high chaos fic recs (in no particular order)


We Insist, by Patho
He’d rather pay with his flesh and blood than accept the gifts of an inscrutable god.

The Things They Want, by Smaragdina
Not specifically high or low chaos but so deeply seeped in the ragged melancholy of the world that it feels like maybe the dark undertow of both. Takes us through moments of choice for the marked ones and a few more. Gorgeous. A bit haunting, in a really good way.

vetch, verbena, by peleliu
Oh man oh jeez okay so Delilah succeeds and Corvo is a bit broken and basically this is all the bad stuff ever and it’s just the worst! (make sure you also check this shit out!!!)

Rot, by blodynbach
An inhumanly cruel (and I mean that in the most precise way) god. His reluctant truculent pet. There are two chapters -one low chaos and one high chaos- and two completely distinct relationships, but in both there’s barbs and insensitivity and carefully masked affection and fear all circling like a whirlpool near a cliff’s drop. This fic made me gasp out loud at the way each of them hides himself from the other. Also I gasped because the language is so lovely.

My Sweeter Half Instead, by Drac
Oh. My. God.

True North (Red Song), by coffeestainanalyst
The only way to know what the present means is to look at the past. Corvo’s present is a bloodbath (everyone reading this, I am sorry, that was a horrible joke, just go read the fic you’ll get it). The gentlest high chaos!Corvo I have ever read, and oh it works so terribly well– sometimes blood is cleansing.

tetralogy of fallot, by Patho

the rats and the flies and the corpses, by Serindrana
Horrifying and exquisitely brutal- a mesmerizing and graphic small moment that sums up an entire world.

the bolt busted loose from the lever, by Patho
Just really the most delightfully sordid interaction between Corvo and Martin I mean if you’re in the mood for horrible people being gloriously nasty to each other– well! Look no further!

these hands paint red, by haystham
Perfectly captures the raw, raging ache that fuels Corvo’s bloody dismemberment of a diseased and despicable city. 

prompt fic- outsider x reader, by carvedwhalebones
Sometimes out of blue fuck nowhere I start thinking about this fic and laughing hysterically it’s so perfect.

the world cuts deeper (when love’s in my hands), by Jukeboxhound
Billie and Delilah’s characters here are SO FUCKING RAW. Actually wait I take it back– the shape of each character in Billie’s tale of what happens after Daud’s blood spills is completely REAL.

prompt fic- he smells of wildflowers, by carvedwhalebones
Daud doesn’t spare Billie. I’m still not okay.

Locust Tree, by blodynbach
Here is a high chaos!Corvo filled more with wrath and grief than pumping blood. There’s also this enchanting idea of retribution coming full circle, of a bitter cup of fulfillment.

The Rat King, by CaliforniaStop
Emily is dead and the Abbey’s power eclipses all under the careful hands of High Overseer Teague Martin

we could just kiss; screw these idiots for ruining my life

[listen]  {cover]

1. deeper conversation; yuna 2. like real people do (acoustic); hozier 3. skinny love; birdy 4. last smoke before the snowstorm; benjamin francis leftwich 5. xo (john mayer cover); beyonce 6. one; ed sheeran 7. mess is mine; vance joy 8. lay me down (acoustic); sam smith 9. kiss me; ed sheeran 10. can’t help falling in love; twenty one pilots 11. what you wanted; onerepublic 12. tee shirt; birdy 13; bloom; the paper kites 14; better together; jack johnson 15. latch (acoustic); sam smith 16. something i need; onerepublic 17. turning page; sleeping at last 18. hazy; rosi golan 19. chasing cars; snow patrol 20. the weight of us; sanders bohike

Guys thank you so much! This means a ton to me! I know I am always thanking you guys for stupid things and milestones but I just need to let you know how much I appreciate all of you! You all mean the world to me, and obviously you are the most important part of this blog, as you are the ones following and liking and reblogging the stupid little posts I make. :) I want you all to know that I am always there for you, and you can message me for whatever reason you need, and I will always be there to support you and love you. Thank you for the most amazing past few months on this site! ❤️ I love you all!

happyquinncurtis asked:

Trohley cuddling with each other late at night in the hotel room when Pete and Patrick are sleeping in the other bed. There's a lamp on and neither of them wants to move to turn it off so they're just laying there. Joe lays half on top of a Andy, tracing his (Andy’s) tattoos with his index finger while Andy plays with Joe’s curls. They stay like this until someone finally shuts off the light and they fall asleep in each other’s arms.

thats s o fu cki gn precious i cannot function

From boys to men, you 5 five never failed to bring a smile on my face. When I’m sad, you cheer me up, and when I’m happy, you make me happier. I could never feel embarrassed to say, “Yes, I love kpop. I love SHINee,” because there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I may not have been there since the beginning, when you debuted on this day in 2008, but I’m here now, watching you continue your dreams in 2015, seven years later.

It doesn’t matter if people constantly, “Why do you listen to it if you can’t understand it?”

I’ll always answer the same way. Music doesn’t have a language. I don’t need to know the language to understand the feelings conveyed just in your voices.

I don’t listen to 1 main vocalist, 1 lead vocalist, 1 lead vocalist/leader rapper, 1 main rapper, and 1 main dancer, the way you started out. I listen to 5 wonderful vocalists who never fail to amaze me. I listen to 5 vocalists who sound like they swallowed their CDs when they sing live performances, dancing to those choreographies that almost look impossible to follow along to. I listen to the voices of 5 angels that, even if they don’t know, supported me through the most difficult moments in my life. 

I don’t just love Onew. I love Lee Jinki. 

I don’t just love Jonghyun. I love Kim Jonghyun.

I don’t just love Key. I love Kim Kibum.

I don’t just love Minho. I love Choi Minho.

I don’t just love Taemin. I love Lee Taemin. 

I love all of SHINee. Whether they’re derping it up or looking like angels, I love SHINee, and nothing will change that. 

And it isn’t just SHINee themselves, because geez, SHINee World is just amazing. I couldn’t have picked a better fandom to be apart of. Because everyday when I come onto this site and I just see my dash covered in SHINee, I’m just amazed. I’m amazed at those Thai Shawols who waited until after the music video was released to post behind the scenes videos. I’m amazed at those Korean Shawols who always respect SHINee’s privacy and don’t leak out everything they see. I’m amazed at how a group of people that don’t even really know each other can come together, work so perfectly together, and be so kind to one another, because I’ve seen other fandoms; I’ve seen how absolutely terrible people can be. I just love how even when things start to seem bad, SHINee World can keep itself together so absolutely perfectly.

Because just as much as SHINee protects us, we protect SHINee, as well as each other. SHINee and SHINee World is one huge family that I feel endlessly blessed being apart of, and I will never be ashamed of it. I love this family that I’ve become apart of. 

At this moment, I don’t ask for anything other than to always see a smile on their faces. Just seeing SHINee smile makes my cheeks hurt with how wide my own smile becomes. And it’s so difficult being an international Shawol because I don’t even know if I’ll ever get the chance to see them live, but even if I can’t physically be there, I hope they know that even from behind this computer screen, I will never stop supporting them. I won’t even stop supporting their dreams, because they’ve inspired me to reach for my own.

Congratulations SHINee, on your 7 years together, and I look forward to the many more to come.