I dunno, man, this whole, “They’re teaching me things in high school that don’t even matter! When am I even gonna use this crap!” mentality bugs the mess out of me because I am actively trying to teach my students things that really do matter in the long run. 

Y’all think I like talking about essay structure every day of my life? You think I wanna be standing up here demonstrating how to deconstruct a writing prompt and teach correct citation methods? You think I get joy from talking about grammar? Do y’all honestly believe that I got into teaching English to teach technical writing and research methods? (Okay, maybe I like the research part a little bit.)

No! Heck no.

But I’ll be danged if they’re teaching you any of that stuff in college. Trust me, college professors did not spend a decade of their life and hundreds of thousands of dollars to teach their students how to construct a literary analysis or a research paper. That’s the plebeian high school teacher’s job. Once you cross that university threshold, it’s sink or swim. So in an effort to keep my students from sinking, I’m trying to take up the tedious task of teaching them how to swim.

It’s boring, yes. But it’s going to help my students later when they do what I did and get to college and realize that no one ever really taught them how to write and organize a paper or do research. 

Believe me, I’d rather be teaching my students about how funky fun etymologies and talking about how every piece of literature is basically fanfiction of older literature and that letting them read original fairy tales that are hella scary and gory and showing them that queer/feminist/postcolonial/mythological/postmodern/psychoanalytical/ theory can be applied to every single movie or television show they have watched and video game they have played.

But it’s dictated by the powers that be that I don’t get that kind of freedom as a teacher until I earn a Master’s or a Doctorate and move on to “higher education.” Until then, it’s like the Rock says: know my role and shut my mouth. 

I literally waited over 30 minutes for that fucking mv to load and it wasn’t worth it what the actual fuck? How does SM have a talent for taking absolutely fantastic songs and making the mvs just tacky enough to be weird but not so tacky it swings back around to good?

Like, Tao looked gorgeous and so did Sehun and Xiumin but the rest of them had some of the most terrible styling that I’ve seen since Overdoes. The clothes somehow managed to make the choreography look messy even though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t and after all those teasers, the mv had literally no storyline.

The last EXO mv that’s been really fantastic was Growl and the last SM mv that worked was Jonghyun’s Crazy and both of them worked beacuse they were simple but beautifully executed. I’m forced to conclude that SM has too much money and doesn’t know when to stop spending it and I’m so disappointed because with a song as good as Call Me Baby they could’ve hit it out of the part and instead they half-assed it because they knew they’re going to get raking in the awards and sales regardless.

How many times does Steven have to reiterate the same point— that Glenn made the right choice for himself and his character— until people start to actually listen? Only time will tell— stay tuned.


5 Seconds of Summer done in polygon art

like what happens if that baby you “saved” becomes an adult and gets pregnant and decides to get an abortion? are you gonna turn on it bc its no longer a fetus? or what if the baby is starving? are you going to donate money/food/time to make sure everyone is fed? what if the baby you saved is lgbt? are you going to fight for their right to not be discriminated against? what if the baby you saved is a poc and murderd by police? are you going to be at the protests fighting for justice? are you going to protest to raise minimum wage so families can spend more time together? pro life is so much more than saving a fetus. all you are is anti abortion.


It’s pinch hitter Chris, you bastards!


Drawing Dan and Phil - 2012-2015

It always cheers me up to see my own improvement! Sure, my doodles aren’t perfect and I still have a lot to learn but I’m really happy to see how far they’ve come! I honestly wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for all of you and your support so seriously, phandom, thank you soooo much for all the love you’ve given my doodles and me personally! You’re all incredible <3