Omygod I love Thomas Sanders so much. He’s just so accepting of everyone and so kind and genuinely cares about everyone and he’s just a smiley little ray of sunshine. Wow. Not to mention he’s super adorable and makes fantastic vines/youtube videos. Thomas Sanders is a precious gift to mankind. Keep him safe.

glassesblu asked:

It's just speculation out there in the water waves, but when Pearl makes small sand projections in Giant Woman to introduce Steven to the concept of fusions, the sand Opal only has 2 arms. It might just be to make the 4 arms thing a surprise, though it could be that the last time they formed Opal, Opal just had 2 arms because they had a close bond, as opposed to their strained bond currently within the show.

woah!!! dude i never noticed! nice catch! who knows if it’s true… i guess if we get lucky, time will bring an answer. but damn this actually gives me more hope for being right, thank you for pointing it out!

also: i think it’s possible ‘giant woman’ was the first time they fused after rose passed away…. this would go well with what you said.

EDIT: i realized those 2 things are actually not mutually exclusive. like, she can originally have 2 arms and at the same time her having 4 was a surprise for the audience. and probably for p&a as well…

Alex Hirsch

Shout out to him-
Not only did he create the idea of Gravity Falls but, he also voices Grunkle Stan, all of the gnomes, Old Man McGucket, Soos, Quentin Trembley, Bill Cipher, Paper Jam Dipper, the cackling skulls at the summerween mart, yumberjacks drive thru, and all sev'ral Timez members.
None of those characters sound alike and I just think he’s so incredibly talented!
(I know he does A LOT more for the show but I just wanted to point out his voice acting skillz)

so we all know rebecca sugar, the creator of steven universe, right? and how her brother, steven sugar, inspired the character of steven universe, right?

well, i go to the same high school that the Sugars went to.  today in english class the following exchange happened after a discussion of storyboarding for a film unit:

Me: “Funny story about storyboarding! This girl Rebecca Sugar, who was a storyboarder for Adventure Time and Hotel Transylvania, and now has her own show on Cartoon Network, went to [name of my school].”

Teacher: “Oh yeah! I taught her brother, Steven Sugar.  Nice kid.  Good artist.”



Mrs. Grunwald said to Hanna in the 5B premiere (5x14) about Mona:
“There’s gates and walls and barriers. She is surrounded by earth and insects and cold.”

WHERE DID THE FINALE END? Surrounded by a big (electric) gate in the middle of no where! Grunwald was right!!

It’s such good foreshadowing. Originally I thought Grunwald was talking about Mona’s dead body being in the middle of no where in dirt with the insects, but she was actually talking about A’s dollhouse where Mona had been kept all this time.

I guess the writers really did plan this out!

(I’m so sorry to the person who submitted this concept to me, I’ve forgotten your name. If this is yours and want credit, please message me back, I’ll remember your name when I see it.)