This is a theme piece.  It’s a mix of plate and fill silver wires, all scuffable wires being fill.  The centerpiece and the bigger bead there are rainbow moonstone, the rest are glass and silver plate.

It was a pain in the ass and I love it.

Based on the character in the last picture.  He’s all about the moon, phases and changes and tides, quiet but bright, sweet but eerie.  So’onel, from my own work, the Well of Mages.  One of my favorite of my own personal characters… he’s very symbolic of overcoming hardship and keeping one’s heart even after it’s been broken repeatedly.


Stuff done while watching movies at Liz’s house between wedding shenanigans.

Mepxy brush markers.  I like them.  They are like copics only not.  The blending.  It is beautiful and smooth.  And they were a whole fifth of their regular price when I got them.  sob dick blick’s.  also new white-ink pens from Liz.  because she’s epic.


Some doodle barf from tonight.

First one is… why we’re really glad it’s immensely hard to piss Marugeth off.  He summons things.  Very quickly.  And he glows funny.  And the shit he summons toasts your bumcheeks.

Second is… So’ in fullmoon stage.  Just wanted to do a drifty hair shot in the proper colors for fullmoon. 

Third is… uh.  Well, they’re Sun and Moon twins.  Just a little doodle.  Their relationship… Marugeth protects his frail little twin from nasties and attempts to take down evil, while So’ uses the powers of his oath to protect Marugeth.  

It… well it works, but So’ is quite vulnerable by comparison… his oath to protect Mar will keep Mar safe so long as he’s still alive.  -cringe- Even if he’s KO’d, he floats there, still protecting Mar… orz