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This beautiful @passiontreevelvet gourmet eclair selection so lovingly photographed by @taramilktea has got me with love heart eyes 😍

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The whole Olicity scene was just so lovingly done. Not to be crass, but THERE WAS TONGUE!!! If he wasn't married, I'd say, "JFC! That shit felt real."

It felt so real that I almost averted my eyes and then I was like fuck it I waited forever for this and then I stared right at that shit.

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How would Spain, Romano and Britain react to their s/o thanking them for not only being a wonderful boyfriend, but being their best friend. Also saying how they took away their loneliness because they connected with them so well. Haha sorry this is a cheesy :p

((It’s okay honey, we all need a little cheese every now and then ;).))

Spain- You wouldn’t be able to finish your sentence, he would have his arms around you, squeezing you a little too hard, so lovingly and protectively. “You’re too cute! I’m so happy you feel that way.” He would be chucking into your hair, not mockingly, much more merrily so. He would be then going on for a while how much you deserve this, and how lucky he is that he gets to be with you so much, because, which he wouldn’t be incredibly quick to admit, you have the same effect on him.

Romano- All the way through your little confession, his face would be bright red, wanting to interrupt you, but not having the heart to, he could see how much meaning and thought were put into those words, so he listened to you very attentively. “Tch, i'ts…i'ts not like you have to thank me! No! I mean…thank you, but…ah…i’m your boyfriend okay? I love you and you don’t have to say thank you, I should be the one.” His gaze averted from yours, not wanting you to see how red he went, or his teary eyes. He really appreciated your confession, but didn’t feel like he deserved it, since you were the one making him smile everyday.

England- He is a sucker for these sorts of things, he will cry his eyes out at this, for sure. He’s not the quickest one to tear up at heart-felt confessions, but this was something different. He remembered his utter loneliness and pain from when he was a child, how worthless he felt, how unwanted. And just thinking, how he was the one who could eliminate someone’s pain just by being with them, it was melt him. He had have his face buried in your chest, trying to conceal the tears that streamed down his face. “I’m….I’m glad you told me that, I love you too, so much, love.”


since Hijikata was absent, the rest of the shinsengumi captains plus Kazama sang his part during the love medley. they were singing it so lovingly my chest started to hurt

oh i helped Shogo with his wig, idk why but the onis did not have their wigs yet

I'm not a feminist

And that’s okay. Do I like sexism? No. Fuck no. But do I put guys down for it? Hell fucking no. But to all my followers who are feminists. Be you. You do what you want. I’m not a feminist because I don’t like the image and stereotyping they get. I know most of you just wanna fight for women’s rights and not put men down. But I’m not a feminist because of the feminists who do put men down. I fight for women’s and men’s rights. I am not anti feminist as some of you so “lovingly” like to spam my damn ask with. I am simply not a feminist. And that is fucking okay. Psa done.

i love cocky!barry when it comes to iris believing in him/the flash. like in the precinct when she’s lying to eddie about why she didn’t answer her phone, in the hospital when she forgets her coffee after talking to the flash, and when she’s talking about incredible the flash is to barry after they make up from their break up fight in 1x05. it makes the scene in 1x16 when he’s asking wells if iris still has those feelings all the more sadder because we see how happy he gets when iris talks about the flash so lovingly but she doesn’t know that’s him. then he gets a glimpse of how she feels about him as barry and she has no recollection she ever confessed those feelings out loud. 

okay hello hi, to the new followers who are sending me anons and I’m presuming it’s the new people considering I’ve never had such condescending vile anons in my whole entirety of being on tumblr - yes I CAN track you, and NO I won’t hesitate to expose you because I’m just so lovingly sweet like that 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Listen to your partner’s opinion of herself and then reflect not on how miserable sad or pathetic it is but how grateful you are to have have and be receptive to her perception of herself even if it’s not what you want to hear and you disagree on all levels and probably wouldn’t understand her if you tried and failed but tried to do so and thus lovingly gave an effort to sustain some happiness or bliss of romantic situations in the end and I mean in existence or life right now.
—  Aaron Michael Tate

Oh my god I just remembered something

…In high school, one of my awesome artist friends drew a full-page picture of Naruto and Sasuke making out, in the back of one of my yearbooks. Now that narusasu is my otp… oh my god I need to find that pictureeee… XD

…it’s like he knew future me would appreciate it… :0