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27 opening-credits sequences that evolved with their series

It’s possible I shouted “Boy Meets World" multiple times when this was pitched.

Trying to sort through 20+ years of video game paraphernalia. Alistair is “helping”. 

… there is no way this ends with everything cleaned, organized, and ready to list on eBay. This ends when I decide to “test” Super Mario Bros. 3 and hours later my husband finds me in my study, cursing at Koopas.

In which Atem has computer problems.

Greetings everyone, I have a bit of news.  

I’m not sure but I believe I may have…um….damaged this device called a tablet.  Either that or the laptop — like I’ve mentioned, I do not have much experience with technology.  I wanted to try to repair it myself , but Yuugi assured it would be best left to a professional.  (I’m quite sure I could do it myself successfully as always, but I trust Yuugi’s judgement.) 

{{ Yeah so hey guys!  My tablet is oddly not working, it was fine yesterday though and on another computer.  Might be the driver or something, I dunno.  I SWEAR I hope it’s not the laptop, I really like this one and I’d rather not put down the cash for another.   In any case, I have the weekend to fix it and that should be enough time.

Basically this means that since I am absolute sh*t at drawing lines with a mouse (haven’t actually USED a mouse in nearly 8 months), I’m now limited to traditional pencil/pen responses until I can get this thing going again.  And that in itself is dependent on my scanner working, which it does and which I refuse to jinx. *knocks wood*  

Catch you all later <3

NOTE: I’ll sometimes respond to some asks with just a typed response when it makes sense.  But yeah this is still a drawing askblog. . u . }}