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who could you see as a dancer?

Since there is so many types of dance this could be pretty much anyone if you are focusing on a specific type of dance. 

For more sort of classical sort of dance like ballet:  Crystal Reed,  Kendall Jenner, Lily Collins,   I read a fanfic once with ballerine Luke Hemmings. And alright, This may get updated later because I can think of an fc, who is like blonde and a model I think but I cant remember his name.

And for more modern sorts of dance I can sort of sort of see: Jesy Nelson, Normani Hamilton, , Zendaya, Chrissy Costanza, Taylor Swift, Shelley Hennig,  Selena Gomez,  Ross Lynch, Justin Bieber.  

There is a lot of types and the majority of fcs could fit atleast one type of dance honestly.