so he is just letting her go


Danny: This would be a great stargazing spot!
Danny: Do you think Mr. Pines would let us?
Wendy: I bet Mabel or Dipper would help us sneak in. 
Wendy: Right, Dipper?
Dipper: Only if I can join you. (who is this guy who does he think he is why does wendy like him he’s such a dork with his black hair and super blue eyes and they like the same bands they’re going to grow up and be interested in the same things and start dating and get married I can’t allow this but I can’t be obvious she knows I have a crush on her so just play it cool, dipper. Be chill.)
Danny: Are you into Astronomy?! I’d love if you joined us!
Danny: I bet we can see Corona Borealis from here! Or maybe Triangulum. Though it’s a pretty lame constellation. 

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Rewatching 1x10 tonight I notice something that escaped me before.

When Athos holds his sword to Milady’s throat, Aramis tells him that he doesn’t have to do it and then Porthos says: “leave this to the proper authorities, Athos.”

So it’s obvious their plan is to have her arrested and trialled for her crimes. Which would inevitably lead to her execution or her rotting in prison forever.

However, Athos has none of that - not only doesn’t he kill her, he also doesn’t arrest her. He simply lets her go. And his friends just go with it, silently agreeing that is is his decision to make as she is his wife. 

I think this moment is very smart - hidden beneath the “I will kill you if I ever see you again thing” is Athos’s decision to set her free in spite of the harm she’s done to everyone, to save her from being condemned to death or prison for her crimes and to give her a chance to start fresh. 

This is actually the best thing he could have done for her in the situation, it wasn’t just him showing mercy this once as he tried to make it look. It was him having her back entirely, helping her out of an impossible situation she put herself in, making it look cold and even cruel, but meaning well.

And it was him saying “I still love you for some damned reason” the best way he could and she heard it. She said it right back with her “no peace for either of us”, before she left. 

And that was exactly why she never left for good - because then and there he gave her a reason not to. Ironically enough by saying he’d kill her if he ever saw her again. 

One more pic for the night, before I go to bed. Drew this after Idiot’s Array. Hera’s suspending her anger towards her husband regarding the day’s events until he no longer serves his purpose. Which at this point is being a comfortable heatbox. Art belongs to meeeeee.

west coast (f2f) → lana + ryan

It was a Monday evening; the night was cool from the salty ocean air and the atmosphere was thick with cigarette smoke. Ryan had a cigarette to his lips and his thick-framed glasses perched on his nose as he took in the site that was Ms. Lana Del Rey herself. She was giving a performance at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary and, of course, he wasn’t going to miss it. Something about the songstress was so intriguing to him and he couldn’t get enough of her music, especially her songwriting. Her voice was just an added bonus. It was only fitting that their first date was going to take place on a Monday night in the same city where he first saw her. Time had been good to her and she was still as classically beautiful as she was that night. After sending her a text letting her know he was in front of her home, he stepped out of his car to light up a cigarette. Lucky for them no photographers were around which meant that he could truly get this date off to a good start and have her in a happy mood. Paparazzi tend to ruin good moods fairly quickly. Taking another drag, he saw the brunette beauty queen making her way toward him as he exhaled another cloud of smoke. Fuck, she was breath-taking. “You look perfect.” He said as she stood up straight, having been leaning against his car. A bright smile spread across his lips, a direct effect of now being in her presence.

bit shy sorry ( submitted:

So my idea is that at some point before Lewis rejoins the group, he does something really awful while antagonizing the group, and everyone is put in danger by it. And Vivi just hauls off and tears him down. She really lets him have it. And while he keeps trying to defend himself, since he didn’t mean for everything to go so far out of his control, and he’d have never let her get hurt, she screams that she wants nothing to do with him. That she hates him.
Lewis goes quiet and he looks so ashamed and hurt that Vivi has to fight to stay firm about it. It’s mostly just being angry and afraid that makes her say it, but she can’t believe that this ghost who is constantly trying to hurt her best friend and ignoring everything she says to him is someone she should feel sorry for. But she does. He keeps flickering and then he just bolts off, and leaves Vivi, Mystery, and Arthur to get themselves home.
So things are quiet for a bit…and they sort of stay quiet.
At first Vivi’s honestly relieved, because Arthur’s not being attacked or kidnapped or threatened, and she’s not being uncomfortably seduced or kidnapped or put in really weird not-traps. It’s nice to be able to just take a case an only have to deal with the one ghost/spirit/whatever.
Except it keeps going, and she sometimes sees Deadbeats moping around out of the corner of her eye. They always are gone when she turns to look, but she catches little glimpses in window reflections and stuff.
So she follows one rather stealthily one day without telling her teammates, and it leads her to Lewis’ mansion. And she finds Lewis inside looking lost and unhappy. And they end up having a conversation. It’s very pointedly about nothing. No Arthur, no supernatural. She talks about a movie she watched, or a video game she’s thinking about buying.
And when she leaves, she can’t help noticing that his heart-locket is…not gold like usual, but it doesn’t look quite as blue as it was.
She starts coming semi-regularly, and Lewis seems to be…well, not stopping his antagonistic activities, but he doesn’t seem as invested. Coming after Arthur seems more like an excuse to see Vivi. 
And Vivi starts to get concerned because…she likes the ghost.
When he isn’t trying to hurt Arthur, or insisting that he loves her and forcing his attentions on her…he’s really nice. And she understands that ghosts are obsessive beings, and he seems to be improving just by having someone to talk to about things that don’t have to do with his obsessions.
Her visits start…not going sour, but they being to talk about heavier things. Her missing memories come up more than once. Her little worries and things she’s noticed that are out of place.
And Lewis starts to get upset, because as much as he loves her, he was starting to find a sort of balance between everything he wants and how he’s been trying to break away from what’s obviously driving her away from him. And he interrupts her mid-sharing session and accusing her of using him as a sounding board. He tosses back how she wanted nothing to do with him, and how if she’s only there out of pity or because she wants to use him to voice how upset she is without consequences, then maybe neither of them is good for the other. They begin to argue and get more and more frustrated until Lewis is practically a raging inferno rooted to a skeleton frame, but Vivi is standing her ground and yelling right back at him because she knows this ghost cries over old romance movies and likes Sailor Moon and used to have little sisters and all sorts of other things and she refuses to let him bully her.
Meanwhile Myster and Arthur have picked up on her being strange for a while, but this is the night when they realize she’s not home in bed. This is the night they come looking, thinking that Lewis is back to his old tricks. they get into the mansion–
–and see Vivi facing down Lewis who is literally a walking fireball.
They act first, ask questions later, and Lewis reads it as them attacking him and in his anger it’s that they are taking Vivi again and he tries to give chase. He’s no match for Mystery however, and within the span of minutes they’re gone and Lewis is left alone again.
Vivi doesn’t sneak out to visit him after that–because Arthur and Mystery are on high alert in case she’s ‘kidnapped’ again, despite her repeatedly trying to point out that that isn’t what happened. Lewis resorts back to his old habits of inserting himself mid-case, but while he is very hostile, he also makes himself more an ally than he did before, and Vivi counts it as a small victory.
She’s willing to take her wins where she can get them.

First off, “Bit Shy,” you NEVER need to apologize for going on anon.  Believe me, I understand shyness!  (Not that I think I’m worthy of being shy over but I getchu.)

THAT SAID.  This.  Is awesome.  I love it a lot.  Thank you so much for your submission, omg.

what advice has klaus given you that has put hope in danger hayley?

like no really I need to know because I’m so confused by that line. You know what advice he’s given her this season…

1. the first step to getting hope back is getting her back in with the wolves….he was right her getting back with her wolves is what enabled this whole marriage go into effect which ended up being the reason they got their child back

2. we can defeat our enemies together as a family…he was right, they defeated finn, esther, and the guerras as a family. They stood by each other and worked together and took down all three of those enemies.

3. he told her she should stay at the compound with elijah so that she was he out of harms way because taking on his family is not smart and could put her in danger….he was right, she left the compound despite klaus asking her to stay put and hold down the fort and decided to take on Finn and was 2 seconds away from having her heart pulled out of her chest and leaving her child motherless 

3. He advised her that the truth telling thing was not worth the risk because those wolves could not be trusted….she didn’t listen to him in this instance and he relented to her desires. He went along with her being adamant that jackson was trustworthy and that this plan could work and she ended up being right….as far as we know. 

4. he told her that she needed to stay put at the compound instead of running off to get hope because a queen does not run and she needed to be completing their plan with the marriage to get their daughter back….he was right. If she would have left the whole marriage wouldn’t have happened. So instead of giving into her desire to get her baby girl she stayed put and got married. She got her werewolf army and her child back 

5. He told her that they needed to track down finn and eliminate him as a threat to hope using the wolves…he was right, she admitted he was right. He planned the whole thing and even saved her wolves from slaughter by changing Jackson’s basic ass plan without them knowing

6. He told her that they needed to get rid of mikael asap….and he was right but she didn’t listen. Mikael was a threat to hope and to him. Sure they ended up working together later but Mikael and klaus would never co exist and if Mikael wanted to still destroy him then mikael would also want to destroy his daughter. This one didn’t come back to bite them in the ass but it very well could have

that’s 6 different occassions that klaus has given her advice…and not one time did any of that advice put her or hope in danger. In fact it protected/helped them.  

but yeah Klaus’s advice does nothing but put hope in danger which is why I’m sitting here like

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The whole convoy with Emma and her died was everything. I think her dad let her go because he realised in that moment his little girl may be falling for this guy,this guy who came to him who showed genuine concern for his daughter. I think in that moment he just understood.

I never thought of it that way, anon. I think you’re right :) 
I’m not condoning Dylan’s methods of getting the money for Emma’s transplant. But it’s the first time I think ever I’ve seen someone go through the same lengths and bounds she goes through for the Bates family. I think Dylan’s concern and ultimate determination for his daughter didn’t go unnoticed by her dad. And I’m not sure if Dylan or Emma realize their feelings for each other yet, but it’s a safe bet that her dad has. 

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Re: promo pics. Why does Claire have a gun? Why is she with Dean with a gun as if she would know what she's doing? Why is she with Dean /at all/ when she was 'oh so angry' that he killed the dude who was going to let her be raped? Why -- uggggghhhh! Remember the days when not everyone knew how to fight or use weapons? Remember the days when characters had more natural progression? Now it's "well, the youths like the character, so let's just make them 'bad ass'! Who cares about -- " 1/2

2/2 “–making the characters feel authentic or develop naturally? We’ve got to show our fans, just the young ones, that we’re hip! We’ll add characters that are *them*, and make that character capable of all things even when there’s no logical reason for it. Gotta make sure the teen demo loves us. Who cares about good storytelling?” *sigh*


Yes, YOU too can be a hunter in ONLY two episodes. With no real training and without the hard work that is usually required. **rolls eyes**

Let me tell you, my dear anon, when I saw this:

this came to mind:

I agree, what happened to the real female hunters? Oh that’s right, they got killed, to make way for the younger generation of twits in tight jeans with perfect hair/makeup. 

no but I’ve put thought into this because I’ve had a lot of mindless soul crushing jobs over the years that went easier when I let my mind wander. Let’s just go by order of appearance. SO. final aeons.

Tidus: I’m thinking either some kind of phoenix type design or maybe a wolf? actually I’m pretty sure I was thinking wolf, back when I first started thinking about this. So he’d be FFX’s Fenris I guess.

Auron: definitely the Odin summons would be a good model for him, since it has the instant death strike and the giant sword.

Rikku: I know an electrical aeon already exists, but given her status as al bhed, Rikku is definitely some kind of robot looking aeon, maybe like the one dress sphere from x-2? alternately, she’d make a cute carbuncle I guess. also her main attack is mug.

Wakka: A flying dolphin that shoot blitz balls out of its blow hole and then smacks them at the enemy with his tail because why the fuck not.

Lulu: basically a recolored shiva with more belts, and also black. look, Lulu’s fucking hot, and I don’t want to change that because I’ve had a crush on her for 15 years. her attack is also darkness.

Kimahri: it’s hard to imagine what a big blue cat man could be other than an even bigger blue actual cat. he totally turns into a giant blue saber toothed lion thing.

so tell me, did anyone else ever wonder this, and what are your thoughts?

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[The first time I tried to prompt this it got eaten. BOO!] Moar!Brewery AU - Forrest wishes it was still an era when men wore hats - then he would have something to do with his hands while he works up the nerve to do more than grunt at Evelyn. She is so beautiful in the dress she changed into - he just wants to at least let her know that she is lovely. He still can't believe that she agreed to go out with him.

This verse is so cute.


Forrest felt nervous. He never remembered feeling so nervous in his life and yet, as he stood in the lobby a few minutes before six, he found himself riddled with nerves.

He wished he had a hat or something. Playing with keys or a phone might look impatient or bored he decided not to do either. He stood in the lobby with his hands in his pockets and checked his watch, seeing it was five after six. Then, the elevator door opened and he looked up, seeing Evelyn.

She had changed from her work clothes to a dress and heels and she let her tied back hair, out. She seemed a little nervous herself but she looked lovely. It made Forrest feel all the more flustered and he saw that she was waiting for a compliment, an acknowledgement…something. And all Forrest could do was look at her and grunt slightly, still wishing he had a hat.

They went to a near by lounge, a nice, quiet place that was full of business type people, so the atmosphere was full of talking, but it wasn’t loud or crowded. He pulled out Evelyn’s chair for her and once she sat down, he went to the other side and sat down too. A waitress came by and took their order and once she was gone, Evelyn bit her lip again and said,

“So…Forrest…how was your day?”

“It was busy.”

She nodded, understanding since she worked for Howard. She struggled to find the words to carry a conversation and Forrest himself felt so awkward and he hated that he couldn’t speak. He always had this problem, too introverted to speak, only when he was being threatened did he find the proper words to defend himself, his brothers, his business…now he was on a date he remembered why he didn’t pluck up the courage to ask Evelyn out sooner.

“You look nice…”

It was half mumbled, half whispered, but Evelyn heard him and she lit up, sitting up straight as she said,

“Thank you. I didn’t think what I was wearing before was appropriate.”

“You would have looked nice either way.”

She blushed that time and Forrest wished he could just pay her compliments all day. He wondered if it bothered her that he couldn’t really make conversation and he knew what his expression looked like. Jack and Howard often told him that Forrest looked as if everything bothered him and it never bothered him before. But it bothered him now because he wondered what Evelyn thought.

When their drinks came, he felt a little more relief because now he had something to do. He looked at his glass and held it, turning around and seeing the whisky in the tumbler and he saw that Evelyn had some kind of champagne drink. They drank slowly and smiled at each other now and then and by the end, Evelyn didn’t know what else to do.

Forrest wished again he could speak. He wanted to tell her how lovely he thought she was, how wonderful she was and how smart and how she lit up Forrest’s day when he saw her and how he had no real reason, never had a reason to go see Howard, but he would go and listen to his brother mock him while he sat in his office, for at least an hour so it looked like he had a valid reason when he was just watching Howard work. He did it so he could see her. He wished that he could explain how he just wanted to tell her all this but because he couldn’t, he left tokens on her desk, little terms of affection because he lacked the words. When he was confronted with the fact that Evelyn knew, he had to ask her out and he couldn’t believe she said yes to him. 

Though he was starting to think she was regretting it by the way she glanced down and off to the side of the room. 

Forrest took her home and once the cab stopped, Forrest asked the cab to wait and he walked her to her door. She fiddled with her keys as she said,

“Thank you for the lovely evening. I had a wonderful time.”

“I’m sorry the conversation as lacking.”

She smiled and shook her head.

“I understand. I’m not exactly the best at it either.”

Forrest felt some relief hearing Evelyn understand.

“Can I take you another time? Maybe on the weekend, for dinner?”

She smiled and said,

“Yes. I would love that.”

Forrest gave a slight smile and Evelyn stepped closer, kissing his cheek.

“Good night.”

“Good night.”

He stood at her doorway until she went inside and the door clicked shut. Then and only then did Forrest go back to the cab, a smile on his face.

Human Nature || Sam, Mercedes and The New Directions

Sam Evans had barely been able to sleep that night. Thoughts and memories that he should have forgotten had made that impossible. Mercedes, Tiffany, his mother… That dinner, him taking her home, his talk with Tiffany… 

The promise. 

He had let her go. After so many years, he had finally decided to let her go and really try to make work what he had with his girlfriend Tiffany. It was going to be the most difficult thing in the world, but at the same time, Sam knew it was the right thing to do. He had a girlfriend. One that loved him and deserved to be loved. 

Maybe with time. He though exhaling deeply. “With time.” He reassured himself leaving the empty cup of coffee on the table. He was going to do it. He was really going to forget about her. She was just a friend. 

Just. A. Friend. He repeated, getting up from his chair and grabbing his folder with the lessons plan heading toward the classroom. 

I can do this. I can. He thought, entering the class with a huge smile on his face. “Good morning, everybody!” He greeted them, enthusiastic.  “Morning, Mr. Evans!” Replied the students right after. “So… You all remember the surprise I talked to you about last week?” He asked, hearing them all answering at the same time. “Well, this surprise could be taking place today…” He teased, watching every one of their reactions, before checking his clock. To be honest, he was not sure if she was going to end up appearing or not, but he really prayed he had not screwed up those kid’s opportunity to meet her. “Are we going to meet someone famous?” Asked Peter, one of the students sitting in the front row. “Yes, you all are going to meet one of the most famous and beautiful singers in this world. She’s incredibly talented. Guys, she could do anything with her voice. I’m so happy she accepted to come and pay a visit to us. Please, try not to embarrass me. Not much.” He chuckled, making them laugh as well. “We won’t, Mr. Evans. Is she a friend of yours?” 

A friend. 

“Yes… She’s one of my close friends.” He answered, biting his lip, checking the clock once again. “You’re so lucky.” He could hear one of them saying. “I am…” He managed to say, looking at the opened door, wondering if she was just being late. 

Please, come.

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Ginran Please

Send me a ship and I will rate it:

notp / not really / meh / I could / sometimes / yes / my otp babbies

and answer:

  • Who is the most affectionate?
    They’re both so affectionate towards each other that other people tend to kind of throw up in their mouths a little. It’s disgustingly cute. Damn those two.

  • Big spoon/Little spoon?
    Gin/Ran because just sdlkfj cute

  • Most common argument?
    Mostly about Gin being an ass and not letting her in on his secrety plans and stuff, but it’s never a serious argument.

  • Favorite non-sexual activity?
    Shopping! Ok, mostly that’s her favorite, but he likes spending time with her so he’ll go alone with it.

  • Who is most likely to carry the other?
    Gin would literally carry her everywhere like the queen she is if she’d let him.

  • Nicknames?
    Only sickeningly cute things that can’t be uttered here.

  • Who worries the most?

  • Who tops?
    Whatever Rangiku wants, Rangiku gets. Gin is happy to oblige.

  • Who initiates kisses?

  • Who wakes up first?
    Gin. He does it on purpose, at least a few minutes earlier than her, just so he can sit there and memorize the way the morning sun falls over her hair and her sleepy features.

  • Who says I love you first?
    Gin, but Rangiku very happily reciprocates.

my boss is so sweet to me, lately he’s been having my back and I just adore it 🙆🏼 since we have so many new people I think he finally realize how important I am to the store; I’m finally a key holder and I know he’s wanting to ask me to do more! but last week we had an incident that wasn’t my fault and one of our new stylist just lost her shit on me; I never even told my boss but I guess she complained to him and he just bitched her out for treating me that way 😂 I love it, but I booked nearly a week off to go camping in May, and normally it’s a huge hassle to take time off cause we don’t have any staff; but he’s letting me take the entire week 😍💙 so happy! not that I probably will, I needs the 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 ~ happy 420 my fellow stoners, hope you’re all have a baked and wonderful day filled with munchies 🍁✨💨💞

I have to leave for my doctor’s appointment in an hour but I just really don’t wanna go. I’m supposed to talk to him about my knee to finally get something done about that, but I’ve just spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to find something to wear to cover my legs as much as possible while also making it possible for him to see my knee if he wants to but I’m just really scared. I could probably count the number of times I’ve gone to see a doctor on one hand, I’m so not used to it and I just don’t wanna go but my mom tried to convince me to let her pick me up and drive me there since she doesn’t think I’ll go on my own and I don’t want to prove her right 


:: Killian letting his woman ramble about “what’s the big deal” about these balls, knowing in about 2.5 seconds, all her little girl dreams are gonna come true. :: 


and i wonder if you know,

how it feels to let you go?


Bran + empathy and selflessness