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Let’s remember that Sebastian was an asshole, and he never said he slept with him. Yes, he said they “hooked up” but in high school that could mean anything from kissing to having sex. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions. :)

You’re right, in my head they only made out. Blaine cheating in any form doesn’t make sense!


They specified with all the other couples how far the cheating went though………. nope kissing is the only thing I can except. :(


snowmartian replied to your post: Woke up to this message today and freaked out because I thought all those new followers happened over night!

How do you get that many followers in a week? I don’t even have that many total and I’ve been here over a year…I think. I’m totally jelly.

I think magic’s involved. 


Lol, I don’t really know how it happens but my followers count always jumps up when I make new posts. Like edits I’ve made or fun youtube videos that I’ve come across! I think it also helps that I only post about one fandom. :)

Of course there has to be, but the one he summoned was taken from the Lost land and then put back when Emma and Mary fell. The wraiths probably ate up all that dark magic and it went into their souls.