Okay, so my one problem with everyone defending rumple in the finale by saying “he didn’t write the story, Isaac did” is that it was explicitly stated that what happened in the story was what rumple wanted. Rumple wanted Regina punished for becoming a hero and trying to steal the author away, and he promised Zelena a happy ending in the story - both those things were written. Rumple hates Killian, so he’s turned into a coward (the thing he taunted rumple about?) and loses his ship (come on we all know the symbolism of that). Emma refused to go dark like rumple planned (forget DO! Emma for a sec thanks, just talking about the au here) so he was probably “just get rid of her so she can’t change anything” and Isaac was like “ugh I can’t do that so I’ll just lock her up and torture her with the knowledge of what’s happening”. Isaac was asking everyone rumple questions about what he wanted in the story. The only people Isaac had a direct issue with were Snowing, and we found out why at the end. Everyone else had rumple’s fingerprints all over them. I don’t know why people are saying that rumple had nothing to do with it because it was pretty clear what had happened. Isaac and rumple get to share equal blame in this.

You know, when 4B started, I expected the ending to be the villains (Rumple, Maleficent, Cruella, etc.) to still be villains with all the evil schemes and everything but just winning all the time instead of losing. 

Basically what Rumple and the Author did was flip the stories making the heroes into the villains and the villains into the heroes, firmly putting in place that heroes always win and villains always lose. 

Isn’t that what he didn't want?