In a moment, you will each collect a body bag. You will write your name on that bag. You will write the details of your next of kin on that bag. This represents your acknowledgement of the risks that you are about to face and as well as your agreement to strict confidentiality, which incidently, if you break, will result in you, and your next of kin being in that bag. Is that understood? Excellent.

instead of complaining about tumblr and their shitty update why dont you:

read a book you never finished
find a new book to read

paint a nebula
listen to/buy 1989
look at zayn malik
go outside
learn how to cook something new
watch news bloopers
look at weird/strange articles on wikipedia
donate to a local/important charity
watch cat videos
and puppy videos
catch up on the 20+ tv shows you’ve been meaning to finish
do your homework
watch anderson cooper giggle
bake cookies
break a world record
learn how to become an adult (sorta)
buy something for $5 on ebay/amazon that you’ll never need
watch snowpiercer
laugh at sebastian stan playing tennis

watch scandal
do nothing for 2 minutes
listen to every imagine dragons song
read hawkeye by matt fraction
or black widow by nathan edmondson
or other marvel comics (or dc)
create a neopets account
watch every shitty movie taylor kitsch has ever made
send and receive a postcard from a random spot in the world
research your family history 
watch captain america: the winter soldier
make a trakt to keep track tv shows and movies you’ve seen + check in when you start a new movie or episode
sign life-changing petitions on

You guys, SOPA/PIPA isn't actually a thing yet. It hasn't been passed, it's not a law, so this thing with Megaupload is not because of that.

Online piracy has been against the law for a while, and it is a federal crime. The article stated that the FBI had been investigating for 2 years, so this is not because of SOPA. It’s just weirdly timed. The internet is not about to just collapse overnight.