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What is your bigest worry?

don’t know why people are so intent on erasing arab and muslim experiences with racism from jewish folk by demanding that jewish ppl are never the oppressors and everything bad that happens to us is an isolated experience

like i feel like i’m never allowed to talk about my experiences with islamaphobic jewish folk (there are so many lmao) because everyone wants to deny the fact that a lot of  arabs (specifically jordanian and palestinian arabs), desi folk, muslims (especially hijabis) all have experiences of abuse and mistreatment and are so heavily discouraged from ever talking about them because people are so insistent on saying that acknowledging abuse and mistreatment is prejudice like alright i guess for the sake of equality i just won’t talk about that time a man shouted at my mother in the middle of a mall demanding she buy from his booth and calling her a terrorist and asked her to bring her taliban husband with her next time when she said no :’)

I actually never want Sousuke to be friends with the Iwatobi boys.. like ever ever. ahah I just REALLY like that opposing-ness thing going on there.. Like I dunno, I just REALLY like how Sousuke’s not friendly friendly with them while everyone is all rainbow throw up with each other. Like I need Sousuke to never be friends with any of them… lol…………… 

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Why are you defending people that are literally trying to say they don't feel human like sorry but you're actually NOT the moon

why are you so concerned with telling other people how they should feel??

i’ve talked about this more than once, but stuff like otherkin is often a coping mechanism for neurodivergent ppls, like those with autism, and it gives them a way to work out and express feelings that they otherwise may not be able to understand or deal with as easily!!! the same goes for gender expression. it’s a good thing and it helps a lot of people!! 

ppl who identify as otherkin and stuff aren’t trying to be “special snowflakes” or whatever just for the sake of being different, it really helps them!! and it’s not your place to be hateful and judge, because how the hell is it hurting you? it’s not! so please don’t be so quick to pass harsh judgement on something just because you don’t understand it in your own terms. ok!

do ppl on tumblr realize that not everything is black and white

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When you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. :)

just five???

  • veinsofwar: LOVELY LENA. one of the first people i interacted with on this blog; she is just the sweetest, funniest person you will ever have the fortune of coming across, and she also happens to play an amazing peggy ( and rapunzel, and felicity ) to boot. we also scream at each other a lot about hands and hozier, so that’s nice.
  • agenths​: will kill me with howard stark feelings. KELSIE IS THE BOMB DIGGITY, and her devotion to her muses should not be trifled with. the thought placed in the words that she writes is truly outstanding.
  • nxglectful​: WHAT A CUTIE. the mun is a bonafide sweetie, and they play maria so wonderfully well that i honestly cannot believe i actually get to roleplay with them sometimes.
  • thecarer​: makes my lee ashworth muse go puuurrrrrrrr. BROADCHURCH FEELINGS ARE A GO and it’s so wonderful to get to cry about them with someone. their take on gwen/claire is fascinating, and i cannot wait to get the chance to properly play with them when i stop being a lazy butt oh god.
  • agentxthirteenx​: GIVES ME ALL OF THE JARVIS/CARTER FAMILY INTERACTIONS. i’m just so happy that you agreed that jarvis babysat for every S.H.I.E.L.D. agent ever, like gosh you have no idea what that means to me. your sharon also happens to be hella rad oh my goodness

Other people may be ready with bread and milk, but Sawyer and I are stocked up chicken nuggets, pasta, and ice cream sandwiches. Bring it on, mother nature.

I’m just letting you know in case you didn’t read the TL:DR enough to get this detail out of that post.

Hoest’s hair is a thing of the past.

So don’t be shocked when more pictures show up. The angry wildcat no longer has a mane.

shttlkng replied to your post:a person i emailed at one of the admissions…

grad admission-related personnel are terrible!! like i get that it sucks to answer a million of the same asks all the time and i feel bad abt bothering you but maybe! fix! ur crappy website!

in retrospect, like, “maybe! fix! ur crappy website!” should have been my Figuring Out The Future Tag, because WOW TRUER WORDS

Roam // The Story So Far

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