so at least i know i'm not behind


Charlie, Miles & Monroe (feat. Truman) | 2.12

"This is fresh squeezed Typhus…


It turns out that people are really not kidding when they talk about how hard the Architect is to draw.

                                            ( &. lcstdignity )

              ”yeah, i did sleep with him. and he was so
                 good, he probably made me cum at least
                 three times with just his mouth! don’t act
                 like you didn’t deserve it, i know you’ve
                 been seeing that bitch behind my back!
                 i don’t know why, you know she doesn’t
                 compare to me! i’m the best you’ll ever

I’m really hyped up for some reason and so instead of taking a nap I’m probably gonna watch all of the RT content I’m behind on, the last LOTR movie, Maybe marathon all of The Hobbit and LOTR (I know how much that is thank you) and if I have time rewatch Red Vs Blue. And while I do all that I’m gonna do my art project- hell yeah.

Way To Normal: the playlist so far.

Happy Birthday karissaeb!

anonymous asked:

Did Naegi mentioned about what they talked about? I mean it must have been something serious, riiiight?

Naegi-san didn’t say much, but from what I can infer

I believe it was about his despair days, as well as the truth behind the simulation, and what the situation for us is now. I don’t think it was very different than what we discussed once we woke up. 

So hey like, can someone call me when someone does a piano remix of the final boss theme from Lost World that. Y’know. Isn’t just a cover with no emotion behind it? 

Particularly in the same vein as this as far as the improv’d chaotic nature of it goes at least? 

*thumbs up* thanks.

my Stat teacher said I’m allowed to work on catching up in class but I’m not allowed to go to the library

and honestly like fuck that bc if j work on the last chapter in class then everyone else at my table can see that I’m super behind and I don’t know what I’m doing like people expect me to be smart

and also how does he expect me to be able to focus on my own thing whilr there’s constantly class discussion going on like it’s hard enough without distractions?

but now since I asked I have to work on it in class or he’ll think I was just trying to get out of class

also I told him I can’t learn during lectures and he was like I don’t understand how you can’t learn during lectures and I’m just like ??? ok do u want me to explain why or do you think I’m making shit up or????

what’s the point of sayin that?? it’s not gonna help me learn so

Did I ever tell you about the impact of horror movies on my childhood?
I watched Freddy K, Michael M, etc with a babysitter when I was little (5-8). I learned that you get killed when you least expect it. Killer right behind you? You’re gonna be ok.
Think you got away? Just gonna stroll down that hallway? Doomed. The hall closet door is popping open friend.
So I *knew* there were monsters behind doors and killers in the trees. I was safe because I expected them.
Then I realized that expecting horrible things while believing this was the key to survival was causing me to think I was safe… And thinking you’re safe is how you end up unsafe….

I’m behind on my school work. so I’m sorry for the late replies on both my account but by tomorrow ill have more free to do them. then next week ill be back to slacking because i have nothing but test and midterms ugh. i know you guys don’t mind but the least i can do is to inform you all!