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Have you ever thought about having Skookum be some kind of therapy dog? He brings so much happiness to people on the internet, I bet people irl would love the chance to pet him and see his smiling face too. :)

That’s a cool idea, thanks! That would be awesome if it worked out. I know that harvarddangerfield is a therapy Samoyed and does an awesome job helping people. I guess Skookum seems a little antsy, still, which we thought he would grow out of but he has a nervous energy sometimes that might not be great. But if it was in a retirement home or something maybe it would be good to bring a little energy in, who knows? Maybe I’ll bring him to see my 101 year old grandfather sometime and see how it goes! I mean, it would be hard not to smile with this fluffybutton around :)

Also I love your idea of Samoyed rescue that you mentioned on the previous post - for people who are ready for a dog and know that they want a Samoyed, there might be a perfect buddy for you already out there! It might be hard to skip the puppy stage, but on the flip side you will have a good sense of their temperament which is GREAT to know before deciding on a dog. Here is a link to the National Samoyed Rescue if anyone is interested!

i love all these guys so much thank you for making this house show 100% worth it. another huge thank you to ellis and madi for putting it all together and helping me out when i thought i might die [becky heef, the eternal worrier]. and an even bigger thank you to william beckett for putting up with the HELL that is london to hang out with us last night. it was a very special little night indeed. 

((while i start working on asks again…

if you look at the blog, you will notice i’ve added a donation button to the blog. this is normally not a thing i’d consider, but, as you might have heard from my personal updates, i had to quit my job. i’ve yet to find employment elsewhere. now, i’m good to pay my bills for about 8 or 9 months, so long as no emergencies pop up… however, if you’re feeling generous, i would appreciate it. i am also in the process of figuring out how i’d like to open up paid commissions, so that’s something else to consider. again, not a thing i bring up lightly as i hate asking for help, but i thought i’d give it a shot.

i will reopen the inbox as soon as i’m caught up. thank you, everyone, for being awesome people. hope you’re recovering from the great flannel wars. -bs))

He t r i e d to commit suicide.

He actually almost did it, this was my biggest fear the past few days and it’s so scary like if he couldn’t have stopped himself, we might not have Matthew here anymore, just the thought of it is so scary. and it’s sad that he has to feel so alone even though he isn’t. I’m so glad he decided to seek professional help. He’s gonna get through it.

Tales of Dikuda - ep.6 Tournament

"I’m serious, Ryahno! There may be a possibility that Dikuda has an infestation of rats!" Uuzoo said desperately to her commander, in hopes that the authorities would listen. Ryahno didn’t turn back to look at the snake, but simply stood in place.

Uuzoo waited patiently. She can feel that Ryahno wanted to say something, but is having a hard time to form the right words to say. The snake thought that it might help to give the woman a bit of a push, so she explained her three weird encounters with rats. And after her explanation, she asked the rat dragon again: “Is there something I need to know about Dikuda and… rats?”

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Why psychology?

I really wanted to get into animal training, so I thought that might help. But also I REALLY liked the subject and it came easy to me. I think people and the way the act and treat each other is absolutely fascinating.

arriku said: Wait what did jk Rowling really say thAT

tbh I’m not sure if it’s true or made up by Dramione fangirls but apparently there was an interview of JK saying this: 

“”Draco Malfoy had feelings for
Hermione throughout the Series, ever
since he laid eyes on her, however he was unable to show his feelings due to
Hermione’s Muggle-Born heritage”

I considered for a long time a romance
between Hermione and Draco. They’re both strong-minded people and
Hermione could have helped pull Draco
towards the light - been his saving
grace. However, in the end, I thought it
was too much of a plot twist and
decided that Ron was her best match.”

But it might just be made up by shippers x( I can’t find the interview so I feel like it was just a headcanon lol.

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Hey, Jed, why don't go somewhere out with Oct?

They’ve got a week and a half to finish this stupid project.Jedediah hasn’t even started to read the book, and he’s certainly not about to.

And he needs Octy’s help.

Octavius picks up on the second try, third ring. But Jedediah isn’t counting.

“Jedediah,” he greets, stiffly.

“Hey, Octy.” Jedediah coughs. “I, uh.”

“What do you want?”

“Why do I gotta want something?” Jedediah snorts. “Maybe I was just callin’ to say hi.”

“You weren’t.”

“I wasn’t.”

“So, what do you want?”

“Well.” Jedediah rubs his neck. “I was wonderin’ if you… I mean, I’m free this weekend, so. I just thought you might like to.” He stops, considering just hanging up the phone.

“To what?” Octavius prompts, and Jedediah can’t tell if he’s genuinely curious or taking the piss.

“To go out sometime. Saturday, maybe.”

“Go out?” Octavius repeats.

“I mean, like, have lunch somewhere. Or you could come over. Or something.”

The project. He’s doing this for the project.

“But, I mean, if you’re busy with Lance or something,” he adds, hurriedly. “That’s fine. I just thought that.”

“You thought that what?”

Jedediah lets out a heavy breath into the microphone.

“I miss you.”

Octavius doesn’t say anything.

“Sorry, I- you’re probably busy,” he says, and oh shit Octy hates him he’s ruined it Octy’s never going to talk to him again how can he have fucked it up this badly-

“Are you free tomorrow night?”


“We could go out and have dinner somewhere. Maybe bring some work to do. I’m sure you haven’t done a single one of Ms. Orsay’s worksheets.”

Impossibly, Jedediah laughs.

“Yeah- no, no, I haven’t.”

“I know a place that does really good Italian food. I’ll give you the address- meet me there at, what, six?”

“Sure.” Jedediah can’t stop the smile from smashing out every other possible expression from his face as he clutches the cell phone to his face. “You’re- you’re sure Lance won’t mind?”

“Mind? Why would Lancelot care?”

Jedediah blinks. For being boyfriends, that’s a pretty formal thing to call him. “No reason,” he says, casually.

“I’ll give you the address in a minute,” Octavius says, and then-

Did he just hang up?

Jedediah stares at his phone for a good three seconds before it lights up again, this time with a text. It’s the address to whatever restaurant Octy had been talking about.

He shuts his phone off and stuffs it into his pocket.


Lancelot is always easy to find.

Jedediah doesn’t even have to try. He slips into the dressing room in the back of the school theater and finds him practicing lines in front of the mirror.

“To die…” Lancelot whispers, closing his eyes. He waits for a second or two before opening them dramatically and flinging a hand in the air, shouting, “to sleep!”

Jedediah leans against the door and waits.

“To sleep, perchance… to dream.” Lancelot runs a hand across his face. “Ay, there’s the rub- for in that sleep… of death! What dreams?”

He twists his neck and looks directly in the mirror.

“May come.”

Jedediah claps, loudly. Lancelot jumps in surprise, twisting his entire body around to face him.

“Fine show, boi,” Jedediah praises.

Lancelot glows with pride. “Why, thank you. I’m auditioning tomorrow and there was a selection of monologues for the men; but I think that one suits me best, no?”

“Sure it does, sure.” Jedediah shrugs. “Hey, Lance, I wanted t’ask you something.”

“Anything, of course.” Lancelot bows deeply.

“Uh, the bow’s not really, um.”

“Part of the character,” Lancelot explains. “I must stay in character until my audition- so that the emotions are still raw in my mind- you understand?”

“Sure thing.” Jedediah resists the urge to laugh. “So, anyway. I wanted to ask you about- I mean, since you’re dating Octavius, an’ all-”

Lancelot narrows his eyes. “Octavius,” he repeats, slowly. “What about him?”

“Well, I mean. You two are dating,” Jedediah says, shrugging. “And I thought-”

“Oh!” Lancelot nods. “Yes, of course. Yes, no, of course we are.”

“You… are dating, aren’t you?”

“I just said we were.” Lancelot fidgets with the edge of his sweater. “So we are. I wouldn’t have said we were if we weren’t; I’d only have said we were if we were. Which we are. So we are, yes.”

“Lance,” Jedediah says, voice low and teasing.

“All right, we aren’t!” Lance falls down into a chair by the mirror, breathing heavily. “None of the girls would date me and I needed- and I knew he liked boys, so I thought he’d be the best choice-”

“Needed?” Jedediah frowns. “Needed what?”

“Gwen,” Lancelot sighs.

“Gwen?” Jedediah wrinkles his nose. Lancelot doesn’t appear to notice.

“But she’s dating Arthur. And I thought that- well. Maybe if I was dating someone else, she’d get jealous and come after me.”

“So you’re not… actually dating Octy.”

Lancelot frowns, evidently a little miffed. “That wasn’t the point of my story.” He crosses his arms. “I am dating him, technically. But we don’t do… date things.”

“Oh,” Jedediah says, shortly. “Right.”

“You were going to ask me something, though,” Lancelot presses, eager to change the subject. “Something about Octavius?”

“No, no, it’s, uh. Nothing.” Jedediah shakes his head. “Good luck with the audition thing tomorrow.”

“Ah, yes,” Lancelot purrs, standing again and pressing a hand to his chest. “Where was I? Oh, right.” He clears his throat. “Whether it is nobler. In the mind’s eye, to suffer?”

Jedediah slips out the door just in time to spare himself from having to hear Lancelot hiss the slings and arrows and races out through the theater room into the hallway. He almost runs into the wall, but stops just short before flipping around, slamming his back into it, and sliding down until he’s seated on the floor, knees tucked up.

Lancelot and Octavius aren’t dating. Octavius isn’t dating Lancelot. They aren’t going on dates. They probably weren’t even going to go out to that play in the first place.

Why can’t he stop thinking about this?

He splays his fingers across his face, unable to keep the shit-eating grin off his face because Octavius isn’t dating anyone.

tie-dye/galaxy donuts

i have so many messages asking me how i made these
i work at a coffee place so i already had the donuts & fondant. it’s just fondant heated up and then i put literally one or two drops of colour(s) in the bowl with the fondant and swirl it around with a knife lol. it looks so much harder than what it is. fondant is key though because it hardens so smooth. 

these might be helpful for you,
^ this is the closest i found for you guys. except instead of making a line pattern i just swirled it around.
^ it’s glaze but it still looks pretty cool! more do-able than fondant for most.

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I have a question for you, if you don't mind answering! It's about tagging. What does the 'getting together' tag means? It's just that unless the author states so (eg established relationship, open ending, etc), for me all fics are about the characters getting together. But then I thought that maybe it's used when they get together in the middle of the fic? Idk... I hope you as an author could help me understand this better! Ty ty.

Aaah, it’s really up to the author? It’s kind of a vague tag, I know, especially when most romance-oriented fics the plotline revolves around the characters getting together anyways. I tend to tag it if for any reason the summary or the other tags make it seem like the characters ?might? not end up together, so it’s like a reassuring thing, like hey! they’re getting together! It’s gonna be okay! 

I’ve also used it to denote like the difference between a meet-cute that is just a meet cute, and a fic where they do decide to start a relationship. There could be like a “defining the relationship” conversation they have, or maybe the characters are moving from a friends with benefits or fuckbuddies type situation and into a romantic relationship. 

(I went back and looked at what fics I have tagged “getting together” vs fics that I don’t tag it… I really don’t know, actually. Theoretically by this definition I should tag more things this way, but .. I haven’t. 

Oh, I figured it out. I’m more likely to tag this on short pieces. I don’t know why.) 

TL;DR; I don’t think it’s a tag that people actively think about using, (whereas for certain tropes, like I don’t ever recall seeing a college au not tagged college au.), but it’s safe to say if someone has tagged “getting together” they wanted to make it a point to make it clear to the reader that this is what’s gonna happen. 

† follow for more uplifting words †

So earlier today I came back from my psychiatrist session to help cope with my mixed features bipolar disorder & night terrors and I expected the usual “ Sleep on your side “, “ Listen to calming music before bed “ or “ Eat healthier food “ things like other psychiatrists tell me but instead she told me something different

I thought I’d share it in case it can help with anyone with these problems too!

It might be a little complicated due to me not being that fantastic at English and now this tactic works, I apologize in advance.

She told me to split stuff into two; Negative and Positive

then split those two into two of each; Active and Passive

Negative: Negative things { Sadness, Depression, Anger, etc. }

Positive: Positive things { Excitement, Mania, Happiness, etc }

Active: Action { What you do based on what you’re feeling }

Passive: Emotion { What you’re feeling }

She told me to draw the night terror that kept haunting my nightmares and appearing in hallucinations. She told me to put him in the Negative ; Active section and draw the other three things that immediately came into mind to personify Negative ; Passive, Positive ; Active and Positive ; Passive

So I did and ( For those who don’t know these characters, I’ll use them as examples )

Vendetta, is in the Positive ; Active section. Why? It is because for me, whenever I draw him I am happy. I can’t just think about him and instantly be happy, I have to draw him or roleplay as in. That counts as action.

Mahogany is in the Positive ; Passive section because I don’t need to draw her to instantly be happy. Thinking about how strong she still is after all she’s been through is enough. That counts as emotion.

Vincent is in the Negative ; Active section. He is the reason for all of this and I don’t want to think of him, at all. I want to forget about him but that doesn’t work. He keeps constantly coming back and manages to make me feel scared through nightmares and hallucinations. Counts as action.

Miss Mahogany is in the Negative ; Passive section. A lot of people expected her to be in the positive section up above but whenever I start getting sad, she comes along. It’s like she’s there to help me let it all out without drawing or doing anything. Counts as emotion.

My psychiatrist then told me to make a story with these four. I asked her how this would work and why simply trying to push them behind and forgetting them wouldn’t work. She replied; 

“ Your fear has invaded your nightmares, become a night terror and is now a hallucination when you tried to forget him. He’s becoming worst the more you push him away, so, to ward him off you do the opposite. Interact with him with new guardians you can make. “

The guardian here being Vendetta ( Positive ; Active ). -but why make the other two when you can just have Vendetta, right? I asked her that and she said;

“ Without emotion there would be no action. If you weren’t feeling anything, you wouldn’t do anything. Something must be there to trigger his presence and your night terror is not enough. “

So that is why the Passive side is necessary.

Everytime I’m sad, I will always try to make myself happy, and that counts as an action so I can move from Negative ; Passive to Positive ; Active. The actives are never the starters, the passives are. The passives are there to trigger the presence of either one of the actives. That’s why they are necessary.

In the story she asked me to make, I made it that Positive ; Passive was manipulated by Negative ; Active meanwhile Positive ; Active is in a relationship with Negative ; Passive. They’re all on the polar opposites so it works.

So if the hallucinations ever appear, he will know that there will be people there to call someone to come and stop him. 

TLDR ; Create characters and a story to try and cope with your nightmares. If it helps, when my psychiatrist told me this and I was thinking of the story on my way home, I heard that dark voice at the back of my head scream “ No “ many times and just knew he was scared.

Might sound silly, but it’s worth a try. I just have a feeling this is a fun and interesting way to cope with this.

The Dawn Will Come
  • The Dawn Will Come
  • Greg Ellis
  • Dragon Age Inquisition

Cullen’s isolated vocals in “The Dawn Will Come” that Greg Ellis posted back around Christmas. 

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I can't stop sobbing and I'm in school right now, I think your thoughts might actually help me out, if you wanted to share.

A lot of people are asking, so I guess it’s okay to share.

I think that Zayn already planned to leave the band, but he was supposed to finish the first leg of the OTRA tour and Dubai would have been his goodbye show.

It’s looking to me that the zerrie stunt may have set him off.

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Heh, I wonder if you'd be interested - if enough people were interested - in you reopening this blog commercially. Say, set a price per update (actual story progress update, not just filler). People join a patreon dedicated to it. Month passes, enough money for 2 updates flow in, you draw 2 updates, surplus money passes over to the next month. Would people be interested in funding such a patreon too?

Oh man. You have no idea how flattering and tempting that is. I would be lying if I said I didn’t consider doing something like that in the past to help motivate me and well, gain some money in the process. But I thought about it a lot like a looooot. And I just really don’t see myself doing any sort of pony related material and that includes this blog. So yeah. I’m sorry but I MIGHT REGRET THIS! LIKE WOAH. But yeah- 

BUT HEY! A NEW SEASON OF MLP IS COMING (for what I heard idk) so you know what this means. Shit ton of new fan content! I swear you will forget about LAD right away.

If not. Well, we will always have Paris.

Anyways. This seems like a nice moment to officially end this “chatting with the followers thing” so I’ll be on my way.But first : THANK YOU GUYS! Seriously thank you guys for everything! This blog reached over 26000FUCKINGFOLLOWERS!!! I SWEAR I’LL NEVER MAKE ANYTHING AS SUCCESSFUL AS THIS EVER AGAIN! But you know how this is. One has to move on and everything. I just want to thank you all for the amazing support and love.

I swear this goodbye sounds a bit underwhelming with how important this blog was to me. But I suck with words okay? I’ll make sure to draw a proper goodbye later on. Just bug me about it on my art blog.

See ya around, Blog. I’ll remember you all in therapy.

PS: Sorry for all the spam. LAD hasnt update this much since ever but everything was freaking boring text. How lame is that?