so proud of that nugget

Character Tropes: Carl Grimes Edition

I’m literally so happy for Zoe like I say this a lot but once in a while it hits me and today is one of those days man like from watching her do her rambling videos about beauty (which I absolutely adore) to seeing her launch her OWN beauty line is incredible. Zoe has always inspired me through the years and every single day she gives me a new reason to be proud to call her my role model.


// Chloe Kim Wins X-Games Gold in Women’s SuperPipe

I am so proud of this little nugget! Last season I had the pleasure to coach Chloe a little as part of the Mammoth Mountain Snowboard Team. Her progression and determination mixed with natural talent is incredible! Chloe is a super humble, talented and fun little human with a huge heart and I’m so excited to see her explode even more on the scene and stack those podium spots. Keep an eye out for this girl!

i went out to breakfast with my dad the other day and there was a family with two kids who looked like they were six or seven years old and the little boy pulled his sister’s hair and was like “this is what girls hair is for” and she immediately turned to him and slapped him so hard on the face and said “and this is what girls hands are for” and i was so proud of that little chicken nugget well played

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actually foxy's face is mounted to the wall. he is now a lightbulb.