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drew this back in july when i got really tired of painting

i’ve already accomplished my goal: finish the lineart


Oh should my people fall then, surely I’ll do the same

And I’ll hope that you’ll remember me

“I’m very happy with these two episodes, although when you end part one with Scully saying, ‘This is my child!’, where do you go from there?” he asks. “I had a feeling, I think we all did, that we were doing something dangerous as far as writing ourselves into a corner. Part two was very good as well, and we did the best we could with that situation. But you can’t just drop a child into The X Files. You can’t suddenly make Scully a mom and have her investigating crimes while taking care of this young child. So we had to get rid of the child, and we got in a lot of trouble for that with viewers. Some hated it. I don’t blame them. Everyone loves Scully, and we have put her through a lot in the past few seasons, not because we WANTED to torture her, but because Gillian’s such a wonderful actress. We wanted to give her some great stuff to play. Christmas Carol and Emily were meant to be heart-breaking.”

Vince Gilligan, Sci-Fi TV, December 1998


The best of Karen and Arthur’s banter from The Big Bang DVD commentary