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Hey! I was just wondering if you could help... I've had a crush on this girl (im also a girl btw) for almost two years now and we're like super best friends and I kinda wanna tell her, but I don't want to ruin our friendship (I also haven't come out yet) but isn't it kinda poison for a friendship to keep these kind of secrets? Sorry for my english! (I also love ur blog a lot!)

ok I have a story. I have two friends who have been roommates for almost two years now- they’re best friends; call each other soul sisters, hang out all the time, like BEST best friends. Turns out one liked the other (who everyone thought was straight) and somehow it got back to the other friend. so they were like “hey let’s try this out” and it’s been like 5 months now and they’re still together!!! Basically I ship it hardcore- I think things like that, you need to be honest. It may be a little awkward but you can’t know until you tell them - if you were in their shoes, what would you think??

I know I’d be so flattered!! Look at how theirs turned out! And i’m one of those people who when finding out someone likes me, I may not at first but can slowly warm up to the idea. so who knows? she could like you too- anytime this happens i say TELL THEM. if you guys are best friends, something like this won’t tear it apart, it could make the relationship stronger. So go for it, tell her!!! (This is like every AU I’ve ever loved)