You ever have that moment...

…where you find yourself reblogging a lot of things from this one person, so you try not to be too creepy and you start liking the post, then realized that was a lot of likes and you remembered the person’s url so you can avoid their posts?

yup. yup.

Tumblr Famous.

You know…I wanted to live the dream of having tumblr “fame” or any kind of social network “fame”. But you know what, I’ll never reach it lol Why? Because of reasons. Plus the “famous” people have so much more drama than necessary on here. When you get to know the person, half of the time, the person doesn’t act like that in person. Like wtf? Tumblr is supposed to be a place where you be you, but majority of these people are wearing a facade. Not going to lie, I put one on too. I’m shy in real life. But when you get to know me, you’ll realize deep down I’m the Tumblr me, some say I’m even cooler in person than on tumblr. -Shrugs-

It’s sad. Because people miss the cooler people on tumblr chasing these tumblr “famous” people who wouldn’t pay them any attention.

Don’t get me wrong there are cool ones out there, but they’re rare.

Followers, I love you all. Go blow up my ask box because I want to get to know all you, or at least try.♥

Later guise. c:

Random Post

Libra is my zodiac sign. I get along with other Libras.
I believe Libra is the only sign that get along with each other no matter what the circumstance is.

But I can be the only one.

My eyes are honey brown today. Weird? Could be. Being that I was born with dark brown eyes. But lately they’ve been going to honey brown, light brown, dark brown…someone once told me the even looked a little grayish brown.

It’s cause I’m cool.

I realized I’m friends with all my exes. LOL. That’s hard for many people. It’s only because in my relationship, not only do I look for a faithful, honest, playful, loyal relationship, I also look for a friendship ya know? And my exes and I never really left on bad terms and if we did, it would be pitched-patched up. I even had an ex tell me I’m going to be his best man in his wedding lol.

That’s weird for most people, but not me.

Bleh. Bah, humbug.