Hard to tell, but big fat flakes coming down in Arlington, VA. And I’m being promised thundersnow by the weather people. So far, this is perfect for me - it’s not cold enough to stick, but still pretty, and it’s enough to close the office. Just as I ordered it.

snowpocalypse 2011!

fuck snow, its pretty and all, but im done. why does winter come twice a year? why cant i enjoy two summers a year? that would be awesome. i guess im just gonna watch movies and play video games all day. wish i was snowed in with someone cute. womppp…2 feet of snow in new england can blow me.


If you have any friends in the Washington, DC area today you would know we have about three inches of snow on the ground right now. Instagram overload.

Here’s what everyone in DC does when it snows, according to Benny Johnson.

Unless you’re Lachlan Markey
 or 130+ other folks who are planning a huge snowball fight for6:30pm in DuPont Circle. If you join, please share the insanity on Twitter.

  Attention bloggers:  you have rights! In case you missed it, the Ninth Circuit court has granted you equal protection under the First Amendment. The Volokh Conspiracy has the details. 
(Speaking of Volokh Conspiracy… congratulations are in order for joining the Washington Post!)

While you do have First Amendment rights in New York State, don’t even think about using them to speak up on conservative issues. As Rusty at the Mental Recessionreported over the weekend, Gov. Cuomo says your not welcome there. Question: If you could pick one place besides NYS to live, where would it be? 

If you were looking for health insurance on the Obamacare exchange, that state probably wouldn’t be Maryland. A small “glitch” in the Maryland exchange help-line was directing callers to… a Seattle-based pottery business. Just the latest embarrassment for 2016 Presidential hopeful, Gov. Martin O'Malley.

Democrats have been on a roll lately. Remember how we were going to usher in a new age of civility? Tell that to Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo who compared winning the Kentucky Senate race for Democrats to liberating Europe from the Nazis. The kicker is, asUnited Liberty reports, to date he has stood by his statement.
Mark your calendars:  Blog Bash at CPAC 2014 is happening March 6th in National Harbor. Your 2014 hosts, Julie Germany, Erik Telford and I will be sharing more information in the weeks at