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Ever since I got into astrology, I always find out what sign my crush is and check our compatibility. I'm a Sag based on the "new" signs – my original is Cap but its 95% inaccurate so I go by Sag. My compatibility ratings with any sign are mediocre at best, and I don't have a "perfect match", But I feel like I have strong feelings for them. Help? Also the most recent is an Aries (new)/Taurus (original). How would that work out? PS idc if u believe the new or original signs, trust me I'm 100% Sag

ophiuchus? more like nophiuchus

So I just got off the phone with my new manager, and…

I’m getting all of next week off?

Just because?

And it’s not even coming out of my vacation time?

Like they think it’s important I decompress and don’t start up a new job immediately after all the turmoil of my role/most of my old team being eliminated, and I’ll be starting during a really busy time of year, so they just want me to relax and not think about work at all.

I… I honestly don’t even know how to process this. I am so in shock. But really, REALLY happy. 

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Ever since I got into astrology, I always find out what sign my crush is and check our compatibility. I'm a Sag based on the "new" signs – my original is Cap but its 95% inaccurate so I go by Sag. My compatibility ratings with any sign are mediocre at best, and I don't have a "perfect match", But I feel like I have strong feelings for them. Help? Also the most recent is an Aries (new)/Taurus (original). How would that work out? PS idc if u believe the new or original signs, trust me I'm 100% Sag

I honestly wouldn’t advise to depend too strongly on compatibility, because (1) they might be more of their moon sign or they might just not resemble their sun sign ‘accurately’, and (2) both of your personalities (even if, for example, you’re both stubborn, or naturally argumentative etc) can end up working out - basically you can make anything work. Just go for it :)

Some of you fic writes put stuff out so fast and its gold. That’s talent. I can only write like a paragraph at a time. 

I also got an idea for a A/U richonne fic based on a song request for richonne’s songbook, I think I want to make it a multichapter fic, I was so excited I got side tracked and started it lol. 

But back to chapter five of Let Go Let Flow… 


OKAY. Well. I got an ask from double-dimension about color and shading, so I did a sort of visual answer, which then in turn got a bit mangled in the upload process, so here it is again.

So, I’ve been babysitting most of the day, and one of the girls wanted to draw with my ‘proper artist pencils’. So I drew her a quick, scruffy face just to show her how you’re supposed to hold them and be gentle with them. And then I said she could draw the hair, if she wanted, but she went another step forward and drew a body as well and

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Belly dancer au though...

i got so many things to go with this sorry if its all over the place

carla is a dancer for the royal ackerman house hold. she meets grisha, a traveling doctor who ends up staying in the kingdom, and has eren.

picture tiny toddler eren trying to dance like his momma, all giggly and wobbly.

anyways eren grows up and learns from his mother how to dance, carla brings eren with her to the royal house hold, getting permission for him to also join in the dancing.

enter prince levi getting a boner for eren and him trying to woo eren while falling in love with him.

with each other

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So today i told my boyfriend i wasent going to be able to buy a him something that i told him i would buy because i now have to make payments on a new car i bought so i could drive 5 hours to visit him but he got super mad at me saying i shouldn't make promises i cant keep and he thinks its all my fault and woludent even talk about it he just told me goodnight and hung up on FaceTime. I now feel like shit and i dont know what to do. Also is that normal for a guy to do or is it a bad sign? Help?

That’s a shitty boyfriend. The fact that you thought about buying him something should be enough, let alone the fact that you just got a new car in order to visit him. PLEASE don’t feel like shit. He’s the one that should feel like this, for being so selfish.

Hi guys! i am back! kinda, i have a final next week and june is going to be the death of me but i thought to give it a try again to tumblr so here i am! i missed you guys and i hope everything is ok with you! Are you guys also in finals? have i miss something huge? have you guys missed me? no? that’s cool

there haven’t been many updates on my life…yesterday i got a haircut

i have bangs now.

So yeah, i don’t know if i am better but i might be getting there, so i decided to try to comeback and see how it is goes for me here.

Anywhere, i hope you guys are doing great, i love you guys!

I’m not a popcorn snob so I just grabbed a couple bags of off-brand regular and white cheddar, but I did make sure to buy each person’s favorite movie candy and Jarritos soda flavors, so at least there’s that if the popcorn is terrible. The 80s next generation moviefest begins soon. :)


Inhale, Exhale.

Whatever you do, don’t lose your head.

You know I was going to draw more scenes from this chapter because it got overwhelmingly intense, yet the writing quality only got better as I kept reading.

This just took WAY longer than planned because I’m not very good at backgrounds, shadows, or perspective – all key elements in this picture – so I kinda gave up on drawing another scene. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow? I dunno.

THIS IS SO CUTE ITS KID!CAS AND KID!DEAN AND DEAN WAS BEAT UP FOR DEFENDING CAS THE WEIRD KID OMG MY HEART IS GOING TO IMPLODE (idk who made this I got it off an spn Instagram who said it wasn’t theirs also)


welcome to bukkitverse, a brand new minecraft server based entirely around your fandoms/communities!

how does this work?

well, bukkitverse uses factions to distinguish between fandoms. so let’s say you’re really into steven universe or gravity falls. you can join whichever faction you prefer, and participate in fandom activities. 

because of this, each fandom can have its own land region and territories, and can also ally/go to war with other fandoms. basically, everything is in your hands!

besides this, bukkitverse is mostly a survival server where you can have fun and make friends and enjoy yourself. we have a creative world for large builds you want to bring to life, and our rules are very loose. 

our IP is we hope to see you here!

nothing is exempt from resurrection (mad max/pacific rim au)

(As usual, instead of writing any of the prompts and requests I’ve got lined up, I get attached to a new fandom and go full steam ahead in it with AUs. My suggestion is that you go see Mad Max: Fury Road and have your mind blown and your emotions wrecked by like sixteen lines of dialogue. The title is from a poem called “Say Uncle” by Kay Ryan. I tried to keep it as close as possible with also some vague remembrance of the old movies too. This movie is still fresh in my mind and I listened to the soundtrack the entire time, but I did get sleepy and drifted off near the end oops. So yeah, in line with the post going around that talks about how drift compatible Max and Furiosa are in the movie, here’s a Pacific Rim AU no one asked for.)

nothing is exempt from resurrection

Furiosa is eight when the first kaiju descends onto San Francisco like a curse. She sits wide-eyed in front of the telly on the couch, bunched up next to her mother and grandmother, and watches without blinking as the news reports live feeds of the chaotic destruction. The monster tears through the city as planes rain bullets and missiles on its massive body, but nothing seems to stop it, not as it slices through the Golden Gate Bridge like it’s a cake or steps through buildings like they were just doors to be pushed open.

Her mouth hangs open as she clutches a blanket against her chest. She cannot look away; she cannot even blink. The sun rises before the kaiju is brought down, but she doesn’t feel tired. She doesn’t feel much of anything.

It’s only until her mother moves to turn off the television that Furiosa finally snaps out of the daze she’d fallen into. She peers up at the woman, the only parent she has ever known. Her mother is strong. She is unwavering yet unfailingly warm. Her mother never falters.

And yet the light-haired woman rubs at her mouth, her green eyes frantic, as she gapes out the window, looking in what Furiosa thinks is the direction of the US, in the direction of the kaiju. There is a strange look about her, an even stranger feel, one that Furiosa doesn’t recognize at first in her mother.

It’s fear.

Instead of getting her ready for school, as she normally would be doing at this hour, her mother leads her to her small bedroom and tucks her back into bed. Furiosa doesn’t know how she’s going to fall asleep, not with giant lizards running about in her mind, but her mother doesn’t take no for an answer.

“Mum,” Furiosa suddenly says when her mother is tugging the curtains back to darken the room. “I thought you said monsters weren’t real.”

That’s what her mother told her after she had a nightmare. Monsters don’t exist. They don’t live in your cupboard or under your bed. They don’t hide in the dark or in the woods. The only monsters, her mother said, weren’t really monsters at all, at least not the kind in the stories. They were bad people. Those were the real monsters. Except… Furiosa frowns as she turns the idea of the kaiju over in her head. That one certainly looked like a monster to her.

For what seems like hours, her mother doesn’t move, one hand still on the curtain, the other back to worrying at her mouth, like she’s hiding words behind her lips, things she can’t say just yet. Furiosa is only eight. She is a child. She shouldn’t have to worry about these things. She shouldn’t be scared. Her mother is never scared.

Monsters are real and they would come out from the deep of the ocean. She will be scared. (She will never be scared again.)


He stays away from the call of the ocean for as long as he can, sticks to the deserts of the land, where he feels is safest. Let the coast deal with the problem; let them figure out what to do. He’s got other things on his mind. Sure, he’s living in a continent that is literally sitting in the middle of an ocean of turmoil, but he’s not there and it’s not his problem. The kaiju are one thing, but life goes on. Not everyone’s world stopped revolving the day the first kaiju broke out of the water.

Many later though, of course, of course it does. The kaiju learn quickly and they leave no one untouched. No one will come out of this unscathed.

It’s his wife that suggests joining the PPDC. She cares too much about what is going on in the world, thinks that they need to make a difference in the world, especially with a little one along the way. He can’t look at her swollen belly without picturing a world in which his daughter will grow up constantly fearing for her life. Will she ever know a world in which kaiju don’t exist and haunt the coastlines of the Pacific?

“You’re a cop,” his wife tells him, a tired smile on her face. He’s not a great cop, has a bad habit of finding himself in deep water more often than not, which she seems to think is the perfect reason why he should sign up for the Jaeger Program. “Protecting is in your blood. And apparently they need people with thick heads.”

He thinks about asking her to move somewhere, anywhere but near the coast. He thinks about leaving the country, about flying to Europe maybe or even the States, just somewhere that is far inland and away from the Pacific Ocean. He thinks about telling her that he’s afraid, not only for himself, but for her and their child. He thinks about admitting that he doesn’t know if he can protect anyone from this.

Instead he signs up for the Jaegar Program in the PPDC and finds himself in an academy once more, learning how to fight monsters with monsters.

I’ll protect them, he promises the ocean as the unflinching sun glares down on him, or I’ll die trying.


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Gave this its own post cause the other was getting long but I feel like this is important so here we go:

Ran does have character development, albeit a slower progression (and completely different) than Conan (she’s more controlled than she used to be, she’s clearly more desensitized to murder scenes, she’s getting tired of Shinichi’s lies etc.) the thing here is that we’ve got a main character that is forced to make an incredible shift. He has to adopt an entire persona (which has also grown) as well as basically face the music that he’s been kicked off a pedestal and is basically eating dirt. This particular hero’s journey is Conan’s redemption story, in that he falls in the beginning of the series and will eventually conquer what made him fall in the first place (this includes the literal as well as the metaphorical or him conquering his past ego-centricity etc. etc.)

Ran’s character development is something focused on a more natural progression. She’s going from a girl to a woman–or really she’s becoming an adult. This is shown in several ways throughout the series, from her interactions with the younger characters (Conan included) to the way she interacts and forms relationships with other people she can look up to (see: Yui). It’s a different kind of character development, the kind that’s less like “drastic changes” that you’ll see in characters like Haibara or Conan due to their circumstances, but nevertheless it is important. If only because it’s a symbolic and constant reminder that, as Conan goes through his redemption story, Ran continues to grow up (this is especially poignant in the bomb special where she’s taking a test, though Conan does not dwell on it personally) and leave Shinichi behind. Ultimately, if she does not become involved with the plot with her knowledge, that’s how her character development will end.

With her moving on and leaving Shinichi behind.

genie aiko a lame cuz she got me singing “gotta eat the booty like groceries” out loud but i cant help it yet…its also a sin so idk why she had to go and make something sound so catchy