My favorite part of [voicing Darth Maul for Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out] had to be that "I’m So Awesome" song, of course. But I’ve done these Star Wars jobs for awhile now, and I’m a Star Wars fan, so I daresay I know Star Wars pretty well. So to be able to kind of poke fun at it is a good time, especially when you don’t really go too far with it. I have tremendous respect for George Lucas and Star Wars, but yeah, to take a not so serious approach to it is definitely a rare opportunity. - Sam Witwer [x]

The Fox and the Hound Wolf

a tale of not-so-little Red and his big bad Werewolf


makoto and haru may move apart, but their relationship can brave anything

just a tiny part of something i wanna finish!

I was looking at the destiel hug from 9x21 and it was bugging me because it reminded me of something


then it hit me, becuse look:


This is Jensen trying to stop himself for crying. And for me the look on Dean’s face when Cas is hugging him is pretty similar. 

I’m not saying it means something, I just wanted put the two things together


August Book Photo Challenge / Day 15: Bookstore

This is part of the awesome YA section at Kinokuniya, which I visited during my mini Sydney trip last year.

drive me crazy; a clusterfuck of songs for that one person that just drives you crazy

LISTEN 001. if i didn’t know better (radio mix) - clare bowen & sam palladio // 002. no you girls - franz ferdinand // 003. paris (ooh la la) - grace potter & the nocturnals // 004. hysteria - muse // 005. islands - the xx // 006. i want you (she’s so heavy) - the beatles // 007. oh my! (feat. b.o.b.) - haley reinhart // 008. your surrender - neon trees // 009. bad romance - lady gaga // 010. madness -muse // 011. heart skipped a beat - the xx // 012. never gonna leave this bed - maroon 5 // 013. lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - panic! at the disco // 014. strange and beautiful (i’ll put a spell on you) - aqualung // 015. sweeter - gavin degraw // 016. all to myself - marianas trench // 017. poison & wine - the civil wars // 018. please don’t go - mike posner // 019. no one does it better - you me at six // 020. mercy - duffy // 021. drive me - phillip phillips // 022. out on the town - fun. // 023. burning desire - lana del rey // 024. kiss me again (stuttering) - ben’s brother // 025. all around me - flyleaf // 026. still young - neon trees // 027. ignition (remix) - r. kelly // 028. cooler than me - mike posner // 029. if i didn’t know better (original version) - clare bowen & sam palladio

ok because apparently i’m a sucker for needed confrontations between characters that later will culminate on amazing development not only for the individual parts, but also making a relationship/dynamic even more enjoyable and pleasant to my tastes, i’m gonna vent some thoughts on the fine example that was makoto and haru’s conflict on the last episode;

first of all; their conflict wasn’t them breaking apart; their conflict wasn’t kyoani ‘not knowing how to write their own characters’ and it definitely wasn’t ‘the sinking’ of makoharu as a ship or even the ‘death’ of their bond. much simpler than all of these ~tragic scenarios people have been making a fuss about on the past days, it was a simple and natural phenomenon called growing up. (this is just it. it’s them growing up, and all of the process will bring them back even stronger than before - even with the possibility of physical distance or changes on their routine. this process will culminate on a beautiful reassurance and it honestly makes me sad to see some people can’t even understand and appreciate the beauty of their own ship taking a step towards this amazing development.) this is them going through a much needed growth, that may have came late - that”s precisely why the events played the way they did - for them as a unit but damn i’m so glad it came.

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  • Yongguk & Jongup promised to reveal their abs if they win the rookie award. Himchan and Daehyun did aegyo (Cr: @suhyunii via. @ProtectBAPSG)
  • Daehyun did the impression of Madam Jung from Gag concert again. Zelo did 1999 beatbox. (Cr: @suhyunii via. @ProtectBAPSG)
  • BAP members mothers were signing along the songs and waving! Proud mothers <3 (cr:MnetGlobal)
  • Zelo did 1999 beat box! (cr: suhyunii | via: tsbabyz)
  • Himchan was chosen as the sexiest member and Jongup as the best boyfriend by fans! (cr: MnetGlobal)
  • Q: Which member would look the best as a girl? DH picked Zelo & JU pick YJ while the rest pick HC (cr: suhyunii)
  • MC Youngjae ask which member would marry first? BAP picked: 2 - Daehyun, 2 - Jongup and 1 - Yongguk (cr: suhyunii)
  • 2 BABYz whose b-day is today were picked to be on stage & BAP sang their new song ‘Happy Birthday’ (cr: suhyunii)
  • Daehyun hug one of the BABY that got picked from the back while singing~ (cr: suhyunii)
  • One of the BABY that got picked was Himchan’s fan so she gave him his pic and got to hug him~ (cr: suhyunii)
  • Himchan said that when he first met DH he thought that DH was a girl! Cuz he can sing all the girl songs so DH said ‘Thank You’ in high pitch! (cr: suhyunii)
  • Jongup dance to ‘Turn Up The Music’ like what in Malaysia showcase and he flashed his abs a bit! (cr: suhyunii)
  • Youngjae picked a BABY, sang a romantic song & gave her a hug! Then he also gave her a necklace! (cr: suhyunii)
  • Zelo showed his skills with an English rapping and Bang Yongguk said he likes dubstep! (cr: MnetGlobal)
  • Himchan is performed PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ at with a BAP style! Sexy Himchan~!! (cr: MnetGlobal) 
  • 'never give up' in a super awesome Rock version! This is GREAT! Rock on!!!  (cr:MnetGlobal)
  • Entire #BAP joined #himchan dancing #gangnamstyle ~!! It’s getting really hot in here #BAP1stBABYDAY (cr: MnetGlobal)
  • Youngjae said that when he first saw Jongup, he thought Jongup was an angel. Now, he thinks he’s a pabo. (via: BAPUpdates)
  • Himchan said the first time he saw Yongguk, he was scared. Youngjae said the first time he saw Zelo he thought that his skin was really fair and that he had to protect him. Daehyun said the first time he saw Himchan he thought he was really good-looking, like a celebrity. Daehyun also thought Yongguk looked scary. Himchan said the first time he saw Daehyun he thought he was a girl because he could sing girl songs and high pitches. (Cr: 端的猫 on Weibo | Chinese to English Trans: @ProtectBAPSGG)
  • Dae’s first impression of Himchan was handsome, like artist ~ & thinks Bang is scary too. (trans by Babyspazzroom via.weibo)
  • YJ says he thinks that Zelo’s skin is very fair and nice, so he says he must take btr care of his skin & complexion. (cr Babyspazzroom)
  • Daehyun voice in the cheering msg was in satori 베이비들 항상 고맙고 사랑한데이~ (cr: suhyunii)
  • Q: which member you wanna have as boyfriend? Babies pick Daehyun the most. And Yongguk was like I wanna know the reason! Lol (cr suhyunii)
  • The fans reason was like he could do a romantic event well. So Daehyun sang a live song for us~ (cr suhyunii)
  • Daehyun chosen as the most romantic member by fans, so they made him sing a ballad (cr MnetGlobal)
  • "Do what you like, LOVE what you do"- YG proved he really means what he sings (cr:MnetGlobal)
  • After fans screaming “encore” so loud, BAP returned to the stage in cute version singing CRASH (cr: MnetGlobal)