend in the entire world and he’s telling me it’s okay. I don’t want to be the cause for anyone’s pain.

I wish you were here,
Next to me.
Just so I could easily
Lay my hand upon your knee.

You would yelp
As I gently squeezed your thigh
Then you would turn and grab my hand
And kiss me like it was goodbye.

All of the things
That have ran through my head,
All of the things
That I have wanted to do in my bed.

Nothing too bad,
But just lay here
Just put your head on my shoulder
And you will have nothing to fear.

All thoughts of moving away
Yours and my hand perfectly fit,
and then in the morning,
I will look at you and gently say,
                –Dia Duit