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I escorted Margaret to England for her wedding when she was just fifteen. I carried her train at her coronation. I was by her side when she gave birth to her son. I was her dearest friend. If any harm comes to me, it will be your head she spikes on the city walls.

gif request meme // bethwoodvilles asked: the white queen + favorite platonic relationship

John may not be the best dancer in the world, but he is the best dance partner Sherlock has ever had. Sherlock’s favorite moments are after dinner, when John will put on something slow and offer Sherlock his hand with a smile. They don’t waltz, they don’t tango, or anything fancy. They just wrap their arms around the other’s waist and sway slowly to the music.  Sometimes, if John is feeling a bit silly or is on the tipsy side, he will stand with his toes on Sherlock’s feet and Sherlock will twirl them slowly around the room. They tried it once with Sherlock’s toes on John’s feet and they ended up in the couch a bit bruised but laughing. But most nights it’s just a soft gentle sway, sometimes the lights are dim, sometimes they’re blazing bright, but always it’s just the two of them slowly moving to the music. Sherlock will place kisses into John’s hair, inhaling that comforting scent that belongs to John. John places his cheek to Sherlock’s chest, listening to the heart that still beats, miraculously, there. They may talk about the day or just exchange sweet kisses. All the while the curtains remain open, and if Mrs. Hudson manages to make it up the stairs without either of them hearing them, she knows well enough to smile fondly and leave them be. They deserve these quiet moments after everything they’ve been through. And no one minds if any rumors are started, because, after all, they’re not rumors anymore.



sorry I’m a little too happy about it

Point is, I will most likely be updating and posting part 18 either tonight (late, sry) or tomorrow like kinda in the morning. 

Just wanted to let you guys know since I’m getting a ton of messages concerning it. :)


Fun Fact: Since the Walking Dead MSF I’ve had a couple of “comic book fans” try and tell me that in the comics Beth died when the Governor attacked the prison, so I ought to be happy she lasted a season longer than in the comics.

Funner Fact: …she’s not in the comics.


I Listen To Too Much Fall Out Boy and It’s Clearly Not a Good Idea, by Fall Out Boy

A word on copyright

So the topic has come up lately about my work, and what I consider acceptable use of the words I put on this website. For the most part, I am okay with most anything, as long as you follow my three rules:

ONE. It’s for casual, fannish or otherwise non-professional purposes. Make graphics! Write a fic inspired by my headcanon! Share one of my poems with your friends or class or poetry club! Use a my writing as an audition piece! All of these things I am delighted with and you should feel free to do.

If you are thinking of publishing a book based on one of my posts, though, we’re going to have to talk.

TWO. Give me credit. “from/by/inspired by notbecauseofvictories” is fine. If you’re doing something substantial and want my real life name, you’ll have to email me so we can discuss it (notbecauseofvictories@gmail)

THREE. Either ask or at least let me know. Tag me in the post, shoot me an email or a message (off anon, please, I’m not giving the faceless masses green light.) I am always flattered by people’s requests and love hearing where my writing went, the chances of me responding negatively or critically is zero.

If you are uncertain or have other questions, feel free to ask. But as long as you stick to those three rules, we’re all going to have a good time.


OKAY GUYS the new monthly I’m drawing is BREADWINNERS by Papercutz and the revived NICKELODEON MAGAZINE, I’m so pumped!!! Nick Mag was one of my favorite things in the world growing up, and I’m stoked I get to work with my good friend and awesome editor Suzannah Rowntree!! This is such a charming property, it’s a lot of fun! I look forward to showing you all more from it!! :D <3