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listen i knew tom hardy was a ridiculous dog man but

[about his tattoo of his dog Max]

Did you have an affinity for pit bulls before? How did the tattoo come about?
Hardy: That was because — I mean, I love dogs, and I see myself as a dog inside in many ways — that’s the way I am. It’s like, I bark a lot, and I can bite, but I don’t really. You know, they’ve got an energy. I just have an affinity with a dog. I’m very, very loyal, but, you know, I will piss on the carpet. [Laughs.] I will chew your sneakers! And sometimes I look like I’m going to bite, but actually, if you know me, I’m not like that. But I will say, unequivocally, dogs are the most amazingly loyal creatures who will sit and watch the wall with you all day if that’s what you’re doing, and that’s cool, as long as they feel part of the team, and that they’re useful, and I feel that way as well.

Is being a part of a team making a movie interesting to you? The loyalty?
Hardy: A dog wants to belong. A dog wants to belong to a pack, and it’ll do what it has to do in order to eat and survive and stay warm, and they don’t leave your side. They do what they do. Each dog has a job. Some, you know, have different jobs [than] others. I have a job. You know, I see myself very similar to a dog. That sounds so weird? [Laughs.] I fucking love dogs, okay? I love dogs. You know what I mean?

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What's the movie/show you keep reblogging?? It looks interesting

it’s called “the way he looks,” and it’s an lgbtaq+ brazilian portuguese coming-of-age film about a blind boy!! it’s based on a short film called “i don’t want to go back alone” that was going around tumblr awhile ago, and because it got so much support, they made it into a full length film. it’s actually become my new favorite movie!!! you have GOT to watch it. the lighting and plot pacing is excellent, and i could go on for hours about the cinematography and absolutely PERFECT acting. it’s subtitled on netflix if you want to give it a shot!!

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In the best of broken resolutions i was just wondering how Gwyn got the scars around his hip to lower back that detail intrigued me and would human Augus or gwyn ever have any tattoo's piercings and what music would they listen to? Thank you for your time and I hope you had a good holiday

Gwyn got the scars around his hip / lower back from Efnisien. And Efnisien went to juvenile detention for it (because he couldn’t be tried as an adult at the age in which he hurt Gwyn). Gwyn doesn’t talk about it with anyone, especially since his family were sympathetic to Efnisien. But that’s why he’s sensitive/annoyed when Augus pays particular attention to them. 

Augus prefers classical music and sometimes quiet, background indie stuff (like Woodpigeon, Shearwater, Greg Laswell, Sneaker Pimps, Portishead etc. - His brother will never forgive him for his taste in music). Gwyn listens to anything that has a decent enough beat to run to, and otherwise he hasn’t developed much of his own taste because he prefers silence and doesn’t really know how to hunt down the kind of music he might like. 

As for tattoos/piercings, I’m not sure! I’d hesitantly say a no to both for Gwyn, but I’m not going to set that in stone. As for Augus…possibly a no to tattoos, but I see him having a few piercings in his life that he’s maybe gotten rid of now (eyebrow / nose / etc.), probably because of how he wanted to appear in the workplace so that colleagues would take him more seriously. (I feel like this Augus cares a great deal about reputation, and thought that if he was going to keep the lustrously long hair, he’d have to ditch the rest of his accoutrements - though he ended up ditching that too, but that was on a bet, so it doesn’t count).

I did have a good holiday, thank you! <3 :D And yeah, the scar thing: Efnisien. I like to think there’s a whole background story there where Efnisien always kind of bullied him and then one day just took him hostage in a treehouse and it was very very bad. Gwyn doesn’t talk about it, and Efnisien went back into adult jail soon after his release from juvie because he hurt someone else, but Gwyn is always sort of aware any time Efnisien has an appeal coming up.

*shoves angst into everything*

[ I got carried away doing drunk Peter meme but I hit my next milestone just now, on the exact 30th day the blog was established, too. It’s been a month, and there are +700 of you here… oh my gosh…. aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH…. *literally weeps* ]

hey can you guys start using they/them pronouns for me primarily lol sorry. if you know me irl like just ignore this honestly and keep using she/her because i dont want it to become a Thing with certain friends. but like anyway also i think i prefer andie to andrea but really like as well as with the pronouns i mostly Dont Care so if you use she/her and andrea i dont care

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I do love your art style, but I'm wondering if you ever do things that are more 'serious'?

I got banned from making ‘serious’ art in the late 60s before I was born because I drew an oil painting so profound it caused people to go mad and start eating their own hands. That’s why I’m stuck making this bullshit non-serious art now that is not serious 


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Since I don’t know if all my followers are shawols, in case you aren’t, maybe you missed this? It would be really nice if you could give it a try and watch and listen to their newest music video. I would be really greteful if you could also reblog this, i’m sure there are incredibly multi fandom blog out there and it would be cool if other people could discover SHINee’s music!


What is it you wish to ask the gods? Will I ever bear another child, o wise one? I cannot see another child. No matter how far I look. Then what do you see?

Having your OTP undress for sexy times is great but I’ve always loved the idea of OTPs dressing each other for work. 

  • Person A pulling Person’s B shirt on, pressing soft kisses along the skin before letting the fabric fall into place. 
  • Person A purposely spreading their legs apart to make it harder to put on their pants until Person B finally snaps and tickles Person A until they’re all but crying in laughter. 
  • Person B holding onto Person A’s shoulders as they put on their shoes.
  • Whispered conversations between them as they smooth out wrinkles and adjust non-existent mistakes, savoring the memory of the body they were intimately entwined with the night before. 
  • Person B asking for just one more kiss as their arms go around Person A’s waist, lips sweet and heated as they stumble towards the door together.