so I'm posting it anyways


to make sure everyone pays attention to me on my birthday here is my very first follow forever, i love y’all so much wtf you’re all so funny and smart and amazing thank you for keeping it real even though i want to fight at least half of you every single day. these superlatives are certified and official so feel free to add them to your resumes, you can thank me later 

kaylor squad: swift-kloss, teylaswift, ialmostdonot, beylor, wearethfoxes
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least chill: cockholmsyndrome
best lord of the rings stan: sophasmith
most aesthetically pleasing blog: valeriescherishsiknowplace
worst taste in 90s boy bands: relevantboyband, redlippedsclassic
best taste in 90s boy bands: quitefinished
best taste in 00s boy bands: nickjonasnipples
best tayonce stan: beylor
best nina dobrev stan: cockholmsyndrome, kristensewart
best little mix stan: flawlessremix, oflerrieeele
most likely to hate-blog about shameless: wideyedgays, andsomeyougiveaway
best url homage to a power couple: kendallcara,
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best nipple-related url: nickjonasnipples, harrystittyout
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most likely to pick a fight and lose: 23yolouis
most likely to pick a fight and win: teylaswift
most likely to get @ed: tayloracleswift
The Harry Styles Be Nice To Nice™ Award: wearethfoxes, kristensewart kittenstyles



jade bby! in an amalgam of fashion details i keep thinking about 

a lot of my stuff has been featuring green lately hmmm



"My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit." — Flavia Dzodan

(based on kaidonovskied’s Marvel women post and jaegerpilotmako’s DC women post)

If you get Thalia a Christmas pine tree sweater she won’t get mad, she’ll just get a matching one for her little brother

Edit: Also I forgot, props to frozenico for the Christmas tree idea

The Enterprise crew's best moments in Star Trek Into Darkness.

I love girls… especially ones with strawberry-blonde hair, green eyes, five-foot-three…  

          Like   Lydia?  


Musical Numbers in Anastasia


+ au meme → The Real World. This is the true story of five strangers, picked to live in a house, work together, and have their lives taped…to find out what happens when people stop being polite, and start getting real.


“How terrible it is to love something death can touch.”