To make up for my extended absence (I’m sorry) we should play Mary-Sue Bingo! 




Find an OC fanfic, along with one of the bingo sheets. Whenever you come across a cliche, cross out the bingo sheet. When you get 5 in a row, send me the story link  and I will read the entire thing and reply with a single gif.

Edit the game as you like. The pictures are not mine.
It is not my fault if your brains turn to mush.


A Rant To Anyone Who's Ever Called Anyone A 'Special Snowflake'

Can we knock off the ‘special snowflake’ analogy already? it’s a dumb analogy that really gets annoying to listen to after a while. It’s a broken record. It’s like constantly hearing from your mom “that’s not what a young lady should say/do.’ or ‘that’s not what a gentleman does/says.’ like FUCK ME I get it already. You don’t like what we do because it doesn’t conform to your view of appropriate modern westernized cultural practices. You think we’re all attention grabbing moronic 10 year olds with no life, no friends, too much free time on our hands, live at home with our parents, are fat, slobbery losers who are too nerdy for you to ever find attractive, or big whiny cry baby 12 year olds who don’t get enough attention at home so we turn to the internet and exploit our idiot little selves to feel better about our crappy state of living til we fucking grow up and join the rest of miserable society. WE GET IT ALREADY! We hear you loud and clear, ramming the same analogy down our throats isn’t going to move us any faster than it did the first time it was spoken. Just shut up with the snowflake analogy already. I’m so tired of snowflakes. I’m not a snowflake. I don’t represent the ‘special snowflake’ movement. I don’t even know how to request for this to stop properly cause what I’m asking for is not to stop harassing us, or belittling us or calling us out on crap, I couldn’t care less, i’m just asking to stop calling people snowflakes. The analogy is worn out. it’s repetitive and annoying so shut up already. be creative. find a new analogy to insult an entire sub-culture with. Use that intellectual brain pan you claim to possess and make up a new analogy. Be an original for fuck sake. or would that just make you a ‘special snowflake’ also? God fucking forbid you hypocritically represent the point you were trying to belittle someone else with.


From now on I’ll just call everyone who uses “special snowflake” as an insult, an average puddle of mud. Because every single person is special and different from everyone else and that is something amazingly beautiful and if you can’t see that than I’m actually sorry for you. But mostly angry and disgusted because you’re trying to crush other people’s sense of worth.

anonymous said:

About trans women and socialization. What I mean is that AFAB people are actively "pushed" towards liking males and actively discouraged from liking females (if they show any sign of it), and vice versa for AMAB people. A trans woman is more likely to have been discouraged from liking men and encouraged/pushed to like women. If there is no predisposition towards liking women, then that won't work, but if one was already prone to be at least bisexual then it's gonna be more likely (1/2)

that a trans woman would be less repressed from exploring that side of her sexuality. Not unlike how trans men tend to be more comfortable with expressing their feelings, not seeing “being feminine” as something that makes them less than a man and more often gay or bisexual than cis men, likely due to previous “female” socialization.

Right, and my point is that it is a little more complicated than that, because trans women don’t usually internalize male socialization in the same way that cis men do, even before they identify as women, because of social dysphoria. Which is not to say that your hypothesis is necessarily wrong! Just that that is another thing to consider while making hypotheses. 

snowflake-sheeran said:

Hiii! I absolutely love TDH and all your other fics. Not just because I adore Tom himself, but your writing is just incredible. Have you ever thought about writing a book? I'd most definitely read it!

Wow! That’s such a huge compliment! Thank you so much! To be really honest, I never ever finished a multichapter before in my two whole years I’ve been on this blog. It’s kind of a problem and that’s why I stick to one shots because those I can finish. LOLOL So having 28 chapters underneath TDH is one of the many accomplishments I have under this blog and so far Im quite proud of how I stuck to it and hopefully, I can finish it before I die. 

I actually starting writing a ‘book’ two summers ago. That book died before the plot even fully developed and I completely forgot what happened. Yeah. 

I don’t really know what I will do with the finish product of TDH. Maybe I could redo it somehow, add more words, and then see if I can send it off as a manuscript to an agent but being the realist I am, I see nothing so far. 

And sure being a new york time’s best selling author instead of studying in school seems way cooler and more fun! LOL :D thank you so much for reading!!

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Snowflake/ Clouded Moray  Echidna nebulosa

The snowflake eel is in my opinion a very beautiful creature. They live in coral reefs at a depth of about 35 ft. Curiously, these guys make great aquarium pets because they do not grow too large (about 26 in). The snowflake eel is in fact a carnivore and will feed mostly on small things such as shrimp, octopus, etc. With this in mind you may not want to put any kinds of shrimp into the same tank as these guys or you might wake up a little depressed. Generally, like many other morays, they spend most of their time in dark areas where they can’t be seen but if you have one as a pet they will gradually adapt to the light.


I’d like to thank thoughts-ever-flowing for turning me into a jewelry making machine. Those 10 pictures are only some of the things I’ve made(I’m posting the rest on a second post) in only a few days. She has created a monster and I’m pretty sure she regrets nothing. XD

(And you better believe I’m tagging you again in the second post Kyo. :3)