Scope the slopes in motion

We have added Instagram videos to our real-time on-mountain pictures. Now it’s simple to see the mountain in motion. Click on any thumbnail with a play symbol and the video will automatically play. The video will close automatically when the video is done playing, to allow you to quickly move to the next picture or video.

We hope you enjoy this new feature.

The new Snowmeo mobile site ( is now live! If you visit using a mobile device, you will now get an ultra-lightweight site that quickly shows you the most recent pictures in a mobile-friendly format. The URL structure works as usual, so visiting on a mobile device will show you the mobile friendly version of the most current Vail pictures. Similarly, the date-specific URLs that were added a few days ago work as well. will show you pictures from Copper on November 20, 2012.

New Feature: View By Date

I’ve just pushed a new update to that allows you to see all the pictures starting from a given date.

Here’s the URL structure you can use:<mountain>/<year>/<month>/<day>/

So, would show you pictures from Copper mountain starting at March 3.

I’ll be adding a search bar soon, but you can start constructing your own searches now using that information.