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hey there!! lmao so apparently it’s that time of year when it isn’t christmas or new year’s but everyone is making follow forevers so with me being the loser i am and not wanting to be left out on all the fun, here is my follow forever!! i think this is my fourth one? i’m not really sure anymore haha// i couldn’t really think of a milestone since i’m not yet at 1k (i’ll get there) but i guess this could be my summer ff since i’m on break right now… anyways i hit 700 followers a while ago although i’m closer to 800 followers now haha ,, aNYWAYS LET US CARRY ON

so firstly, thank you to all my followers (all 788 of you ;u;) for reblogging my posts and putting up with me lmao// i know some of you have been sticking with me for a while now and i’m just woah ???? you guys are amazing and i love you guys uhgh

of course, i’d like to thank all the blogs i follow too !! thank you a million times over for filling my dash with amazing posts, memes and happiness..! i met some amazing people in the past few months and im so djkfalsjfkalakf tHANKS., (also im really sorry to the huge amount of blogs i unfollowed recently my dash was a mess and i needed to set it straight anD IM SO S O SORRY OTL)


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a poem: thank you greps for all you do <3 dick jokes and all. ilu

♥ TS4 Cropped Top Dress Recolors 

Another upload today of some pretty cropped top dress recolors. I had always had these in my wip folder and never finished lol so today I did. Yay!


  • All come in one file. 
  • Total of 15 Swatches.  

Download- | Mega | Cropped Top Dress Recolors


  • Sim4ny for the mesh
  • Sims 4 Studio for the tools. 

Please don’t reupload or claim these as your own.

Enjoy!! ♥

This is a continuation of “i’m the wedding planner and you’re the best man” fic I did, since I got a lot of response for it. This is dedicated to katherineswan, grounderswan, hiseyestellnolies, and nickillian, who begged for this.

The slam of the hotel room door echoed in Killian’s ear. He stared at the door, utterly dumbfounded and hoping that Emma will come back. But Killian had seen the pain and torture in her eyes when she pulled away from him, leaving his lips tingling from the pressure of their kiss. He knew she wouldn’t come back, that she was beyond terrified of what happened between them.

Even though he wished more than anything that she would come back and knock on his door, jumping back into his arms where it felt as though she belonged.

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Loyalty, Honour, and a Proper Beard (Kili X Reader)

So, yay! I finished a fic, and it’s my first collab piece! Many thanks to averil-of-fairlea for writing this with me, hope I work with you again in the future mellon-nin. 

Also, based on this imagine from imaginexhobbit (as per usual)

Months passed, and the mountain slowly recovered from the onslaught of the Battle of the Five Armies. All the injured were now fully healed, although the mental scarring would remain for a while more; regardless, the mountain was celebrating the full recovery of the king, his heir and his brother.

It was a miracle that Thorin, Fili and Kili had survived - if the Elven healers were not nearby during the battle… you found it increasingly difficult to consider the alternatives. You couldn’t dare think about a moment without Kili. He brought joy to the lives around him, especially within the life of his lover - you.

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This is my snippet for the SLBB. Basically, the beginning.

Rating: M for mentions of slavery and abuse. 

Summary: “It wasn’t a pull or some kind of energy that pulled him towards that collar. There wasn’t any magic, spark in the air, or an ‘it must be mine’ thought invading him that compelled him to buy it. He just saw it, thought about the similarities it had with the one he had given Dean when they were kids, and bought it. Easy and normal as any other previous purchase…

Maybe if his brother hadn’t called him that morning, making him remember of their old adventures, he wouldn’t have bought it. Not even cast a glance at it. Maybe if it hadn’t looked so dirty under the light of his kitchen, he wouldn’t have clean it with a piece of cloth either.”

Or an AU in which Lucifer is a genie and Sam is his unsolicited master.

Saying that Sam was astounded would be an understatement.  A big, really big one. Given that it wasn’t everyday thing to see a person appearing from nowhere in the middle of your living room while you cleaned some piece of jewelry, no one should blame him though.

Especially because, as soon as the man appeared, he knelt with such an inhuman elegance. His head was bowed and their eyes never met but he was talking. Sam knew he was talking; there was noise and he was half hearing him, but it was really hard for his brain to think in something besides: Man. Just. Appeared. From. Fucking. Nowhere.

“Are you fine, master?” the man finally glanced up. His voice and smile polite, though there was perhaps a hidden mocking edge in his words that made the smile sharper somehow. It made Sam get a better look of his clenched teeth, too.  “How long are you going to space out, may I ask?” he said.

Sam would have frowned at the tone if he wasn’t still very surprised. He glanced at his door, trying to think in some logical answer, but his brain had had a shutdown when the man had literally appeared from thin air in front of him. He tried to calm. To think clearer about his situation. So his eyes returned to the blond man, to observe him. One would think the most startling thing would be the clothes (or more like the lack of clothes, because he was just wearing some kind of weird pants), but the eyes were what stricken him more. They haven’t locked eyes, yet but there was something in those icy blue that looked ageless and as if there was a hidden, dark, knowledge behind them. Something told him he didn’t want to meet those eyes.

The man tilted his head to the side, his lips curling politely.

“Perhaps you have fallen from your crib as a youngling and now you cannot process information properly? Should I repeat slowly what I have said perhaps, master?

Okay, that wasn’t very polite.

“W─ What?”

The man obviously thought Sam had some kind of brain damage. That’s the only thing that expression could mean.

“You are the collar’s new owner. You gave the necessary respects to it. It makes you my master.” The man bowed his head somehow stiffly. His once ageless eyes now looked vacant and subdued. “I’m here to serve you,” he added when Sam didn’t say anything.

Okay, Sam was going to have a panic attack in any time now. His palms were already clammy and his lungs were starting to burn with every breath he took. He tried to swallow it, tough. He took a deep breath and cleared his throat, trying to not show his discomfort. “Is Dean the one behind this?”

The man’s eyebrow rose.

Okay, he totally deserved that look. He did just saw the man appearing from thin air just a moment ago. Fuck. He saw a man appearing from thin air.

Sam’s back hit a wall and he felt his tongue heavy, mouth dry. His hand started to tremble but Sam clenched his fist once as he tried to stood up and go to the kitchen, carefully trying to walk around the still kneeling man whose eyes were on him, while at the same time not on him.

“I need some water,” he said as a way of explanation as he gave another step, he didn’t know why.

He was stopped by the was a sound of snapping fingers and in the next second, the man was again in front of him, one knee touching the floor as he grabbed a weird-looking glass full of water between his fingertips.

Sam shut his eyes tightly. “Okay, none of this is real. This is just a dream. I returned tired from work and fell asleep on the couch. Yes, that happened. I haven’t sleep well in days, surely when I open my eyes there won’t be a man in my living room. I’ll be alone and return to dream normal things again.”

There wasn’t any sound that could tell him if he was truly accompanied so he opened his eyes slowly. There were bright spots appearing for shutting them so tightly but he blinked a couple times and he could see everything normal, once more.

Sam sighed in relief, fingers running through his hair as he collapsed on a couch. He was alone in the room. It was all a hallucination.

Once relaxed, he glanced at the spot on the floor with the collar that fell from his fingertips. He frowned at it warily but didn’t move to grab it, just concentrated in steady his beating heart.

Unexpected Visit - Mystrade

I got it finished! Yay!  So after reading saziikins transcript of the Rupert Graves and Lars Mikkelsen talk from Sherlocked, which you can read here, I found I absolutely had to write something involving Mycroft seeing the photo of Greg’s ex-wife with darts in it.  Because that cracked me up.  Sooooo here it is!

Greg was stretched out on his couch, beer in hand, absently watching replays of the Arsenal match he’d missed that morning due to work.  He was finally off tomorrow and he was exhausted; ready to just kick back and ignore all pressing matters until he had to walk back into his office in a few days.

As he sat there, dozing slightly, a crisp knock sounded at his door.  Greg jumped, sitting up straighter and almost dropping his half-empty can.  Who in the hell?  Another knock sounded and he pressed his lips together, leaning forward to set the can down on his cluttered coffee table.

“Hang on a sec,” he called out, grabbing the remote so he could turn the telly down a bit.  He grunted as he stood, stretching, and headed over to the door.

He opened the door, and his eyes widened.  Mycroft was standing in front of him.  Mycroft was here.  At his home. Panicking, Greg’s lips parted and he sucked in a quick breath, before shutting the door before either of them could speak.

On the other side of the closed door, Mycroft blinked.  That… was not what he had expected.  He shifted his weight, remaining quiet and patient.  It had not been the reaction he’d expected from the older man, but he was not entirely surprised by it either.  The two of them had entered a relationship only a few weeks ago, and even though they had known each other for years, Mycroft had actually never been to Greg’s flat before tonight. 

What he was surprised about was the series of… noises that came after the door had been shut on him.  There had been silence at first, followed by the shuffling of what sounded like a large bag.  Footsteps came next, some rustling noises, a few small crashes, and what had to be muffled obscenities?

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guys!! i did my weasley 5k today!! my time sucks because i’m not a runner so i’m pretty proud that i finished. i walk like 3-4 miles a day but i DO NOT RUN. so yay i finished and here’s some sweaty selfies to prove it hahahha

ravenoftheninerealms replied to your post: I listened to a truly phenomenal amoun…

evo psych mansplaining is the actual worst oh god i am so sorry. did u ever mention that sometimes. people have multiple chromosomes tho?? science, bitches. mansplainers (shakes head) truly astounding bags of dicks

gOD RIGHT IT SUCKS, thank u bro <33. AND I DID!!! and he just went like “well MOST men and women are like that” like. it completely bounced off his head cos it didn’t support his WRONG theory. (which he presented as fact, which NO self respecting scientist should do. how did he not learn that with a phd in biology like did he just skip class that day)