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Sketchy Commissions OPEN!

Hello followers! I’ve opened this special Sketchy Commissions ‘cause I need to save money for (omg!) WSC London!

Basic Sketchy: $20
add ons:
+ $7 - for each extra subject/character
+ $5 for each extra (weapons/objects/elaborated or detailed clothes/etc)
+ $5 for sketchy full colours

- DIGITAL ONLY (you’ll receive an high res .png or .jpg file) - No problems of fandom/movie/actor-tress/character - No animals (but humanoids are okay like werewolves, mermaids etc -  this can cost as EXTRA) - The extra subject can be YOU! (in this case I need a reference pic of you) - Reference pics are apreciated but not mandatory - Payment UPFRONT via PAYPAL only!

Ready? Mail me at :D
For asking more detail feel free to contact me through Tumblr

Thank you for your support! ♥


MakoUsagi | Rei

All the red, crushed bits of heart crystal (that is also indeed what ALL the red is in this) as she continues to grind it down within in her fist.

guest starring: Mako’s muscles cuz damn and feat. Thunder Rack cuz damn. 

#can we talk about this scene right fucking here!look this is so important, firstly ari millen looks like a fricking god and this gives me chest pains, look at tatianna’s hand looks so good #omg sarah knew what happened even when she was unconscious  #shes so fucking amazing #this may give us a clue on how sarah and rudy may be more closer in the future episodes #now they both have similar blood flowing through them #omg #im crying #someone help i cant get up


i’ve opened preorders for touken ranbu charms i plan to sell at AX (yeah!! tablng at AX!!! haha)! these will be ~1.5 inch double sided charms to be printed on clear acrylic, and each charm will come with a black phone strap. you can also choose to pickup preorders at AX to save shipping!

more info is in the product description in store! Thanks for looking, any reblogs are appreciated!!

Edit: i added jiji last minute so I decided to extend preorders for a bit–

preorders will now last until 5/30!

Okay, so I couldn’t help but sketch a quick doodle of Theo from Gentlemantown and Bandaid (a character of my own that you all know lovingly as the lead female role in Life with That Piranha).

And I simply couldn’t help myself, since bandaid (like me) LOVES to bake sweet things and lives in a city working in an art gallery, and I can just see her bringing cupcakes to Cliff and Theo and Cal. And Theo eating all the cupcakes before the others can get to them. and her name is literally BANDAID, so she’d have bandages for him ALL THE TIME.

I’m sorry. But I’m not sorry.



Hi hello friends. I am a super newbie to the PW/PL roleplay community on tumblr, so I’d very much appreciate it if any of you who wouldn’t mind roleplaying with my dorky ass self could like this post or reblog it so others could see I exist? I’m also OC/multifandom so feel free to follow me regardless of your fandom!

Thaaaaaaaaaank you <3


So I’ve been too busy semi-hiatus-ing to notice, but at some point this blog passed the 1000 followers mark?! I’d say something about how cool that is but it’s 1am and it would be sappy and you don’t want to hear it. (!!!!)

a Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun fanmix {listen} / tracklist (w/ lyrics) under the cut

cover art credit: x

“Just leave it to me! Partner.”

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Imagine the Winchesters trying to help after you having nightmares of them...

Dean took a sip from the whiskey he was cradling, it was past midnight and sleep wasn’t coming easy that night. He leant his head back against the chair but his eyes snapped open when he heard the shout.


Setting his glass down quickly, he ran through the hallway towards the sound of your voice, meeting Sam coming from the opposite direction, wide eyed in worry. Sam nodded towards your door. The pair of them have a silent agreement before opening your door quickly and hitting the light switch.

Your eyes flew open and you sat bolt upright. Your eyes darted between the brothers and you swallowed hard.

“Sam? Dean?” You said sceptically.

“Yeah, yeah, sorry, you were shouting in your sleep… We didn’t… We thought you were in trouble.” Sam trailed off as he saw your shoulders sag and your face crumble. Seconds ago you’d seen them, eyes black and sickening, teethy smiles, poised and ready to kill. A blade had been just inches away from taking another life. Your life.

“Are you alright?” Dean said taking a few slow steps towards you.

“I… You both had black eyes. And the blood. Jesus Christ.” You let out a shaky breath.

“It’s all over, it’s gone now.” Dean said softly, walking over and placing a firm hand on your knee. “Anything we can get you?”

“Sorry to worry you. No, I’m good, I’m great, peachy.” You said with a quick smile.

“You sound it.” Dean said. “Look, if there’s anything, you’ve got to let us know, it’s what we’re here for, alright?”

why is tumblr only recommending me warrior cats blogs. ive been getting so many warrior cat blog recommendations and im afraid, please let me escape my past tumblr what did i do

thank you Rox iwishhyouwould for tagging me to list my top 5 footballers u are awesome !!! <3 this is gonna be brutal omg im gonna have to leave some of my faves out… :-/ also i dunno if u can use ex footballers… if u can then David Beckham & Zinedine Zidane would have def made the top 3 :D

1. Steven Gerrard 

2. Daniel Sturridge

3. Jordan Henderson

4. Martin Odegaard

5. Nacer Chadli

uhh i dont know a lot of ppl here who like football/soccer soooo idk im gonna tag allybrroke cause i know she doesnt like soccer :-) lov u! alsooo im gonna tag zaynscamila cause im pretty sure gabby has reblogged some soccer related stuff from me before haha :D


Ok tumblr, don’t fail me now.

So this is my best friend. He’s pretty damn fantastic and I am so freaking lucky to have him.
We’re both seniors and this summer we are going to different colleges. I’m going to our state college, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and he was accepted to his dream school, Georgetown in Washington DC. He is taking summer classes, so he leaves for DC in the beginning of July (on my birthday actually) and won’t be back until the next year.
The program that he is with only pays for one plane ticket back each year, and that’s usually to be used for summer vacation.

This is where I need help.

This guy is so amazing and has helped me through so much these past few years, I’d love to have him home with his family for Christmas. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’ve started a Go Fund Me campaign called to raise enough money for a plane ticket back from Washington to Nebraska.
Even if you can’t donate, please please please reblog this so others might see it. I would absolutely love to surprise him with this, so if you know him personally, don’t you dare mention this to him.
Again, sorry for the super long post on your blog, but I would love for this to get around to as many people as possible.

Ok I hope you feel loved and thanks for reading. Have a nice day/night.

Just in case anyone was curious as to what my background is because obviously you all want to know this (not)