Ok fuck this new kid living here right now. He’s so demanding. He wants complete silence after 10:30 and it’s the middle of the summer. We’ve been living here for 6 months and he comes in for 2 days and is giving us curfews and all sorts of other shit. I can’t wait to get out of my own fucking apartment to escape this hard ass dictator who shows up to run the place.

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          “So. What kind of game are we playing then? Wait and see?”

     Len took a slight step forward, eyeing with a curiosity before she shook her head. “No.”  She responded quite assuredly. “That isn’t how this works, bodyguard. You wanted my trust so that I would follow you to the ends of the Earth if you so demanded it – or whatever. You earned it. This is based on nothing more than my own conjecture. So. Unless you have lied to me or are indeed not the man that I am getting to know, then I will consider them misconceptions, for the time being. But., if you have lied? Whether or not you are employed is the least of your worries.”


Imagine what would have happened if Draco introduced himself differently. Imagine Harry becoming acquaintances with Draco. Imagine them sitting together in a compartment because seeing as Harry was new to the Wizarding World, Draco decided to stick around as a guide. Imagine throwing Hermione into that mix and BAM new Golden Trio.

Imagine Harry not having stereotypes placed into his head. Imagine him allowing the hat to put him in Slytherin. Imagine Draco carefully guiding him through everything.

Imagine Harry slowly developing feelings for his best friend and house mate. Imagine him just gazing longingly when Draco’s back was turned and scowling because of the sheer stupidity of all the blood purity drama that surrounded said boy. Imagine Harry luring Draco out of that mindset.

Imagine Draco silently harbouring feelings for Harry. Imagine them just rough housing in their dorm room and they suddenly stop and their gazes lock and they lean in for a kiss. Imagine Draco defying his father because he finally found acceptance and happiness in Harry.

Now, I will stop imagining and just throw myself off of a cliff because tHINGS COULD HAVE GONE SO DIFFERENTLY.

New Day.

Minkyung woke up bright and early in the morning to get ready for vocal class. She took her time with brushing her teeth, showering, and picking out an outfit. Today was going to be a great day, she could just feel it. Walking out of her dorm she waved to a couple students along the way. Minkyung stopped by the canteen and got a cup of coffee, reminiscing about last night. A smile grew on her face as she remembered her meeting with Woohyun. I wonder how writing lyrics with him after class will be like…She walked into her Advanced Vocals class and chose a spot by the window, enjoying the bright sunlight shining down on the ground. She suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder, looking up to see who it was, she smiled. “Good morning Woohyun.”