"Good morning love," said the familiar voice that you had fallen in love with. "Morning handsome." "How’s my beautiful princess?" PJ asked as he grabbed your hand and lifted it in the air, twirling you around as you spun your way towards him, leaving both of you holding each other as you slowly rocked back and forth. "I’m just peachy," you replied with a cute pitch. "Are you ready for a little adventure?" he asked. At first you were slightly puzzled by what he meant, but you knew you were in for a treat since his little "adventures" tended to be rather cute and romantic, so you replied with, "Of course!"

Hours later, you found both of you sitting down on a spot surrounded by tall grass with the sun’s rays placing itself gently upon your skin, and as you both sat side by side, you saw PJ bring out his ukelele and he began to sing, “I feel like nothing was real, until I met you. I feel like we connect and I really get you. If I said ‘You’re a beautiful girl’ would it upset you? Because the way you look tonight, silhouetted, I’ll never forget it. Ohh, ohh (y/n), I won’t let anything in this world keep us apart.”

For the rest of that day, the both of you spent it laughing, smiling, singing, cuddling, and holding hands under the beautiful sun that over time turned into the graceful moon, and just like PJ had said, there wasn’t anything in this world that would keep you apart.

song based off of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVwTrl5BN6s

Another picture from my miserable time at the vet. But it’s okay ‘cuz I soiled every piece of fleece my captors brought and then peed again, straight on my captor’s lap so it looked like she peed her pants. Revenge is sweet!

On another note, there’s a spider in my prison cell that keeps setting off the motion detector on my camera but it’s fast and my captor keeps losing it. IT’S GONNA EAT ME!