The Firelord’s real name has been confirmed! I created the name “Honora” because I was tired of calling her “Zuko’s Daughter” then it became a popular fan name for 3 years. (Thanks, fandom!)

All hail Firelord Izumi!

whilst everyone’s getting pumped for season 5, I think we need to remember a couple of things

  • don’t forget lady stoneheart. don’t forget that the show runners actively decided to cut one of the most powerful character arcs of the book and force her, instead, into the nagging mother stereotype
  • don’t forget arianne martell. don’t forget that it looks like the show runners actively decided to cut a powerful, feminine, kick ass woman of colour, who was next in the line of succession
  • don’t forget that her storyline was all about liberating myrcella and crowning her under dornish law, where women have the same inheritance rights as men, and aren’t passed over in favour of their younger male siblings. don’t forget that her entire storyline focused on females empowering other females.
  • don’t forget that it looks like they’re giving that same storyline to her younger male sibling, who they have gone out of their way to age up so he fits the role, and the story will now probably be “dashing young prince-to-be kidnaps damsel in distress”
  • don’t forget the jamie/cersei rape scene. don’t forget that the show runners actively made the decision to change the story and make that scene include rape.
  • don’t forget that mance rayder had a wife called dalla, and that she had a sister called val and that they were both important leading characters in jon’s story. don’t forget that the show runners actively made the decision to cut them out.
  • don’t forget the totally unnecessary changes to bran’s storyline. don’t forget the fact that rape and abuse just became part of the background set for most of those scenes. don’t forget that the show runners were on set, actively deciding that those scenes needed a little more male on female violence in the background.
  • don’t forget that natalia tena wanted osha to have a pubic wig because when the fuck would a wildling women shave her vagina and the show runners actively told her that wasn’t allowed.
  • don’t forget that they created a female character just to serve as a frequently nude prostitute, and that when the actress, esme bianco, refused to do any more nude scenes, the show runners fired her
  • don’t forget that she was then killed off in the most sexually violent, brutal, and demeaning way possible
  • don’t forget chataya and alayaya, a mother and daughter who were strong, sexual, and unashamedly so, and ran their own brothel. don’t forget that the show runners cut them out, too. don’t forget that the show runners have no problem with sex and prostitution so long as it’s on a man’s terms, and as soon as women are making the decisions, they don’t like it.
  • don’t forget that this show we love and watch and support perpetually goes out of its way to instigate violence against women, to take away their agency, their character, their rights, and their abilities. don’t forget that the show runners consciously make the decisions to demean women and use them as a way to dress the set. don’t forget that they take stories from women and give them to the men. don’t forget that they do not support and respect women the way we support and respect their show.

*you look up ‘patronizing’ in the dictionary and instead of a definition there’s a picture of north dakota*

I had a dream that I was punching the shit out of this creepy guy like I grabbed him by his mouth and fucking smashed him into a wall and roundhouse kicked him through a window I WAS SO POWERFUL.

And then I woke up with a panic attack. WHY? WHY BRAIN? That was fucking awesome not scary. I don’t understand why I’d panic, I was like Titan!Eren unleashing justice-thirsty rage. I don’t??? No fun allowed, thank you brain.

First selfie in like 1 year where I have put 0 effort into my appearance. Dis is the natural Seba y’all

anonymous said:

Why you hate Sollux so much? you never draw him:( I think that the ones that you draw more is everybody but him

((because obviously I hate every single character I don’t draw everyday which would actually mean most of them?)) nah I like Sollux, I just don’t draw most of the trolls that often in general except my fav ones (Karkat, Terezi, Kanaya, Vriska, Nepeta etc)

Anon:You should draw eridan or davekat (or both) sometime soon cus i love your art style, especially for tho 2 things. Plus we hardly ever see you draw eridan.

tbh I’m gonna draw them when I feel like it, no offense but sometimes people don’t seem to understand I don’t have to be constantly drawing whatever people think I /should/ be drawing, especially not “”sometimes soon”” because I have a really long to-do-list


 Los Angeles: S’mores, Champagne & The End of the Road


Because natural progression dictates Zoe and Charlie go on to basically become the wrock Leslie and Ben. It’s just science.

Bonus (because too good not to):




i like to bring a little weird internet with me to all of my internet spaces.

You know what I was just thinking? Does Rumple even know about Hook’s ship and the sacrifice he made? I mean… the dagger and the Jolly. Two things that sort of define those two men. And one gave his up with no question for his love, because it was the right thing to do. Even when there was no guarantee it would reunite him with her.

And the other is still lying about his, even though he swore to honor his dead son’s memory and do so. I know that wasn’t the point of the latest episode. It was all manipulation from Rumple to get Hook to do his bidding. And it’s not like we can expect Rumple to just decide to change and do it perfectly right away. He’s got a long way to go, I get it. I’m actually going to enjoy watching this unravel and then watch him try and piece things back together. I’m not trying to say ohhhh your villain is worse than my villain b/c I’m actually very excited for Rumple’s storyline.

My point is…is that Hook HAS changed. That was the entire point of 3b and his flashback to the year without Emma. “You think you can go back to your old life but, you can’t.” — He tried and he couldn’t do it. He made the decision to be selfish and kill BB and take his ship back and it HAUNTED him to the point where he gave the most heartfelt apology we have ever seen from him. “I’m so sorry, Ariel.” 

The writers aren’t trying to show us that Killian hasn’t changed, like some people in this fandom would like you to believe. They aren’t trying to show us that he’s an “asshole”. They’re trying to show us that between Rumple and Hook, one person has changed GREATLY and the other hasn’t. That Rumple is manipulating a man who has changed but has severe insecurities about his place among the heroes and at Emma’s side. It was the introduction to Killian’s arc this season, his struggle between knowing he’s a hero and being able to admit that to himself. Did he backslide in this episode? Absolutely. He made the decision to blackmail, lie and then go along with Rumple’s plan to get himself out of it. But in future episodes I think we’re really going to see how heavy the weight of those decisions sits on his conscience and he will eventually come clean b/c once again, it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

so i’m finally scanning in this dumb comic i made last semester because i need it for junior review, but tbh these were like the only panels i ended up liking because i don’t know how to ink traditionally and everything looks terrible because of it lmaoooo

anyway, it’s about a mermaid who lost her necklace to some pirates and her lovely thief of a gf surprises her by stealing it back and she nearly drowns in the process…..



and then repeat


(And, as a personal favour to me, if you have less than 5 nominees please also click Lucy Liu and Johny Lee Miller in Elementary because our fandom is tiny kthanksloveyoubye)

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Can you write me some fluff about Bellamy letting Clarke paint onhis back?

"What are you drawing?" Bellamy asked as he turned his head to try and get a glimpse of his back over his shoulder.

Clarke pushed his face a little to get him to look forward again, smearing a bit of excess paint onto his cheek by accident as she did so. “Hold still. It’s not like you can see your own back anyways.”

"Exactly. You could be painting anything," he pointed out and a small smirk formed on his lips as he teased, "What? Are you drawing a big sign that says ‘Property of Clarke Griffin’? Or maybe ‘If found, return to Princess’?  Somehow I don’t think that would make good war paint."

The entire camp was filled with energy and anticipation of the fight to come and many had started to draw war paint onto their faces and chests. Bellamy, on the other hand, had agreed to let Clarke do his paint for him. When he’d agreed, he hadn’t been expecting that she was planning on painting on his back, but he wasn’t going to stop her.

"You wish," Clarke muttered. "But no."

Bellamy was starting to get a little impatient as she walked around to face his front so that she could paint across his chest. But as she began again, his curiosity was peaked and he ducked his head down to watch her as she concentrated on her work.

At first he couldn’t tell watch she was doing, but he eventually realized that she was painting surprisingly detailed looking body armour onto his chest. Clarke’s inner artist had let loose, resulting in him having war paint that seemed to be inducing a fair bit of jealousy in the others, whose own paint jobs were much more basic.

As she finished painting the armour vest, Clarke realized that Bellamy’s war-paint had gathered quite a bit of attention from the rest of the camp and there were a few people who had just stopped altogether to watch her work.

She wasn’t done yet though. She thought his arms looked a little bare, so she switched to some black paint and drew a few swirling lines along his arms, making it appear as if they had tattoos curling down their lengths.

She took a step back to admire her handiwork, along with her canvas. She decided that she was almost done, but she still had one last touch to add to her artwork.

"Give me your hand," she told him.

He stuck it out obediently and she quickly painted the finishing touch onto the back of his hand.

"I like the armour," he told her. "But I’m not sure how effective the tiara is at making me look tough."

Clarke smiled a little to herself as she set down her paint.

"I thought you wanted to be marked as my property."

Imagine Sasuke waking up from a nightmare of losing Naruto and almost jumping off the bed from relief when he realises it’s just a dream.

I want him to slip back silently, tucking himself in before moving onto his side and spend an hour watching Naruto sleep. I want him to revel in how this wonderful wonderful creature was born to be his. I want him to be thankful for every breath he took, and every beat of his heart. I want him to trace the contours of Naruto’s face with a soft gaze, questioning why would a man so magnificent would ever be destined to meet him, and grateful that he didn’t run away when he saw how ugly and damaged Sasuke’s soul was.

I want him to wonder if maybe Naruto’s made out of magic.

I want his heart to swell with thoughts of he fought for me, for me, for me and I want him to kiss his closed eyelids, and linger on the skin there until Naruto fidgets in his sleep.

I want him to panic because he knows that any second Naruto could be taken away from him, without knowing exactly how much he means to him. I want him to start shaking Naruto slightly, “Naruto, Naruto, wake up. There’s something I need to tell you.”

and Naruto would stifle a groan and rub his eyes but oblige, saying, “What the hell is so important in this goddamn forsaken hour?!”

I want Sasuke to blurt it out, “I love you,” and Naruto to freeze for a second but then smile, so radiant that Sasuke thinks, ah there’s the sun again.

I want Naruto to reply with a gentle kiss and a, “I know,” and Sasuke twitching because no. No, Naruto can’t know. Can’t imagine how much he loves him, how much he means to him, how can he, when Sasuke can’t explain it himself. I want him to add a desperate, “A lot.” and Naruto breathing a small laugh as he says, “I know, Sasuke. I love you just as much, even more.”

I want Sasuke to cup his face and stare at him seriously. I want him to say, “Don’t ever use it against me, Naruto. Don’t ever use it to destroy me.” and Naruto being shocked, “What- I mean, how can I ever do that—”

I want Sasuke to hush him, and tell him, “Let’s go back to sleep.” and Naruto not questioning what just happened because he learned to never probe the strange workings of Sasuke’s mind. I want Naruto to whisper, “Thank you for telling me.” and for Sasuke to squeeze his hand. Then I want them both to slip right back to sleep with a smile on their faces.

I want them to be happy.